Best Gaming Chair under $150

Best Gaming Chair under $150

I recently filtered some best 100$ gaming chairs, and honestly speaking, there were some finest beauties in that budget range. However, being brutally honest, I would like you to see my best gaming chairs under 150 list.

You may ask why, when the claims about 100$ gaming chairs are on “That” highest notes.

The idea is I don’t want to contest with your mind but, gaming chairs under 100$ will only offer you some tiny players of the market.

Factually, a best midrange gaming chair lies between 200$ and 300$.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have much of a budget to spend and picking a most basic 100$ gaming chair is hard to digest for you, these 150$ gaming chairs are definitely low-hanging fruits to consider for your gaming setup.

These chairs come with midrange ergonomics, decent build quality, and pleasing aesthetics to become a great alternative to lavish gaming chairs. But you have to be a little cautious about your selection.

Let’s dig in what are the best gaming recliners on my list.

SerialChair NameItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.VECELO High Back Chair26.4 x 26.4 x 51.2 inches49.5 lb
2.Homall Ergonomic20.2 x 20.5 x 66 inches51.2 pounds
3.Atelerix Ventris25 x 26.8 x 52 inches43.6 Pounds
4.GOTMINSI27 x 27 x 52 inches41 pounds

1. VECELO Gaming High Back Chair: Best Gaming Chair under $150

VECELO Gaming High Back Chair

Picking this chair was the easiest decision for me. I mean, against the 150$ budget limit, I didn’t get any significant negative points except the complex assembly, which I guess is a common problem of this segment’s chair. Instead, the good looks, decent ergonomics, and overall reputable performance can fascinate the gamers a big time.

On the upholstery part, the PU leather quality is the strongest point for those who are going for this boy in most humid areas. I have also tested this in hot conditions, and it didn’t stick with my skin, didn’t wrinkle, and maintained good breathability.

Also, seeing the leather quality and finishing, it seems you won’t have to face the peeling off materials after some time.

Nonetheless, comparing it with other contenders, you may feel its a little narrow on the ergonomics part due to the 1D armrest. It’s truly fine for me until I don’t have to go for aggressive and extensive desk work.

The 180-degree recline, adjustable cushion, rocking functioning, and 300lbs weight limit are some standard features, but 3 years warranty will unquestionably add spice into your search for a durable 150$ gaming chair.

However, a bit downside here is the unclear assembly instructions that may exhaust a non-techie.

What We Find Good
  • Good aesthetics and sublime finishing
  • Decent Ergonomics
  • It remains noiseless and good durability
  • Supported by 3 Years warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Complex Assembly, Again!

Why should one buy this?

The overall comment about this chair is, it’s a decent boy in a vast crowd. The features and mechanics suit those who seek excellent durability on a limited budget. However, don’t get offended by the preliminary assembly information as nothing comes in this world with perfection. Consequently, it’s a much decent option for professionals and beginners.

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2. Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest: Best $150 gaming chair with high weight limit

Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest

Though Homall produces low-end chairs with limited ergonomics, this one has decent ergonomics and extended full-body comfort with an extendable footrest. The racing style and good finishing will positively fix your gaming setup glamour but be very mindful about its purpose as it’s not for long-term sitting. 

As we have talked about its capabilities, the finishing styling really adds value to its overall reputation. The PU leather quality seems decent, and foam stuffing is something that won’t be a complaining part here.

But then, the Sponge foam quality is average.

Though the seating maintains good firmness, long sittings brag your body in a bit of a discomfort zone. If you are a user who is looking to give it a try for 8-9 continuous hours, steer your search towards some other best 300$ gaming chairs. It’s for casual use.

One can expect limited or poor ergonomics due to a budget limit. But Homall plays a decent game here with a 180-degree recline, extendable footrest, 1D adjustable armrests, and fully adjustable cushion supports. That seems a valuable package, but some twists are here to get into your knowledge.

The 180-degree is surely a hit above its class, and 1D armrests are also not that bad. However, many users claim the armrests look a bit flimsy and give a feel of cheap plastic. Other than this, the footrest is removable though its extension can be a concern for long leggers as it doesn’t extend much.

But overall, the chair is a worthwhile package for beginners, casual gamers, and kids.

Lastly, the chair uses the class3 gas lift piston allowing you to put around 300lbs of weight. But technically, the dimensions tell us it’s not for the biggies.

What We Find Good
  • Good weight limit
  • Overall decent ergonomics package
  • Good racing design and color scheme
  • An extendable footrest is a nice addition
  • Enjoyable 180 recline
What We May Not Find Good
  • Sponge foam sags due to longer use

Why should one buy this?

Homall is a trusted name with good customer support. The chair is a decent package to start your e-sport journey without exaggerating your financial burdens. The 180-recline is very much impactful for those who want a chair for multi-tasking, and the 1D armrest brings ease to your desk work. However, the most straightforward suggestion is, use it for casual and shorter durations.

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3. Atelerix Ventris Noir Gaming Chair: Best Feature-Packed Gaming Chair

Atelerix Ventris Noir Gaming Chair

Factually, I picked this chair on a second thought due to its some best areas and some bad areas. With that being said, if you are a wanderer looking to hunt a golden nugget for the price of peanuts, this is definitely for you. However, durability and low weight limits are a concern for big gamers.

On the styling and finishing side, everything is pretty satisfactory here, with highly breathable mesh and fabric materials are its primary upholstery part. But then, if you move to the ergonomics part, there is a super, super, and super package given by the manufacturer on a minimal budget.

The most prominent part here is the 4D armrests with tons of adjustment and formation to lift the arm, shoulder, and neck comfort to many folds. The 4D armrests move up and down in 7 stages. Similarly, there are 3 stages for these armrests to pivot inwards and outwards.

However, the armrests wobble a bit but truthfully, it’s overall exceptional stuff in such a price package.

Moreover, the 180-degree recline, adjustable cushions, and 260lbs weight are also seemly features. I assume 260lbs is a bit of a standardized number and doesn’t allow big gamers to utilize it. Likewise, some users have claimed the chair squeak slightly after some time due to its stiff recline adjustments.

This represents some performance issues, but being a high feature-packed chair, it’s an extra edge for this Atelerix Ventris to be a star of beginners, kids, casual gamers, and full-time gamers.

What We Find Good
  • Superb Combination of features
  • Highly breathable
  • 4D armrests with versatile stages of adjustments
  • Recline to 180-degree
What We May Not Find Good
  • Squeak a bit after sometime
  • Complex assembly instructions for non-techies.

Why should one buy this?

The chair is definitely for short-term use. However, no matter how much time it services you, the aggressive ergonomics allow you to fully stretch your arms and legs. There are few performance matters, but you get what you pay for. Overall, the chair flaunts exceptional adjustments to target full-time and part-time gamers looking for the best gaming chair under 150$.

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4. GOTMINSI Gaming Racing Chair: Good Value Gaming Chair

GOTMINSI Gaming Racing Chair

You’ll hear less about this brand, but this 150$ gaming chair is among the best of this league due to its quality performance and fantastic aesthetics. The features and versatility combo make it perfect for beginners, full and part-time gamers, and kids.

On the upholstery part, the white and black sweet combination of PU leather makes it highly patchable with any type of gaming setup. The stitching and materials quality seems decent; however, some users say the seat is slightly stiff in initial uses.

On the other hand, ergonomics are somewhat that won’t let this chair down in the competition. Fully adjustable cushion supports and 180-degree is one part, 2D armrest will catch the user’s attention. The armrest can go up and down but makes an extensive 45-degree swivel angling for much versatile desk work.

Nonetheless, a minor wobbliness in the armrest setup doesn’t dent its overall reputation.

Additionally, gathering up the chair was a little confusing for us as the instructions were quite complex to understand. However, we did in 15 min, but non-techie guys or females will find assembly a challenging task. Apart from this challenge, the chair worths the value.

What We Find Good
  • Pleasing aesthetics and decent finishing
  • Decent armrest setup with 45-degree swiveling
  • Recline up to 170-degree without any squeak
  • Supports up to 300lbs
What We May Not Find Good
  • Complex assemble is usual stuff here

Why should one buy this?

The chair doesn’t have any exceptional or flashier features to flaunt. However, there is an excellent combination of performance and build quality. Yes, assembly is a bit of digesting sour grapes, but it’s just a one-time procedure you are going to deal with. Overall, the chair is a nice considerable gaming gear for budget users.

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The Bottom Line – Wrapping Up the Story:

I know finding the best gaming chair under 150$ is a bit of dry as a bone. I mean, regardless of any innovative option, you get almost the same quality and features. However, you still find the best among the crowd.

That’s why I tried to make it easy for you. That being said, I choose the VECELO Gaming chair as my clear winner.

 On the feature part, it’s definitely less loaded, but what other chairs lack even with a ton of features, this chair smartly poses that. Yes, the Durability factor. It doesn’t squeak while adjustments and movements and also disappoint you with a breakdown of parts. This all gets supported by a 3-years limited warranty.

Also, I find the upholstery quality much better than competitors of this league which will benefit you in many circumstances.

On the other hand, the GOTMINSI gaming chair is my runner-up here. The chair carries the same feature set as VECELO does; in fact, it has a better armrest setup than the winner. So why am I putting this a spot behind? Tough assembly is also a part of this chair, but I find its build quality less satisfying than the VECELO.

 The aesthetics and ergonomics are good sides and nothing wrong with the execution, but I found a better charm of craftsmanship in VECELO.

Other than this, you can also consider other 150$ gaming chairs according to your requirement and preferences.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

150$ gaming chair is a smaller class, and you’ll hardly find a chair here that’ll offer you all day long comfortable sitting. The more chances are you get the best chairs for short-term and casual use. After spending 4-5 hours, you may feel uncomfortable with stiff body conditions.

What is special about gaming chairs?

Basically, the Looks and aggressive ergonomics are a special part here. As gaming chairs mostly get designed for prolonged sittings, it makes ergonomics and versatile adjustment a good special part. Likewise, gaming chairs also procure sporty looks and racing styles.

How much should a good gaming chair cost?

Factually, a good, durable and comfortable chair ranges from 300-400 bucks or even above from this line. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get good gaming games under this price bracket. You do, but with compromises and sacrifices on many ends.


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