Are Kneeling chairs good for you? Explore Kneeling Chair Benefits

You’ll agree with the fact that the choice of “All-similar” office and home chairs is getting tougher day by day. I mean, the rush of brands launching somewhat similar designed office chairs has spun the users regarding which chair they should invest in. And factually, you can’t judge a chair by its looks and comfort by spending some time over it.

Kneeling chairs – wondrous in looks, agile in delivering good posture for sitting. I don’t know how fascinating it is for you to see a differently-designed backless chair. However, are kneeling chairs good for you? That’s a million-dollar question to explore.

These chairs are not new in the market, so definitely, we can discuss the kneeling chair benefits (shiner side) and possible drawbacks. But do kneeling chairs work in reality? Are kneeling chairs good for your back and overall health? Let’s get straight into the purpose, pros, and cons of this breed.

Are Kneeling chairs good for you – A debatable Topic:

If you ask me, hey Calvin, give me a one liner straightforward answer. I would say, if you don’t have control over yourself against bad sitting posture and have started experiencing some lower back pain, yes kneeling chairs help you in this regard.

And what about bad scenarios?

Yes, they do always come with the goodies. But let’s discuss first what value you can expect from kneeling chairs.

Kneel Chair Benefits – Pros that Would Really Matter:

If you ask me, Hey Calvin, give me a one-liner straightforward answer. I would say, if you haven’t control over yourself against bad sitting posture and have started experiencing some lower back pain, yes, kneeling chairs help you in this regard.

And what about bad scenarios?

Yes, they do always come with goodies. But let’s discuss first what value you can expect from kneeling chairs.

Kneel Chair Benefits – Pros that would really matter:

In our last post of “are recliners bad for your back,” you remember, we talked about the causes of back pain. We talked about how non-supportive recliners disturb the Natural C shape of the spine while bending the pelvis.

  • Kneeling chairs do well here while keeping your pelvis hinged forward, which puts good pressure on your pelvis to come forward. So technically, it automatically sustains your spine in a natural posture, resulting in pain recovery, good posture sitting, and other benefits.
  • As you sit in a straight posture, it also has salubrious effects on your digestion. The abdominal organs enjoy more relaxation due to the non-compression of your pelvis and abdomen.
  • Kneeling chairs are your weapon against deadly sciatica pain. When does sciatica happen? Definitely, due to the slip of the disc or pressured nerve. Kneeling chairs offer you the 110-degree trunk angle instead of the 90-degree. It leads to fair weight distribution in your body and doesn’t throw unnecessary pressure on your spine for any bad happening.
  • With these significant kneeling chairs benefits, you can also experience a rise in the strength of your core and back muscles. It happens as your back shares the fare load and remains active during your sitting hours.
  • The fair distribution of weight literally happens with this chair type. As the seating angle is a bit different from the conventional flat seat angle, your hips slide forward to align your back, shoulder, and neck in symmetry. This allows your whole body to distribute equal weight to your body parts, thus effectively relaxing you and promoting good orthopedic health.
  • This is a make and model subjective point, as initially, knee chairs came with wooden frames with minimal ergonomics and adjustability. Nowadays, you get a strong metal kneeling chair with an adjustable frame, so taller individuals can also set the seat height, the distance between seat and knee support to enjoy comfortable sitting for longer hours. You can also see folding kneeling chairs in the market to place them in smaller spaces when they are not in your use.

Cons of Kneeling Chairs: Are Backless chairs good for you (that much enough)?

  • In most cases, you shouldn’t use this for longer durations. Kneeling chairs are mostly used in therapy or medical scenarios. But to use it for professional causes, you should mix it up with a professional office chair.
  • Again it’s also a make and model subjective point; you can experience a low range of leg movement, which definitely can cause some irritation, shill some pain to your knees or lower back. To counter this, you should select a chair with adjustable seat height and angle for better flexibility.
  • Weaker joints can face a little difficulty while getting up after a longer sitting duration.
  • Excess of anything is bad and kneeling chairs aren’t exceptions in this regard. I already mentioned this, interchange your sitting with regular office chairs.

How to Sit in a Kneeling Chair?

Prolonged sitting isn’t good at all in any scenario or with any seating platform. Especially, when you have unorthodox seating furniture, you have to be a little cautious. The expert suggests that no matter how ergonomic and medically sound your chair is, you should take some gaps for walking and other physical activity after some short sitting sessions.

Similarly, the same rule you have to follow here.

Other than this, I know some questions might be wandering in your mind regarding how to use a kneeling chair? Is sitting on your knees good for you? The answer is there is not so much rocket science in using a kneeling chair for back pain or sciatica.

Sitting on your knees could only be injurious if you have weaker knees or some joint problem or your chair doesn’t have quality materials at knee support that can cause numbness, freezing, or pain in your knees.

But then, to even avoid this scenario, you can follow this;

  • Sit in the normal position after some time while placing your feet straight on the ground.
  • Extend your right leg on the ground while leaving your left leg on the knee support. Repeat the same for the other leg after some interval.

So what’s my Recommendation about “Are Kneeling Chairs good for you”?

Definitely, everything has some pros and cons, and the same runs for kneeling chairs. So in the last, are kneeling chairs good for you, your back, shoulders, and overall posture?

Do I recommend this to you? I would say Yes! But don’t forget, balance is the key. Kneeling chairs have cons too, but the goodness of pros overshadow the number and intensity of cons.

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