Best Chair for watching TV

Best Chair for watching TV

Imagine, after bearing all the office stresses the whole week around, it’s finally a weekend with your partner. I know, you’ll plan it some other special way (as I also do). But, hold your horses (believe me, I am not going to rub you the wrong way), what is the 2nd most important thing for your weekend evening (I know, your partner is still the first, chuckles!)?

Not going to puzzle you; it’s the most comfortable TV recliner that’ll spice up your movie and cuddling session. Whether you have a big TV lounge, a small living room, or a messy bedroom, the best chair for watching TV gets you covered utterly for your favorite weekend serials or Netflix seasons.

In another scenario, if you like to create a home theater, a regular home furniture or computer chair won’t make a sublime connection. The only option remains to get a perfect TV chair that’ll come with all the comfort and utilities to put a big smile on your face for your movie hours.

As my partner is an ultimate perfectionist when the story comes to furniture selection and interior design, my credit card has brutally been swiped against many TV watching chairs. As a result of this, I literally got some best TV chairs at my fingertips.

So, to save your precious time and hard-earned cash, bear me with the 5 best recliners for watching TV. So let’s jump onto these;

5 Best Chairs for Watching TV in 2021

ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
Domesis Renu Chair Domesis Renu Chair
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JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair
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Esright Chair Esright Chair
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Recliner Chair for Living Room Recliner Chair for Living Room
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1. Domesis Renu Leather Recliner: Overall Best Chair for Watching TV

Domesis Renu Leather Recliner

You might have multiple comfortable TV watching chairs in your mind while looking for your query. Yet, this thing is absolutely a stunner for aesthetics, comfort, and game lovers. But then, the uplift mechanism is like a blessing for elders who find their life painful while standing up from the chairs due to their joint issues.

The chair has been crafted with Renu Faux-leather that is water and stain proof maintains its good shape even after long sittings. No crinkles or loosening of material will make you regretful about your decision. Besides, the sponge foam padding is way above the ample limit, so you can spend maximum well-being time on this masterpiece.

Additionally, the manufacturer has launched this masterpiece in a classy color range where burgundy has its own charm.

The ergonomic value of this chair is superbly high. The wall-hugger design restricts it from being the space parasite, especially for small rooms and apartments. Just leave a 4” space from the wall, and it’s good to go for full reclining ability. Consequently, it gets fully contented in bigger TV lounges and small living rooms.

And on a good note, a full electronic setup lessens your efforts from manual setups like lever pulling or stretching your body for recline positions. The two-button function arranges your incline and recline positions buttery smooth and whisper quiet.

The chair’s back and footrest can move simultaneously and independently, so you’ll have immense exposure to sitting positions.

For an incline position, it’s like a lifesaver for adults and elders with knee or other joints pain. The incline position becomes a little awkward while reaching an extreme limit; however, it is still a blessing for elders.

On the other side, the full recline position renders this chair fully stretched to 5Ft space for a large portion of the users. Plus, this TV chair can also hold bigger buddies, yet the comfort will be a bit compromised due to less support to the leg area.

With 34X22.5X21 inches (WxHxD) dimensions, the seating space is remarkably spacious for much bigger masses. Along with this, the weight capacity doesn’t hold back, and you can drop 300+lbs weight with great peace of mind.

Domesis Renu Leather Recliner
What We Find Good
  • Amazingly comfortable for almost every category of users
  • A striking range of colors and wall-hugger design
  • The recline and incline operations are flawlessly smooth and noiseless
  • Can bear up to 300lbs
  • Fully electronic setup for adjustments
What We May Not Find Good
  • The incline position becomes a little awkward
  • No utilities like a cup holder

Why should one buy this?

The up-lift recliners with naked truth cost you a big fat fortune. This comes rightly under your budget, bringing outstanding comfort, luxury, and eye-catching design on board. A fully electronic setup saves you from the hassles of manual recline, and a smoother and quieter operation will definitely feel you proud about your decision.

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2. Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair: Best Budget Fabric TV Chair

Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair

When your wallet can’t afford luxuries, there is still a chance you get a premium and best recliners for watching TV and relaxing sessions under a budget. Jummico has introduced seating furniture that can be your boredom killer, a massager, and recliner for study and NAP time in a much easy budget line.

On the material part, you get Fabric upholstery to add excellent breathability for longer movie sessions. The grey Cotton + polyester fabric is highly breathable and won’t let you sweat hard during humid and full-swing summers. The seat and armrests are decently thick and padded with foam procuring optimal firmness.

The most fascinating thing here is the massaging ability. You may think that massaging ability will just be the name of low-intensity vibrators. Yet, the manufacturer hasn’t filed a weak case in front of its customers. There are 8 different massaging modes through which you can find an effective way of a motion to relax your lower back.

Besides, you can also manage the massage intensity in case you are not a fan of hard-hitting massaging vibrators. And the fun part doesn’t last here; the massage timings are also manageable. In case if you find your sweet coziness and fall asleep, the timer option would allow the massagers to turn-off after a limit you set.

Overall, in such a price bracket, the massaging performance is truly exceptional.

Moreover, this TV watching chair can recline from 90-165 degrees. With an adjustable footrest, it can go to a maximum 165-degree making a length of around 60”, allowing full-body stretch for a comfortable nap. Plus, it can also lock to 3 different positions for multi-purpose performance.

However, the seat and backrest aren’t too wide for bulkier and beefy persons. The 20.5” backrest and 19.8” seat width will give a comfortable immersion to the teenagers or normal physique guys. Nonetheless, the guys above 5.10-6Ft can take a benefit as the 38.6” chair’s height is pretty decent.

As this isn’t a big boy’s setup, the weight limit only remains to 265Lbs. Though, it isn’t impressive, yet the price point still makes it practical for a large portion of users.

Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair
What We Find Good
  • Highly breathable quality fabric
  • The cushioning is soft and comfortable wrapped over a sturdy metallic frame
  • Comes with integrated massagers and headrest
  • Massaging performance is exceptional considering its price
  • Reclines to 165-degree with 3 lockable position
  • Decent weight limit
What We May Not Find Good
  • The footrest is short
  • No other utilities like cup holders or pockets.

Why should one buy this?

Jummico delivers above its class. This is the most affordable TV recliner with a variety of features onboard. Under the hood, the massaging capabilities are beyond the words bringing it in competition with full-fledge massaging chairs. Yes, this isn’t big, but it gives a perfect immersion for slim physique guys or kids.

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3. Esright Massage Recliner – Best Massager Recliner for Watching TV

Esright Massage Recliner

Coming with high pain-relieving intent, this big boy is the most comfortable chair for watching TV in a midrange category. This massage recliner is undoubtedly big and can be utilized in spacious TV lounges. With heating and massaging ability, most cushiony setup, and 360 swiveling, you’ll be benefited from multiple offerings in one single package.

One thing that’ll come into your mind at very first glance, it’s beefy and chunky. The Faux-leather looks remarkably premium with tons of sponge foam padding, gives you a cloud 9 comfort for the longest Netflix seasons. With 4 pockets and 2 cup holders, it ensures you have fun popcorn time during your watch hours.

The most prominent part here is the massaging performance. Frankly speaking, one may take this as a mini version of a Massaging chair as it comes with 8 impressive crucial points of massage, including lumbar, head, and legs.

The lumbar massaging attains a touch of heating mechanism that is extremely beneficial in treating your sore muscles, loosen spine cords, and activate your back tissues. The only thing that creates a little mess is the unavailability of independent operations.

Once you turn on the massager, the heat therapy also goes active simultaneously. It may work in winters yet, in summers with no need for heat therapy, things may become messy.

Furthermore, the massaging has got a multi-mode setup and 2 modes of intensity controls so you can control as per your requirement.

The chair caters to users of almost all body types. The 28.7” backrest height and 22.8” seat width are spacious for chubby masses over 6ft, but it may fall short for some extreme cases.

Anyway, the ergonomics part is decent with its own positives and negatives. The chair can swivel 360-degree but not as smooth as one expects. The overall heavy metal frame will squeeze your force to manually turn it around in another direction. 

Also, this TV lounger chair carries a lever at the inner side of the right armrest that reclines the chair upon pulling it. The chair makes a smooth 140-degree angle with only one position to lock. The massaging vibrator gets automatically active when you are in recline mode and turns off after 20 minutes as default timer settings.

At full deep angling, the chair gives you 65” length, so users from 5.5 to 6Ft get fully immersed into it. It smoothly gives a stable reclining feature for guys above 300lbs, which is an excellent weight capacity following its class.

Esright Massage Recliner
What We Find Good
  • Much practical design and premium build quality
  • A good number of utilities
  • Impressive foam padding keeps the longer sitting unaffected from fatigues
  • Massaging capacity is fabulous
  • Provides 300lbs weight capacity
  • Reclines to 140degree
What We May Not Find Good
  • Dependent massaging and heating operations
  • Hard to swivel

Why should one buy this?

If you want to bring a great home theatre seating setup without a heart-breaking cut on your budget, this could be a real value for your weekend entertainment scene. The versatile massaging and heating therapy are also great for body rebounding after athletic work, yet the only concern is the dependent operations. However, the materials and padding make it a great value TV chair for much-needed comfort and fatigue relief.

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4. BestMassage Recliner Chair: Best Comfortable TV Room Chair

BestMassage Recliner Chair

It’s a common notion in the market that you can’t get a quality leather TV watching recliner for 150$. But if I tell you not all the Heroes wear caps, this Bestmassage recliner chair is slim and sleek, durable, and a charismatic TV watching chair under an easily manageable budget.

The recliner chair comes with water-proof PU leather that is vastly classy in stitching and creamy in maintenance. The high-density sponge filling earns it highly easygoing for your body. Whether it will be seating, relaxing, or dozing till dawn, the coziness and silky leather won’t compromise your comfort. The only thing you have to care about is to keep it safe from your pets, specifically, your naughty kitties.

On the comfort part, two-point vibration massagers heal your lumbar fatigue. The 8 modes massaging program relaxes your mid-back, lumbar and also relaxes you with three variable intensities. The maximum timing for a single massaging session is 30 minutes, and you can make it short in 15 or 10 minutes for a quick-relief program.

The chair can recline to 160-degree making a full extension of 62.2” that is comfortably an adequate space for persons under 6ft. Moreover, you can settle in 5 different reclining angles, so achieving plenty of purposes without leaving your comfort zone is the lovely thing here.

Factually, the chair is slim and not so bulky even won’t give a congested feeling in a 10X10 room. That’s why guys over 6Ft will feel a little short. But momentarily, it smoothly goes to the 300lbs mark, although 275lbs is the recommended limit.

Recliner Chair for Living Room Massage
What We Find Good
  • Leather upholstery and stitching is chic
  • Highly comfortable and easy maintenance
  • It doesn’t feel bulky even for small spaces
  • Easily handles 300lbs (275lbs recommended)
  • Can recline to 5 different positions
  • Massaging performance is decent
What We May Not Find Good
  • You have recline manually by applying a little force
  • The footrest is short for longer legs

Why should one buy this?

In response to Jummico, this chair almost has the same capabilities except for the leather upholstery, making it easy for leather lovers to make a final decision. The 5 stop recline position is a versatile adjustment for students, adults, gamers, and movie lovers. However, big boys will feel it a little short but still won’t feel uncomfortable. On the whole, the value it gives under 150$ definitely brings in the list of best chairs for watching TV.

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5. Rspawn RSP-900: Best Racing Style Chair for TV Watching

Rspawn RSP-900

As I possess slightly aggressive gaming genes, so I expect you will also be the same way. Accordingly, for casual gamers who usually spend their weekend evenings under the limelight of gaming and Netflix, Respawn RSP-900 is an exceptional platform to consider for your entertainment hunger.

The gaming TV watching chair isn’t big and spacious to hold big boys. The slim-fit seat is perfect for average physique and teenagers and is surrounded by the cushioned armrest set with plastic cup holders implanted on both sides. From base to headrest section, the Faux-leather quality is worth watching, with heaps of sponge foam padding to add comfort for every of your sitting sessions.

On the good points, if you are a resident of an area that is much closer to the sun ball, the leather doesn’t stick to your bones; however, watch out for breathability.

The ergonomics performance is somewhat decent. The backrest can recline to 135-degree that is totally independent of footrest movement. You can add multiple tilt positions for your back comfort yet, the footrest only does one direction, either fully up or fully down.

But if you’re a critical observer of recline abilities, 135-degree may feel a bit diminutive compared to 150-160 degree recliner seats. Nonetheless, the comfort element is fully there.

Other than this, the headrest and armrest are stationary but padded enough to lock optimal firmness. Moreover, the metal base is padded with the same Faux-leather and isn’t movable with caster wheels. Subsequently, if you are going to use it separately for TV and gaming consoles or desk, things may become troublesome for you as it isn’t lightweight for easy portability.

However, it smoothly swivels 360-degree without compromising on your stability. Besides, the weight capacity isn’t much fascinating, but considering the price and its category, 275lbs will be an ample limit.

Rspawn RSP-900
What We Find Good
  • Great racing design for gamers
  • Faux-leather material provides great comfort and durability
  • Armrests are cushiony with cup holders implanted
  • Can bear 275lbs weight limit
  • The backrest and footrest moves independently
What We May Not Find Good
  • Not built for overweight persons
  • Fewer recline positions

Why should one buy this?

Factually, it isn’t a big boy toy yet pulls soft cushiony comfort for your back, arms, and legs. The multi-purpose makes it a dual purpose chair. On one side, it is among the best recliners for watching TV. Yet, on the other way, it could be your best chair for XBOX one, PS4, or other console gaming. Some limitations are there, yet it is good valued furniture in its class.

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The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot:

I know your entertainment hours are much important to you. So, if you haven’t gotten a break, that what should be your priority in the end; I am making two recommendations for the best chairs for watching tv. But note that, Decision is all yours.

My clear Winner is Domesis Renu Leather Recliner. Yes, in comparison to other listings, it doesn’t bring a massaging feature to your table. However, picking this thing at the very first position is due to its broader coverage due to the incline feature. From youngsters to adult to elderly persons, comfort is prime in every aspect.

Moreover, the wall-hugger design, superb color choice, and most cushiony paddings bring it under the hood of the most comfortable chairs for watching TV.

Yet, if you want a massaging feature into your bucket, Esright Massage Recliner is my blatant picking. The aggressive massaging intent, a member of 300lbs club, and excellent comfort keeps this boy high on the tables. The only thing that cuts its point in the competition is the hard swiveling and short footrest.

Apart from these TV watching chairs, you can also watch out for other options to choose from according to your requirements.

Points to Take into Notice while Buying a Best Chair for Watching TV:

Investigating a product is necessary, though, before making a purchase rather than after the delivery. So, before jumping to the final decision, look at some crucial points that can save you million times.

Start with the Room Size:

It sometimes happens that a chair that touches your inner heart may not settle impeccably against your room size. Figure out where your TV is hanging around and where you want to place your chair. If it’s a big TV lounge, a big cushiony recliner, two-person sofas, and love seats should be your choice. If you want to place it in a small living room, single-seat compact recliners won’t make space troubles.

Consequently, make a perfect symmetry between the room and chair size.

Upholstery Decision Needs a Second Check:

TV chairs come in many upholstery options, fortunately, though. You’ll find leather, fabric, microfiber, and other materials shaping up the recliners. But do a little math while considering the upholstery. If your room is literally sunny or doesn’t have ample shade, don’t fall for Micro or Fiber material, as it’ll affect the durability and fade the fabric colors.

On the other hand, if you’re living in a warm area, leather upholstery would land you in a breathability issue. I believe you won’t love to have a sweating back and butts every time you jump into your chair.

So, for a better decision, do a thorough assessment of your surroundings and the places where you will have your Movie buddy.

Type of Chair “Might” Be a Twist Here:

One thing that flushes your whole mind for a moment – A long line of Chairs Variety. Be very specific about what you actually want in the end. If you are taking it for casual and nominal movie sessions, Bean bag chairs can fulfill your objective. However, if you need a comfortable TV room chair that can also relieve you against back fatigue, TV recliners with Massaging and heating abilities fit for your search perfectly.

Other than this, if you don’t want to disturb the décor and aesthetics of your room, consider trying out ottomans, couple sofas, or love seats.

These points will easily steer you through a highly competitive TV chair market.

Budget – If it largely affects you:

From 100$ to 3000$, there are plenty of options available in every budget range. However, for a mid-ranger type of TV chair, be ready to get an invoice for 300-800$. In this price range, you’ll get a piece of well-performing furniture for your TV hobby.

Other than these points, color, build quality, size, and other features could be your priority. You can choose accordingly.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

What is the most comfortable chair for a living room?

As I told you in the buying guide section, it entirely depends on your room’s size and scenario. The big room size will give you the leverage to put a bulky recliner set up or even a loveseat. Else, it would be best if you look for an average size TV lounge chair.

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

As your primary concern is all-day sitting, it is better to go with massaging recliners to better deal with fatigues and back soreness.

How do I choose a living room chair?

Room and chair-size, upholstery, and budget should be your priority while choosing living room chairs. Mostly sofas and loveseats suit well for living room setup.


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