Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  6 min read

Gaming chairs are fancy, sporty and besides all this, these are expensive furniture setups. The main reasoning; I believe is that this e-sport furniture breed has passed through a revolution. And that being said, today’s a Best gaming chair isn’t a chair enough but, it’s also a couch for your magazine time, rocker for your lunch and recliner for your nap session. Besides, all these great add-ons, the question is still there;

Well, Are Gaming Chairs Worth it? Truthfully, the answer is neither straightforward nor a complex one.

Still, there is a weird stigma sticking in the market that an adult gaming chair serves no purpose apart from to look fancy and cool.  

However, before jumping to any judgment, we’ll try to find an answer by asking some questions from “You.” Additionally, why are chairs so expensive? Let’s push yourself through some realistic scenarios;

Are Gaming Chairs Worth? The Answer is Still Hanging between Yes or No:

Yes! The answer is still hanging like a pendulum only because the chair market is not obvious for every individual. Your body size, sitting posture, and other circumstances clear your thoughts on the statement that is a gaming chair worth it? Consequently, let’s try to pull out an equation from a series of questionnaires.

Are you a gaming addict?

Gaming addiction causes prolonged sitting. This is where the chances of cervical spondylitis, neck pain and upper back soreness come into existence. And in my thoughts, there is only one “Big” difference between office and gaming chairs which is “Ergonomics” and gaming chairs better carry this.

So apparently, if you are a gaming enthusiast who sticks to your desk like a worm, a comfortable chair for gaming will definitely be worth your type of scenario.

On the other side of the table, if you don’t take things aggressively and casually fill your e-sport appetite, a gaming chair would just be an expensive piece of furniture to allure aesthetics.

Is comfort critically a point of bargain on your mind?

The battle between office vs gaming chair isn’t new at all. Both categories revolve around human comfort. However, when it comes to a “some higher” degree of comfort and immersion, the gaming recliners do it slightly better than the regular desk or office seats due to extensive range of ergonomics.

For example, an average gaming recliner comes with adjustable lumbar and neck cushions to support a wide range of heights. Whereas, the office chairs mostly target the mid-back and in case of such ergonomics, the expensive price tag shows a mysterious smile to your wallet.

Furthermore, gaming chairs tilt and recline to the deepest angles and offer multiple tilt settings. This allows the users to enjoy other activities apart from gaming without compromising on the comfort check.

Like in my scenario, I use my DXracer Chair more for my piano practice than regular gaming sessions.

Do you take a Fancy Gamer Chair a Justification for your Multi-thousand Bucks Gaming Setup?

This is another reason for which you observe the manufacturers are more frequently coming up with gaming chairs models. I mean, it’s obvious you can’t leave a point contrasting your luxury gaming setup and brands eventually know this.

Accordingly, the gaming recliners retain flashy attractive color schemes, aggressive racing like exterior, imposing designs to satisfy your aesthetic norms. Hence, it sometimes makes the gaming chair a necessity or a compliment for your sporty gaming setup.

Do You Get Bothered with Budget Point?

Non-custom or custom gaming chairs are way more expensive than the standard office ones and that’s a naked truth. Manufacturers focus more on making the product flashier than the quality. This makes you pay for looks and some impractical features. So the question pops out again here, are gaming chairs worth it?

The answer here is simple; if you don’t bother to spend some extra bucks on a most expensive game chair, it’s perfectly finer to go.

However, these chairs may look costly if you possess a habit to keep the things intact, straightforward and practical. For that purpose, you have to do an extensive market research to find a most balanced gaming chair for your needs.

My Take – Keep Your Expectation Realistic:

Even a most luxurious leather gaming chair would do more harm than good if you’ll make unrealistic assumptions. Nothing in this world comes with perfection so do the gaming chairs.

The market is fully manipulated by the brand’s war and marketing tactics. It’s up to keep yourself safe for those traps by understanding the realistic purpose of a good adult gaming chair.

For example, if you are thinking that a gaming chair can fix your bad posture then you better need to burst the bubble of unrealism. Gaming chairs only help you to keep your body part unfatigued for long gaming sessions.

Similarly, “Gaming chairs enhance your gaming skills and performance” it’s as true as the 4th Newton’s law of motion. The gaming recliners only provide you better arm and back support not to get exhausted after some gameplay.

So, to cut the story short – Are Gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, they do. However, it’s way conditional and varies from scenario to scenario.

Bust The Myth, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Gaming chairs only help you to fight against fatigues and pains. These chairs doesn’t fix a broken back. Also, it’s your “etiquettes” how to sit in a gaming chair that saves you from such unwanted circumstances.

Why are chairs so expensive?

Who said that? Definitely, quality doesn’t come cheap. Nonetheless, if you aren’t a hard hitting gaming fan, you can find a good gaming chair under 100 – 150. Otherwise, you can find chairs in every range of capital.

How to clean a gaming chair?

It depends on your material type. If you have a pure or PU leather gaming chair then taking care of it would be an easy job. However, in some bad times, you own a mesh chair, there are several tactical ways to keep your chair clean and undusted. Most common ways are, vacuum it or use specialized cleaners.

Calvin Allison