Best Office Chair For Pregnancy – Explore the Best Pregnancy Chairs for Your Loved Ones

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  19 min read
Best Chair For Pregnant Ladies

Three things need to be cared for the most in pregnancy, Nutrition, mother and fetus health, and the physical changes to face during these times. As you land in the pregnancy’s later stages, your spine’s workload becomes worrisome.

So meanwhile, what matters the most is your sitting posture, habits, and working routines. If you are a working lady or proud homemaker, you need a specialized chair that supports your back health on good notes.

For mommies to be, don’t get stranded for unfortunate physical complications due to negligence in picking a good chair. A best office chair for pregnancy will keep you going through these challenging times without any fatigue.

But just to burst the bubble of confusion, bear in mind, a pregnancy chair doesn’t mean a mysterious piece of furniture with additional bells and glitters. However, you can also assume some points on what to consider while choosing pregnancy office chairs and home recliners.

1. Herman Miller Embody: Overall Best Office Chair for Pregnancy

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

Surely, Herman Miller is a luxury brand, and the Embody office chair isn’t an exception here. For professional ladies who want to play with great lavish features without compromising on the comfort and aesthetics, Embody, with its extravagant price, positively fulfills your purpose and definitely holds the place for best office chair for pregnancy.

The materials are tremendously put together with premium stitching that gives a super finishing to this thing. Adding more spice into it, the 4 layered upholstery produces more comfort, more breathability, and more endurance against sagginess. At a very exceptional rate, the seat has been tested with 200,000 rubs that tell the whole story about its durability.

On the backrest side, you get a human spine-themed structure that represents great research by the manufacturer in search of the right recipe of comfort for all body types.

Herman Miller Embody isn’t bulky and also not ultra-adjustable. The backrest doesn’t move, but the seat rolling function is there to help your 8-10 hour sittings. Along this side, 3 tilt-able positions offer great comfort for shoulders and lower back.

Similarly, with such a price tag, one can easily expect/demand a 4D armrest set. Yet, it’s another area where this chair falls a bit short with a 2D armrest setup. The armrests can only go up and down and pivot inside and outside. However, the soft padded armrests give your elbow a comfortable platform to rest at.

But if you are a little worried about your growing weight due to a cute baby growing in your womb, Herman Miller is a club member of 300lbs. That’s not an incredible number but represents much-needed decency.

What We Find Good
  • An efficient Pixelated support system locks the back comfort
  • 3 tilt positions for additional back comfort
  • The rolling seating feature keeps a good angle between your knees and hips
  • Minimalist design with full back coverage for tall heightened persons
  • Soft armrests don’t dig into your elbows
  • Executive 300lbs weight limit
  • Tested against 200000 rubs for matchless durability
  • 12 years worry-free warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Price is comparatively soared
  • Doesn’t have an exceptional adjustability

Why should one buy this?

This is class, luxury, and a name to blindly trust for your body condition. For ladies who want to save themselves from soreness and jammed body parts in their office, Herman miller helps in this regard. With high-class upholstery and rigorous testing, it can go with you for years and years of use.

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2. Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider – Best Pregnancy chair for Home

Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider

For mommies looking for a small size and whisper-quiet performer with comfortable cushioning and durability as the leader among all the specs, this pregnancy lounge chair won’t frustrate you at all. With its smooth gliding and rocking function, this could be your ultimate companion from earlier stages to late pregnancy to the nursery.

On the materials part, the chair comes in non-toxic and easy to clean fabric. The ultra-synthetic woven fabric stays in shape and original colors for the most extended period of time. Moreover, if you have a more sunny room, don’t worry about the breathability as it won’t stick to your body.

The professional and luxurious design keeps it highly patchable with your room aesthetics. The sturdy wooden frame glides, rocks, and swivels without making any disturbing noise. However, some users have claimed it creaks a bit after some time.

The gliding function helps you to snuggle, feed, and soothe your baby without any mess. On the other hand, the rocking function relieves you to sit with a good sitting posture and stands from your position without much leaning forward.

This whole adjustability performance, including the smooth 360 swiveling, makes your sitting a heaven breeze.

The chair looks small, but it isn’t under-performing when it comes to comfort and durability. Though it isn’t heavily padded, the seat cushion, neck support, and armrest part seem well-padded with soft sponge foam. Besides, the foam cushion seat is removable, so you can clean it easily by dispatching it.

Honestly speaking, what I love the most is the durability factor here. The chair is ASTM and CPSC tested, making it super durable and safe for the mommy and baby. With over 100K times rocking mechanism testing and 20K impacts for cushion testing, it has austerely been tested to serve for ages.

As a result, this can be your best pregnancy chair for home that’ll blossom your perinatal period with great care. And the specs sheet tells us it can easily hold 225 pounds of weight limit which I think a decent number for not-so-chubby moms.

What We Find Good
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Woven Fabric quality is fabulous for long term use
  • Good Space-saving design for limited spaces
  • The cushioning is soft and made for long-lasting comfort
  • Highly durable with ASTM and CPSC certification
  • Decent 225lbs weight limit numbers
What We May Not Find Good
  • Some reports of creaks during gliding

Why should one buy this?

This isn’t a big bulky pregnant chair for chubby and weighty ladies. With dimensions like 36H X 19.25W X 23.35D inches, it’s a perfect chair for pregnant ladies from 4.11ft to 5.5ft. Yet, the admirable comfort, striking durability, and reasonable pricing make it a unique offering in its league.

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3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair: Value to Money Pregnancy Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

If you are a working woman, not satisfied with your old-school office chair, and can do anything for your comfort during your hard times, this is the right chair for pregnancy. Though it doesn’t secure the chubbiest padding; however, the most breathable mesh, high standard ergonomics, and practical design keep you in a good position.

On the material part, the mesh material is super breathable for the users who are easiest prone to sweating and skin allergies. Technically, mesh chairs usually don’t go excellent with overweight persons, so this does too.

Consequently, if you are an overweight person looking to settle his burdensome weight for long sitting hours, this may not put a big smile on your face.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, the high-standard ergonomics under a manageable budget raise this as the most value-packed best office chair for pregnancy.

The chair backrest is divided into two parts, with lower lumbar support significantly pivots forward to better support your natural postural design. The manufacturer terms it as DVL (Dynamic Variable Lumber) that has the capability to support you as a change occurs in your position.

This adds real value and a point of relief for ladies who squeeze their mind juice on the working tables all day long. And meanwhile, 135-degree reclining is good for relaxing moments.  

Furthermore, the articulated and adjustable mesh head proves to be a well-functioning pillar for neck support. If you have shoulder or neck fatigue, it helps you find a comfortable point for these body parts.

The seat isn’t fully waterfall-edged yet sculpted for good angling between your hips and knees during your unusual times. This helps you avoid irritation in your legs and enjoy a good blood supply to the lower part of your body.

Likewise, the seat is fully meshed and doesn’t lose its grip even after longer sittings.

Alongside, this addition of a 4D armrest demonstrates a much-needed angle for arm, elbow, shoulders, and neck comfort. However, the armrests aren’t sculpted; that seems a minor minus here, but the 4D movement is a big-time plus for this chair.

Lastly, as I mentioned, it isn’t for overweight bodies; the manufacturer has given a 275Lbs weight limit that doesn’t seem a short boundary. However, the dimensions tell us another story here. With overall W28” x D26” x H56.2” incorporates D16.3” X W19.7” seat size, that’ll undoubtedly be a narrow fit for plus-size bodies.

What We Find Good
  • Good durability and built quality
  • High competitive ergonomics performance in affordable pricing
  • 275lbs decent weight limit
  • Lumbar support has a good design
  • Rollerblade caster keeps movability smooth and un-scratchy for sensitive floors
  • Five years warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Not made for bigger persons

Why should one buy this?

This is positively an attractive choice for mesh lovers. The chair is decently priced, and the manufacturer has definitely worked a lot on the design and practicality of this chair to showcase its bigger audiences. So, for that reason, you’ll find non-compromising ergonomics and a good reclining ability to support the body in challenging times.

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4. Storkcraft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman with Lumbar Pillow: Affordable Chair for Pregnant Ladies

Storkcraft Tuscany Glider

This very basic and easy to assemble glider chair is equally beneficial for mommy-to-be and nursery moms. The affordability meets your cause if you are looking under a strict budget without much compromising on comfort.

This custom glider is purely made up of a sturdy wooden frame covered up with foam padding. The smooth and easy wipe-able fabric keeps your back, butts, and arms safe from sweating in extreme summers.

With polyester fabric back cushion, it gives much-needed back support in your late pregnancy periods. This pregnancy pillow becomes highly viable and supportive of keeping your back in good posture. Some users say the cushion is a bit hard and feels bumpy. However, in my wife’s case, she admires the firmness and coziness of this support cushion.

The chair doesn’t have a significant amount of foam padding. Due to this, it’s a pregnant chair for short-term use. You may feel uncomfortable at your glutes and butt areas after 30 to 45mins of sitting. Yet, the foam and materials don’t deflate or get crinkled; that’s a good point that keeps this pregnancy chair in good shape.

Moreover, there are two big side pockets on both sides to keep your necessary stuff near you and to avoid any unnecessary movements.

On the gliding performance side, the mechanism purely relies on the metal ball bearing. It makes the gliding smooth and non-squeaky, but there should be a locking mechanism in case you want the chair in a stationary position.

Lastly, if you are much concerned about its size, the 16.75″D x 20.25″W x 14.5″H is still roomy for chubby girls over 5.5Ft. Additionally, the armrest is perfectly placed and cushioned; you won’t feel any trouble in knitting and breastfeeding the newborn.

What We Find Good
  • Nice design and finishing
  • Smooth gliding and comfortable padding
  • Easy assembly procedure
  • Padding doesn’t get crumpled
  • The pregnancy support cushion is a nice addition
  • Big side pockets make it a useful chair
  • Decent affordability
What We May Not Find Good
  • For short sitting sessions
  • Very basic thing

Why should one buy this?

This is more kind of a nursery chair, yet the support cushion and smooth gliding execute it as highly practical for pregnant ladies, too. The chair is a very basic setup at much affordable pricing. If you are looking for a durable and comfortable option without disturbing your budget, it’ll surely win some good gains.

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5. Lifestyle Power Recliner: Best Recliner for Pregnancy

Lifestyle Power Recliner

So do you like oversized bulky recliners but don’t have enough budget for lavish spending? Lifestyle power recliner chair for pregnant women paves a solution in this regard where comfort meets affordability. With beefy padding, noiseless electric reclining operations, and an integrated USB port, hey ladies, it’ll be a handsome pick for your pregnancy periods.

The maternity chair is exclusively built for watching TV, casual sitting, relaxing, and sleeping. Nonetheless, there are few catches here in contrast to its green flags. The chair is heavily padded, and comfort is something that keeps this chair highly regarded in the competition.

However, it uses block foam stuffing that is well-known for losing its shape after a couple of year’s usage. And in this regard, some users also reported foam sagginess. So, it’s a thing that is not built for very aggressive use and long-term coverage.

Nonetheless, it can be a pregnancy gift for your wife and can be used as casual aesthetic furniture or lounge chair for pregnancy in your living room, guest, or drawing-room.

The maternity chairs seem bulky and space parasite yet, it isn’t the case here. The space-saving design only takes 4-6inches of space from the background for full stretching.

And for that comprehensive stretching, the fully electric motor smoothly gives you 3 reclining positions for study, TV watching, and sleeping. The fully stretched position isn’t the fully flat or 180-degree angle yet; it gives you an excellent spot to take a comfortable nap.

Remarkably, the electric motor functions without any lag and noise. Although it’s China-made, it works brilliantly for longer durations of usage. Along with this, the manufacturer has placed an integrated USB charging port to keep your peripherals connected along you.

The only thing that would have boosted this pregnant chair as the affordable luxury recliner in the league is the lack of Battery backup. Yes, it isn’t the battery-backed-up thing. In that case, if you make this pregnancy chair fully reclined and a sudden power outage occurs, the chair doesn’t come in an upright position; instead it remains in that particular angle.

So, if you have any mobility issues, it’ll be a bit of trouble for you.

Other than that, the chair features a wooden frame that can hold up to 250lbs without any issue in reclining.

What We Find Good
  • Great comfort and lots of foam padding
  • Noiseless fully electric operation
  • It gives you 3 reclining positions
  • Space-saving design and excellent aesthetics
  • Integrated USB keeps your gadgets connected
  • It doesn’t become a burden to your wallet
What We May Not Find Good
  • It uses block foam that is not enough durable

Why should one buy this?

Let’s summarize it in a concise abstract. This is absolutely a comfortable chair for pregnancy, gives electric reclining operations, and also looks good with your décor. So, ultimately, it would be a valuable addition during your maternity conditions. On the other hand, durability is a bit of concern here due to a bit inferior foam quality. 

However, it can still give you 3-4 years’ time to enjoy it. So it’s something that is a bit on the temporary side to get your purpose fulfilled.

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The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot

I am not going to wrap up here with a winner and loser. In-fact every chair has its own working area. Recliners are mostly used for relaxing and casual sittings, whereas pregnancy office chairs get used by professionals ladies. However, In every scenario, which is the Best Office Chair for Pregnancy?

In the home-use category, I can easily endorse the Delta Children Blair Slim due to its supreme durability and superb comfort. As long as you trust some authentic certifications for chair reputation, it’ll perfectly stand on your expectation with ASTM and CPIC certifications.

Moreover, do you have short space and a restricted budget? This pregnancy chair for home will let you relieve comfortable breath in both cases.

On the other hand, if you enter the pregnancy chair for work category, the competition between Herman Miller Embody and NOUHAUS Ergo3D is somewhat unrivaled. Definitely, the Embody Luxury office chair has an extra edge over the less-known Ergo3D chair. Nonetheless, the exorbitant pricing makes it less affordable for the general public.

So, taking this point as an opportunity, NEUHAUS Ergo3D gives much-appreciated ergonomic value, high standard durability, and astounding comfort in a much affordable price tag.

But then, you can watch out for all other Best Pregnancy chairs according to your requirement and needs.

What to Consider while Choosing a Best Chair for Pregnent Ladies:

As I mentioned above, a pregnancy chair isn’t purposed with lots of accessories and gadgets. Yet, apart from this chair part, you should also avoid some bad habits to prevent complications. In case you don’t know what preventive measures you have to follow during the prenatal period or how to sit in office chair during pregnancy, I’ll also mention these.

How to Sit in Office Chair During Pregnancy – Follow these Point Strictly:

Back Support is Necessary: It’s a common notion that your sitting posture can make or break your spine. Users are always advised to sit in an upright position with proper back support to remain firm against painful pelvis curve, lower back pain, or any other back issues.

The later stages of pregnancy become a lot more challenging for your back. Growing in weight and posing a big bump to your belly ultimately creates pressure on the spine curve. Sitting without proper lumbar support or poor sitting and standing posture can lead to a distress situation. 

If you are a working lady, you need to find yourself utilizing a pregnancy back support for office chair. This will make a lot of difference; trust me!

In another scenario, if you are a housewife and mostly spend your time in the living room or bedroom, always use pregnancy office chair cushions to give your back moments of relief.

See the Seat Formation – It’s Necessary:

Seat Formation isn’t meant to have a fluffy or heavily padded seat cushion. A decently padded seat can also work. Nonetheless, you have to see the seat type. Some office chairs come with a falling edge seat that is beneficial for pregnant ladies.

The idea behind this is the knees should remain a little lower to the hips level for better blood circulation. Falling edge or waterfall edge seat provides “That” suitable scenario. Besides, your feet should also touch the ground to avoid any chance of numbness.

Pick a most Practical Armrest Setup:

Not only your back but shoulders also get affected by body changes. That’s why picking a best office chair for pregnancy with a versatile armrest setup can save you considerable time. Cheap or inexpensive chairs mostly pose minimal or non-existent armrest movements. In light of this, always choose a chair that can provide a 3D or an advanced 4D motion to allow your shoulder blades and elbows to rest in a better position during work, reading, or extensive desk work.

Incliners and Recliner Chairs for Pregnant Women in Home Setup:  

Pregnancy recliners are helpful to relax in your free timing while incliners do some logical work. Ladies with mature pregnancy conditions shouldn’t unnecessarily lean forward. As sitting and standing in such a state becomes a challenging task, incliners contribute a helpful angle to lift your weight easily, saving you big-time from a back injury.

Basically, incliners are used by old-age persons with sciatica, back pain, joint or knee problems. But in these sensitive scenarios, you can save yourself from these hectic situations.

Apart from these, you can shuffle through different seat types used as chairs for pregnant ladies. For you mind food, these are most commonly used chairs by the women;

You can consider them according to your comfort, working routine, and other circumstances.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Is a recliner good for pregnancy?

A pregnancy recliner doesn’t replace the bed, but in some cases, when you feel extreme changes in your body due to pregnancy, some women prefer recliners over a bed. A good recliner allows you to relax and experience a comfortable nap, just like your bed.

How can I make my chair more comfortable while pregnant?

You can’t make your chair comfortable; however, your sitting habits can make you satisfied. As pregnant ladies experience more tenderness on their spine and shoulders, always sit upright, use a waterfall-edge seat, don’t cross your legs, and use multi-directional armrests.

Can I lay on my back at an angle while pregnant?

As long as you are not entirely flat but making an angle of 20-30 or above the curve, you are in a likable posture. To support your spine and shoulder while laying down, you should also take pregnancy pillows around you.

Calvin Allison