Best Gaming Chair under $100

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/03/23 •  18 min read
gaming chair under $100

Sometimes, when you invest multi-hundreds, or thousands bucks on a gaming PC and ambiance like stuff, it gets difficult to move “that” one inch further to adopt a comfy gaming chair. This results in compromising your seating comfort and somewhat gaming performance too. A genuine gaming seat means an extra burden of 300 – 500 bucks to your pocket. But for me, things unnecessarily, in fact, actually get miscalculated while planning to buy a gaming recliner.

Momentarily, you can still buy the best gaming chair under 100 dollars, and this couldn’t be anyway less than good news for beginners, casual gamers, folks who are restricted by pocket or not so much fan of high-end chairs.

Truthfully, I have also lived-up my gaming passion with such cheap gaming chairs under $50, and right now, I am placing my best findings in the form of this briefed article. So under this short story, you are going to find some of the best $100 gaming chairs (some are slightly above the $100 mark) that can be the superlative alternative to expensive high-end chairs. So let’s move on the subject without a further due;

SerialChair ModelItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.Homall S-Racer33.5 x 20.6 x 44.8 inches40 Pounds
2.OFM - ESS-3085-GRY34 x 16 x 12 inches45.5 Pounds
3.Devoko DV17RRD30.5 x 28.25 x 44.5 inches37 Pounds
4.Ergonomic Recliner28.37 x 27.38 x 54.3 inches41 Pounds
5.Furmax High-Back33.07 x 25.79 x 11.02 inches45.2 Pounds

1. Homall S-Racer – Best Gaming Chair Under 100

Homall is quite famous in the gaming community due to its premium finished products. But then, does Homall offer something like a budget gaming seating solution? Obviously, it’s crispy and crunchy to know the Homall S-racer gaming chair edges out the competition with striking and versatile features and performance.

And factually, this chair shouldn’t be a miss if you are an admirer of comfort, comfort, and comfort.

With premium finished carbon-fiber faux leather, 160-degree recline ability, adjustable leg support, and 300lbs of weight, it’s unbelievable to see such features in a $100 gaming chair. The most prominent part here is the suppressible leg/footrest that you often see in most expensive good quality gaming chairs after spending 300 to 500$.

On the design part, things are pretty standard here being a racing chair. The 20.5 X 19.5 inches seat dimensions are excellent to hold slim to somewhat bulkier guys. And in accordance with this, the 30.6” backseat height can easily support guys taller than 6.2ft.

Moreover, the alloy frame keeps the chair lightweight but sturdy enough to handle up to 300lbs of weight without being squeaky. Such a weight limit also gets supported by the anti-explosive gas spring that adjusts the seat height from 14.3 t0 17.5 inches.

However, taller guys above 6ft may feel this seat’s height low for their legs support. But then, with 160-degree of maximum backward tilt and addition of footrest make this chair a perfect napping couch to relax for some longer durations.

And same like other ergonomic chairs, this recliner provides 4 different locking positions to adjust your posture according to your work nature. And additionally, the fully adjustable lumbar and neck support raises the comfort level, so you always resist leaving your chair.

The only missing feature is the adjustable armrests. However, considering the price point, this shouldn’t be a major concern for the gamers as it already delivers you in other comfort departments.

Homall S-Racer
  • A feature-packed gaming chair
  • A footrest is an unusual feature for low-budget chair
  • Carbon-fiber leather gives an excellent feel
  • Carries 300lbs without any squeak
  • The frame is sturdy and lightweight
  • Decent heightened backrest supports 6.2ft persons
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Armrests aren’t blessed with height adjustment feature.

Why should one buy this?

Homall S-racer is a perfect package for the folks who look for a treasure in a range of some pennies. The adjustable leg support makes a difference here and would definitely make gamers feel better who seek great comfort in their seating furniture. Also, the weight limit and recline ability are some features that can put a big smile on your face.

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2. OFM Essentials Collection: Cheap Racing Chair for Kids

The OFM model ESS-3085 is widely famous in the low price gaming chairs with decent aesthetics and performance. The overall look and size give you the feel this recliner has been made for not so bulky guys. Although the chair has been advertised as an Adult category furniture yet, with 275Lbs weight capacity, flip-up arm mechanism, and 20.5 inches of max backseat width, it’s distinctly an excellent solution for teenagers and beginners.

The overall upholstery is a combination of mesh material bonded with synthetic leather to maintain an optimum level of breathability. You can find this cross-combination of mesh and leather at both backrest and seat, so your thighs, buttocks, pelvis, and full-back don’t sweat in hot conditions.

Yet, bear in mind, you have to keep this chair away from naughty kitties, pups, and other pets.

Being a $100 gaming chair, the stitching is a majestic element to appreciate here. Except for some mediocre work at corners and back of the chair, you won’t find this chair making a compromise on its reputation.

The backseat renders 20.5W X 19.5L inches of dimension, so it gives the best comfort and practicality for the guys under 6.1’. Guys with above this height and broad shoulders will find themselves unsupported at the neck and head part. Also, with a maximum 19.5” seat depth, you may miss excellent leg support here.

Nonetheless, if you fall under a Normal Physique category, this chair delivers a good stream of comfort within a minimal budget.

Talking about the ergonomics, the chair comes with a flip-up armrest mechanism instead of a height-adjustable thing. The flip-up armrest is padded with the same mesh material you find at the backrest and seat, so it doesn’t lose the comfort element in hot and humid conditions. The flip-up mechanism shows outstanding support and practicality for your arms and wrists even you recline your chair backward.

However, this cheap racing chair doesn’t recline at deeper angles, and you only have to rely on one recline position of 110-degrees.

OFM Essentials Collection
  • The quality stitching and material quality is an excellent deal
  • A paramount of comfort for kids and teenagers.
  • Mesh materials keep you safe from the sticky condition during warmth and humidity
  • Around 9” height adjustment support 275lbs of weight
  • Supported by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Armrests are not height adjustable

Why should one buy this?

A low budget chair doesn’t mean at all a low-quality chair, and OFM essentials racing chair proves it very right. From finishing to stitching to quality fabric, you get an exceptional balance of performance and durability. The mesh and leather combination greatly supports kids, beginners, and casual gamers. Yes, the armrests aren’t height-adjustable, yet the price justifies this lack.

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3. Devoko Ergonomic – Best Durable Gaming Chair

The overall looks of this chair may not make it much different from other competitors in the market. However, one thing is undoubtedly a distinction, and it’s unmistakably the bundle of features in a least price tag. With 300lbs weight limit, 170-degree reclining, adjustable cushion support, and super synthetic faux leather, it’s mind-blowing to know you all get this in minimal budget.

Getting started with the seat dimensions 20.5D X 19.5W, the chair doesn’t look optimal to entertain wider personalities. Yet, 30.5” curved shoulder backrest can positively handle taller guys up to 6.2”. And remarkably, you can recline the backrest to 170 degrees with the support of a 5-star steel base.

Devoko has given 4 modes of reclining so you can conditionally adjust your back to attain maximum comfort for longer durations. The working, reading, relaxing, and lying modes make this chair evenly beneficial for sittings other than gaming.

Furthermore, the chair also executes height adjustment from 16.1″ to 20″ with the aid of anti-explosive gas springs. And to your surprise, this best ergonomic chair under 100 bucks doesn’t squeak at all while handling masses over 300lbs.

The only lack here is fixed armrests that don’t furnish any movement in any dimension. So, you have to only live with a fixed armrest feature, which is justifiable considering the price.

But then, you get fully adjustable cushion support, and your love for this chair will positively blossom in the air. The cushion support doesn’t feel extra soft, so you don’t get sunk into these cushions. The optimal firmness provides much-needed muscle support against any fatigue and long sittings.

Moreover, the overall design profile is magnificent, with a great combination of red and black colors. The backrest and seat have been marvelously crafted with faux/PU leather for superior breathability. The leather stitching has been designed like a racing car seat; you get a sporty feel at a very first glance.

Devoko DV17RRD
  • Exceptional height and back adjustment up to 170-degrees.
  • Racing style stitching gives this chair an aggressive
  • Long heightened backseat covers individual up to 6.2ft
  • Fully adjustable lumbar and neck support
  • Excellent breathable materials.
  • The armrests are fixed, so don’t make any movement in any direction

Why should one buy this?

The Devoko chair is an extraordinary blend of performance and features in a much-restricted package. The recline ability to 170-degrees and capacity to bear 300lbs of weight elevate this chair high in the competition. Such administration with excellent inexpensiveness is definitely a dream for gaming enthusiasts with a low budget.

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4. Best Office Ergonomic Recliner: Best For Fatigue Relief

If you are looking for the best gaming chairs under 100 bucks, Best office is a vendor with lots of low-cost but feature-rich chairs in its portfolio. To this chair, big and bulky guys can take immense pleasure of extra-long high backrest, a vibrator lumbar support cushion for fatigue relief, and optimum height from the ground for practical leg support.

The 4 color schemes with breathable faux/PU leather keeps the chair synthetic during hot weathers. Along with this, the seat padding is somewhat decent, providing 2.2 inches of thickness to not to get sore muscles after longer sitting sessions.

However, the seat structure is the same as the competitors possess, yet the width is slightly wider (21-inch) to cater to heavier guys.

Additionally, the backrest furnishes a 33-inch height along with the 22-inch max distance from the ground to handsomely adjust the exceptional guys above 6.3ft. Such height planning by the manufacturer allows the more significant individuals to not feel vacant or unsupported at the head and neck section, which is a good thing to admire.

With seat adjustments, you can experience a movement between 18.3 to 22.2 inches, aided by the anti-burst gas lift cylinder system.

And after the provision of unique and much-practical features, this ergonomic chair falls a bit short in the weight limit category. Technically, the chairs target the bigger individuals, and 250lbs max weight limit is something one would double-check considering his body mass.

Besides, instead of the most common 4 modes of recline lock, this chair delivers 3 locking positions for a max 135-degrees of recline. These recline positions allow users to relax and enjoy their working and other “desk activities.”

Remarkably, this makes sure you don’t feel stiff or tired after your gaming session. So to save you from back-aches and pelvis soreness, the fully adjustable lumbar support has an implanted vibrators to give a mild massage to fight against any fatigue. And apart from this, the neck cushion is also fully adjustable to keep neck posture according to your comfort.

Ergonomic Recliner

  • A best-budget gaming chair for heavy adults
  • Vibrators implanted lumbar support cushion relaxes your back muscles
  • Long heightened backrest and slightly wider seat adjust bigger e-sport players.
  • Recline at max 135-angle
  • The sturdy alloy-steel base supports 250lbs of weight
  • Finishing is a bit average.

Why should one buy this?

Users who look for the chair with some unconventional comfort features, Best office recliner is the right answer to their search. The big seating space is a right and cost-effective solution for bulkier gaming enthusiasts. And it’s worth mentioning here these all comfort-oriented features are not going to charge you some extra bucks.

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5. Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair: Best HighBack Ergonomic Chair

Furmax produces premium furniture solutions, and this time you get a highback gaming chair in the Furmax lineup without crossing the budget line. For users who look for a reasonably stylish seating setup for their e-sport setup, furmax ergonomic racing chair does the purpose.

With reclining to 180-degree, strong nylon base to support upto 300lbs weight limit and super durable leather fabric, you get a strong durability and efficacy fusion. This high-back variant attains a 33-inch backrest to exquisitely handle the guys above 6.3ft.

Coming to the ergonomics part, both neck and lumbar support cushions are there. The neck cushion achieves reasonable firmness to support a good neck posture.

However, the lumbar support is unnecessarily big and produces a bump to the lower back, which creates a weird feeling. A small pillow alternate to this lumbar support would surely help better than this.

The chair safely reclines to 180-degrees, and a 5-star nylon metal base supports this. And in addition to this, a class 3 gas lift system also supports 300lbs of weight limit with great perfection.

The good thing about the hydraulic system is that it produces a wide range of movement compared to its competitors. From 16.5” to 22”, you can easily adjust a suitable height according to your tallness. And in-fact, while other recliners of the same league give you 3-4 inches of height adjustment, this cheapest gaming chair apparently supplies a 5.5 inches space to settle down your seat.

Anyways, with all these features, the armrest is another thing that needs a scanty fix here. In my scenario, the armrest gets wobbly after 3-4 months of use, and you have to re-tightens the screws to ensure suitable firmness. However, this isn’t a deal-breaking issue, but it needed to be mentioned here to keep the furmax gaming chair review unbiased.

Furmax High-Back
  • Long-range height adjustment
  • Can carry 300+ lbs of weight
  • 180-degree stable reclining ability
  • Smooth and scratch resistance caster wheels
  • Carbon fiber materials support decent breathability
  • The lumbar support cushion isn’t designed well.

Why should one buy this?

With excellent height adjustability and high backrest, the chair is certainly a surprise package for taller guys. Additionally, the 180-degree recline ability is a fantastic thing to shortlist this chair for a great value of money.

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The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot

In this lowest budget category, the product option or variety is somewhat low. However, you don’t waste your hard-earned cash on a wrong chair; that’s why I am making recommendations for you to choose the best gaming chair under 100 dollars.

So, Homall S-Racer is my clear winner due to a variety of premium features it furnishes in such a low budget. The 160-degree recline ability with a totally out of the box adjustable footrest brings this chair in the “Most Comfortable” gaming chair’s list. The weight limit is also attractive for bulkier guys; however, it somewhat has average backseat height.

For that purpose, you can consider a Best office Ergonomic chair, which is somewhat similar to Homall S-racer and also comes with an electronic vibrator capsulated in the lumbar support. With 33-inch backrest height and 135-degree reclining, taller guys will love to spend some spare hours on this seat.

But then, recline ability is only restricted to 135 degrees, and if you have the habit of making your chair into a Napping couch, Furmax is the best ergonomic chair under 100. With this recliner, you can also enjoy a long-range of height adjustment (5.5 inches), and 180-degree recline will unquestionably going to impress you.

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A Quick Tip Before You Fall for a Best Gaming Chair Under 100 Dollars:

The good thing about selecting a best PC gaming chair under 100 bucks is you have to revolve around a limited features list. However, you can still find some excellent options with plenty of features packed around there. My suggestion for you to Keep the Expectation Low as you are wandering in a low-budget category.

I have written a brief buying guide in my last post about Best Gaming Chairs 2021; I am categorically mentioning here which feature in this budget could be a hit or miss:

Armrest: The main element in the ergonomics chair that provides necessary support to wrist and arms. In this category, the standard here is the fixed or flip-up armrest. It will be a great bonus to enjoy if you find height-adjustable 2D armrests.

Reclining Position: Mostly, recliners will provide you 2-3 recline positions in a shape of 90-130 degree backward tilt. However, reclining positions above these angling and locking limit will be a great addition to your cart. Besides, don’t expect a rocking ability here.

Height Adjustment: The gas lift mechanism is supported by classes. With class4 gas lift is the most durable and popular in the market for the budget to high-end racing chairs, you can expect class3 gas lift as a valuable addition in the specification list.

Weight limit: Weight limit always remains a severe concern to massive guys. While mostly mid-range recliners range from 250-375lbs, the nice thing to search here from 250 to 300lbs. Above this limit would positively be an “absolute-to-go” package. However, below the mentioned limit will always poke your mental satisfaction.

Apart from these points, you can specifically search for fabric or leather materials, backrest height, and the chair’s maneuverability.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Can racing chairs be used as gaming chairs?

Definitely, racing chairs are the most trendy ergonomic furniture setup. Gaming enthusiasts choose a gaming chair to experience much sporty feel to their gaming setup.

How much does a gaming chair cost?

From the lowest around 80 dollar gaming chair to most premium 1000 bucks recliners, the gaming chair is the most lavish furniture setup e-sport fanatics craves for.

Do gaming chairs make you play better?

The answer is somewhat Yes or No. In my opinion, the gaming chair indirectly helps you to improve your gaming performance. With better ergonomics, like 4D adjustable armrests and flexible cushion support, you apparently feel more adjusted into your chair. Thus, this improves your reach to improve gaming performance.

Is a gaming chair better than an office chair?

On the performance and comfort side, there is not much difference between these two ergonomics setups. However, you are a lover of better ergonomics and sporty looks; Gaming chairs is the foremost choice.

Are gaming chairs really worth it?

If you are looking to fix your back-aches and posture, then a gaming chair can’t do a miracle. Despite, the best gaming chair is really worth for enjoying long hours sitting without getting disturbed or irritated.

Calvin Allison