Are recliners bad for your back? Find Unanswered Sitting Related Answers

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  6 min read

The fight between sofas, recliners, and ergonomic chairs is real. But technically, they are all different-purposed furniture, and it’s literally our fault that we take every niche as “one fit for all.” But let’s talk about what you are looking for?

Are recliners bad for your back? Is it really a question or concern to have a debate?

The answer is Yes, it’s debatable and highly debatable (actually) that sitting in a recliner is bad for your back or not. We are covering many aspects of this question and will be trying to highlight some shiny and dull sides of this furniture item.

Don’t worry; I will not say anything wrong to your comfy cozy relaxation and sleeping furniture partner. However, I will highlight some better use of this furniture piece.

So let’s dig in;

So, Are Recliners Bad for Your Back – Are you Prepare for this?

As it’s a matter of the positive and negative sides of a recliner, promise me you won’t see your recliner with the culprit’s eyes if you are suffering from some back pain.

It’s a battle of purpose rather than being wrong or right.

The idea is that there are already tons of research papers and web copies available on the topic of a sedentary lifestyle and its implication on human health. Still, for every new day, we see some recent research on this topic that horrifies humans regarding the consequences of being lazy.

So, let’s take some negative sides of the recliner first. Yes, good things will come later to sweeten your emotions.

Where Recliners are Average or Bad:

Imagine you just come from your office and see your recliner with some sweet eyes, and literally, you immerse into it and take a long nap. Some hours after, you wake up and feel stiffness in your legs, neck, or lower back. I know you used this furniture for relaxation but what’s this? It was the wrong turn, and this is where the problem starts.

Technically, I personally think it’s not the fault of recliners so our lifestyle. A gamer or TV watcher or professional who uses recliners for hours and hours just for the sake of watching Netflix, playing games, and taking long naps will definitely develop some of the restlessness at their lower-back side.

I agree; this would also happen even with the most ergonomic chairs for programmers or TV watchers.

However, the main topic of discussion here is the “Intent.” Recliners spill Luxury. Luxury means this furniture type appreciates sitting, sitting, and prolonged sittings. Many recliners come with massagers, heated seats, and other latest spa-oriented features that can counter back pain well, but still, long sittings are never/will be beneficial for human health.

No matter how ergonomic and comfortable your recliner is, it will never promote good health. So, in this context, are recliners bad for you, your neck, or for your back?

Yes, it can cause problems.

Where the Recliners are Good:

Potentially, if you need some moments of relaxation after a day-long job, recliners bio-medically do better than regular sofas or couches. And suppose you have a high-end recliner with lumbar adjustment or a dedicated lumbar support cushion for the recliner with massagers and heat options.

In that case, it can soothe your fatigue (model and make dependent) mind-blowingly.

Apart from this, most of the time, doctors suggest post-surgery sittings on lumbar support recliner chairs. In case you are looking for more stuffed padding, bigger space than regular office or ergonomic gaming chairs, fitting that comply with your size, specialized low back recliners for the back problem do good scores in this regard.

But this all scenario I am talking about is for short-mid range sitting hours.

Types of Back Pain Recliners for Professionals and Casual users:     

There are a variety of recliners in the market, and undoubtedly, you can witness around 7-8 types of recliners. However, these types are not what we are supposed to consider in every circumstance. You have to revolve your eyes everywhere and will probably see 3 major categories of recliners for back problems.

The Ergonomic Chair Recliners:

You’ll see this everywhere with the essence of gaming style or professional office looks. Yes, I am talking about the most common gaming/office chairs you use in your home office or professional office setups.

These gaming chairs also come with (optional) adjustable footrest and orthopedic lumbar cushions to give you a fusion of recliner and office/gaming furniture.

Who can Use it: Professionals with minor pain fatigue symptoms

Duration of Use: Short term relaxation for 1-2 hours

Intent: Relaxation, comfortable and ergonomic sitting, for office or casual desk works

The Orthopedic Recliner Sofas or Chairs:

It’s a kind of home furniture and that 7-8 types I was talking about, you’ll find in this segment.

For normal to moderate pain problems, you can choose a power recline low back recliner or manual lever recliner. Nevertheless, for elderly persons who also pose some joint or knee issues, this furniture with an incline option is a blessing in this regard.

These sofa recliners are mostly chubby and chunking with lots of padding to let you feel comfortable. But then, you have to choose a recliner with an integrated lumbar support cushion to sit for mid-range hours.

Who can use it: Patients, Individuals with chronic issues, Normal persons

Duration of Use: Short-moderate range relaxation for 1-6 hours.

Intent: Relaxation, a short nap, TV watching, reading, and laptop surfing

The Massaging Recliner Chairs:

You’ll usually see these in massaging and spa centers. Domestically, people use this for pain-relieving and craze for massage. An expensive piece of furniture with great technical massaging programs ensures extreme patients temporarily relieve their pain.

Who Can Use It: Patients, Individuals with chronic issues, Early-stage pregnant ladies, Normal persons.

Duration of Use: Concise to short-range relaxation for 15-60 minutes (Max.).

Intent: Relaxation, Pain-Relieving, Muscle recovery, stretching, and Heat Therapies

The Bottom Line – What’s the Crux?

So, are recliners bad for your back? I would say, it’s a tie between this tug of war scenario. We can’t blame recliners, yet it’s up to you and your lifestyle, discipline, and the right choice of lower back support recliner. These all conditions can make or break your back and your overall health.

Calvin Allison