Best Gaming Chair under $200

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  18 min read
Gaming Chair under $200

In my last writing, I tried to burst out the “bubble of curiosity” for the users who were much passionate about finding a perfect budget gaming chair under $100. Truthfully, a 100 dollar benchmark makes you feel caged while looking for some extra features and build-quality. However, raising the budget needle a little high will definitely open the doors of many, many great products to choose from.

But then, the whole idea is to pick a product that sweetly fit-in your purpose. So, here I am publishing my experience of some products that are the best gaming chair under 200 dollars.

The good thing about this budget line is you can grab best performing mid-range recliners that would fetch you the style, features, and performance altogether. Similarly, many renowned brands compete here to win your heart with their best performing recliners under 200 dollars.

So, with such competition in the market, you get the top-rated gaming chairs under a very manageable budget line. And for that purpose, this brief writing will help you become a winner to select a perfect chair for your gaming needs. So let’s jump into it;

SerialChair ModelItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.Blue Whale27.16 x 27.16 x 48 inches50.9 pounds
2.GTRACING Gaming Chair53.15 x 20.87 x 15.35 inches50 Pounds
3.Hbada Gaming Chair34 x 26 x 13 inches53.2 pounds
4.RESPAWN - RSP-110-RED28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches23 Pounds
5.Homall High-Back Racing--

1. Blue Whale – Best Gaming Chair under 200

Are you looking for a beast under a meager budget? As the name suggests, this is a whale of ergonomic gaming chairs with the spiciest collection of specifications within your budget line. This truly comfort-oriented recliner is the best gaming chair under 200 bucks providing thickest seat padding, scratch-less materials, massaging lumbar support, and immense 380lbs weight capacity.

As the comfort is its crunch element, you’ll find this seat as a thickest foam padded seat in the PC chair’s market. With 4.8 inches of seat thickness, this is probably the highest and thickest seat that’ll keep your back and hips comfortable for the longest gaming sessions.

However, the manufacturer has used sponge foam that somehow loses its shape after some period. 

But other than this, you’ll actually appreciate the anti-scratch PU leather materials that show superb craftsmanship considering the stitching. Such tough fabric materials display a great rigidity and remain unaffected from the marks and scratches by the pets in your house.

Meanwhile, the blue whale recliner holds 33.1 inches of backrest height and an impressive 380lbs weight limit clearly shows it targets the bulkier guys. The backrest width extends to 22.8 inches – a decent width for broader shoulder guys not to feel confined in the chair.

Along with the massaging lumbar support, it soothes your tension/pain points in your lower spine and overall back. Significantly, the heavier guys will feel the vibrators effectively dig into the sore points, blessing an exotic pleasure without being hefty to your pocket.

Furthermore, a 20-degree rocking position and 175-degree full lean down recline ability allow you to enjoy a better seating posture. This chair also renders a 2D armrest movement, and luckily, these aluminum alloy armrests don’t wiggle/wobble to give a cheap feel.

Yet, in the ergonomics department, the only thing found less satisfactory is the narrow height adjustment limit. With just 2.75 inches of motion range, it somewhat produces variable heights between 18.25 to 20.85 inches.

On the whole, the chair will never disappoint the users looking to hunt a glitch-free seating solution for a longer period.

Blue Whale
What We Find Good
  • A sturdy, reliable, and life savior seating solution
  • Reclines to almost 180-degree (175 actually)
  • Thickest seat padding ensures marvelous comfort
  • The high backrest also cater taller and bulkier guys
  • Massager lumbar support is a fascinating, relaxing tool for your back
  • The aluminum alloy armrests don’t look flimsy
What We May Not Find Good
  • Narrowest range of height adjustment

Why should one buy this?

The blue whale recliner is a perfect and best value gaming chair one can easily afford. The seamless comfort and extra layer of massaging relaxation are the most prominent parts for the e-sport fanatics who like to spend 10-12 hours in front of their desk. Additionally, the scratch-proof materials furnish notable durability against rough usage.

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2. GTRacing Music Series GT890M – Best Gaming Chair with Speakers

GTracing is quite famous in the gaming chair industry for delivering racing chairs for youngsters and e-sports die heart fans. Precisely, if you ask me about this chair, the overall summary is Bluetooth speakers, incredible comfort, and luxury materials. And best among them all is the easy affordability that attracts the gaming fanatics and places this chair in the list of best value gaming chairs under 200. 

Coming to the design part, there isn’t any flashy and fancy stuff there. The relatively standard racing style and seat designs are the easiest part to make a decision.

However, the most attractive part is the PU-leather materials and stunning color combination. The shiny materials give this recliner a luxurious and premium touch, which you often feel inexpensive high-end chairs. 

Technically, the dimensions show it has been built for slim build regular heightened guys. With 32.5” inches of backrest height, users below 6Ft will positively find excellent compatibility between the backrest height and their size. Other than that, the shoulder width is around 21 inches, which is a clear indication the chair will be at a shorter side to cater to bulky guys. 

But apart from this, the “True” comfort is there. The seat contains around 3-inches of foam padding to lock the essential firmness and softness for your seating. But then, the manufacturer uses the sponge foam filling that is a cheaper kind of foam and gets molded according to your body posture. 

Don’t worry; this situation doesn’t happen after some long durations of sitting as the chair is capable enough of spending a good 2-3 years of span with you. 

Ergonomically, along with 165-degree reclining and folding footrest, this chair excites you while you are in a relaxing mood or want to enjoy a movie or launch time. And making such usage more viable, the anti-explosive gas lift system can bear up to 300lbs. Even on the highest recline degree, the 5-star nylon base stables the chair excellently.

Moreover, the 3D armrest gives adequate support to your forearms. 

As the name suggests, this chair comes with speakers to play music through a Bluetooth adapter. The chargeable Bluetooth adapter can play 6 hours, but this feature needs a little better execution. The sound quality is somewhat better than normal smartphones, and you won’t find any special bass effects in the music. 

However, the feature is there, and it’s incredible to experience such a unique entertaining feature in a $200 gaming chair. 

GTRACING Gaming Chair
What We Find Good
  • Superb finishing and stitching
  • One point metal tubing frame keeps the durability up to the mark
  • Supports up to 300lbs of weight
  • Reclines to 165-degrees
  • Adjustable folding footrest boosts the comfort element. 
  • 3D adjustable arms
  • Do 4inches of noiseless height adjustment
What We May Not Find Good
  • The overall PU leather isn’t much breathable during hot conditions

Why should one buy this?

Good entertainment with exceptional comfort is the whole story here. In the $200 budget pipeline, users who are much into the comfort and durability game, GTracing is the right thing to pick without any doubt. The Bluetooth speakers and folding footrest are great tools to relax and enjoy your favorite Netflix season in your spare time.

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3. Hbada Racing – Best Gaming Chair for Beginners

Hbada produces versatile ergonomic office and gaming furniture, and this gaming recliner under 200 dollars is one of the most popular variants by the HBADA. The manufacturer has marketed this chair for high passionate gaming enthusiasts; however, the specs and quality tell another story. This sleek and slim style gaming chair is the perfect solution for casual gamers, slim physique guys, and teenagers.

Apart from 155-degree recline, folding footrest, and sturdy metal frame, there are no fancy flashy specifications here. And saying that, the stitching and material quality are somewhat weak points of this recliner. The PU leather is slightly thin, and seat stitching is somewhat not a convincing point for the folks looking for luxury in the build quality.

Moreover, in the size department, the backrest attains 20.8W X 31.5H inches of dimensions, which is surely not roomy for bulkier guys. Ideally, gamers between 5.2’ to 6ft’ with normal shoulders width are the right candidates for this ergonomic chair. Likewise, the 20.8W X 21.0L inches of seat is ample enough for teenagers.

Anyways, the chair reclines to a maximum of 155-degree angle with the full ability to hold up to 300lbs weight. Some users claim the recline feature seems flimsy, yet in my case, things were absolutely fine and durable even for a couple of month’s use. Along with a recline facility, HBADA chairs provide 8cm (3.20 inches) of non-squeaky height adjustment and 7Cm of Armrests movement.

Typically, the armrests wiggle like other chairs in the market, and you have to retighten the screws after some time. 

But then, the armrest is rightly positioned while furnishing the optimal gap from seat alignment. So, you can relax in good posture with the support of a foldable footrest.

Additionally, this budget racing chair also comes with fully adjustable cushion supports to keep you comfy for longer gaming sessions. The lumbar cushion firmness is decent, and it supports a good back posture, but the neck cushion doesn’t stay in position due to chairs design. It feels weird sometimes to make a struggle with neck cushion to stay in your desired place.

Despite all this, you’ll really appreciate the most straightforward assembly procedure that won’t be a tricky math even for non-technical guys. You can quickly gather up the chair in less than 15 minutes without any additional instruction required.

Hbada Gaming Chair
What We Find Good
  • Excellent recline ability
  • The metal base is strong and looks premium
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Foldable footrest and adjustable armrest gives good options to relax
  • A perfect birthday gift package for young gamers and teenagers
  • Carries 1-year limited warranty and 30-days hassle-free money-back guarantee.
What We May Not Find Good
  • The PU leather is a bit thin, and the foam is less breathable

Why should one buy this?

Forget those old-fashioned gaming chairs and bring this sleek and stylish recliner for your kids. Despite some materials thickness issues, the folding footrest and adjustable armrest are great features for your kids to enjoy their time. And don’t forget, this is all you get in under the 200$ budget line.

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4. RESPAWN 110 – Cheap Comfortable Gaming Chair

Respawn always executes out of the box when it comes to delivering a quality product, and as like respawn 205 – a best gaming racing chair, this 110 model is another major hit in the Respawn lineup. The initial look is something like a heavily padded chair with modest racing aesthetics giving a luxurious feel.

With a 4D adjustability, great finishing, comfort-oriented softest padding, and true bonded leather for outstanding durability, this seating furniture is certainly the best gaming chair under 200 bucks. This budget racing chair has been crafted with bonded leather that is a most durable substitute for genuine leather; however, it produces a strong leather odor that might irritate some users.

Yet, a leather cleaner kills this smell factor in case this odor really bothers you.

As a bonded leather recliner, it has also been advised to keep the chair away from direct sunlight as it may lose its durability and original color tone.  

Coming to the ergonomics part, a unique 4D adjustability comes as a claim by the manufacturer. In that mode, apart from a regular 155-degree recline, you can tilt back from 90-130 degrees with infinite locking. And for that scenario, the fixed armrests also adjust along the way to the reclining angle. Nevertheless, you won’t enjoy the armrest height adjustability feature here.

But if you talk about the wrist and forearms comfort, the armrest is likewise padded with soft bonded leather material so you can easily spend 8-10 hours without facing any stiffness. And extending its comfort zone, a 21-inch folding footrest gives you a chance to jump into a relaxation mode.

And so, for overall comfort and assuring a good posture, the Respawn 110 chair introduces the fully adjustable cushion supports. Both cushions maintain optimal size, design, and firmness to secure good health for your back and neck.

The height adjustment doesn’t have a wider range. From 19.25” to 22.50 inches, you only move in-between 3.25 inches of distance, which may be an issue for taller guys.

The only thing that can pick one’s eyebrow up is the 275lbs weight limit, which doesn’t seem a crunchy element for bulkier guys. Though the chair has a strong metal skeleton, it practically ensures a much heavier weight capacity than this mentioned weight limit without getting damaged.  


What We Find Good
  • Splendid finishing and materials quality
  • 4D adjustability extends the comfort zone
  • The armrests are padded with bonded leather
  • Ensures a great durability
  • A best pc chair under a budget
  • The cushion supports are perfectly designed and padded
  • Sweet Assembly process
What We May Not Find Good
  • The armrests are fixed

Why should one buy this?

Respawn 110 could be a great peace of mind for the individuals who try to balance budget and comfort. The softest bonded leather padding doesn’t hurt your butts, pelvis, and overall back even if you spend 8-10 hours daily in front of your desk. And 4D adjustability ensures you rest at your desired positions. Yes, the armrests are fixed, but somehow they move with the chair’s reclining, so you don’t feel vacant at your arms support.

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5. Homall High-Back Racing Chair – Best Wide Shoulder Gaming Chair

So, Homall has quite famous articles in its line up, and one of them is S-racer, which perfectly falls under the category of best $100 chairs. For this Homall variant, it gets the user’s attention with excellent finishing, deep 180-degree recline, and a removable footrest.

Homall has manufactured this chair for taller guys above 6Ft. And in my opinion, the manufacturer has almost reached its target by giving 32.2 inches of backrest height enough for guys who attain around 6.2ft height. And for backrest width, the 23.3 inches will be a spacious area for broad shoulder physique.

However, the 20.5 inches seat width is somewhat average to hold bulkier guys.

At the ergonomics part, there is a class3 explosion-proof gas lift piston that is also enough to handle weights up to 330lbs. This system also produces 4-inches of height adjustability all the way from 17 to 21 inches. With this system and along with a robust metal frame, this chair blesses you with 180-degree full lean down reclining.

The 4 locking positions facilities you to different seating positions for diverse work nature. And with that, there is a removable footrest to take a cozy nap time in your spare timings.

The only thing that won’t fascinate you is the plastic caster wheels that give a cheap plastic feel. Nonetheless, with months of use, I didn’t face any crack or breakage.  

Moreover, the cushioning is a decent part of this chair, and with a full adjustability feature, you can give excellent support to your back and neck. But then it would have been a bonus if there will be adjustable armrests. Though you are in the under $200 gaming chair category, the recliner’s price justifies this lack.

What We Find Good
  • Excellent finishing and materials quality
  • Class3 gas lift can bear up to 330lbs
  • The metal frame stabilizes the chair even 180-degrees recline
  • The footrest is removable and heavily padded
  • A spacious chair for taller guys above 6ft.
What We May Not Find Good
  • The wheels are made up of plastic

Why should one buy this?

Homall will be a first choice for the gamers who look for something flashy, comfort, and affordability bodily. The removable padded footrest with a combination of 4 position 180-degree is a perfect match for ultimate comfort. The fixed armrest is a bit disappointment yet, the price totally a valid logic here. 

The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot:

While you are confused about which recline is “That” lifesaver for you or your kids, let me suggest you the BEST for your gaming and comfort purpose. The race for finding the best gaming chair under 200 dollars isn’t much complex.

However, if you get de-tracked in your journey, bear in mind, My Clear Winner is the Blue Whale High Back Gaming Chair.

Long story short! This bad boy is the king of specs.

This best PC chair is extremely cushiony with a 4.8-inch density at seating to not to upset your butts, thighs, and lower spine. Moreover, the massaging cushion, 175-degree recline, and sturdy aluminum metal armrest are incredible strokes played by this under 200 dollar recliner to grab the 1st spot in my listing.

However, if you weigh a little extra and need a reliable solution for that purpose, Homall High-back chair is perfectly there for you for maximum backrest width and decent height.

Similarly, you want to make a fusion of better ergonomics, comfort, and style; Respawn produces such a seating solution, and the model 110 in its lineup is a perfect match for your purpose.

Apart from these specific chairs, you can further check out each model to formulate better chemistry with these.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

A widely asked question – Both categories are comfort-oriented and deliver the best support for your sitting posture. Yet, you want better ergonomics, style, and fancy stuff, gaming chairs are the better ask.

Are gaming chairs overpriced?

For some people, it’s a Yes. And for most passionate gaming buds, price is just a number. However, in my opinion, if you want luxury and comfort, whichever is the chair type, be ready to spend some extra bucks. Nonetheless, you can find a balanced and decent gaming chair under 200 dollars (like I have listed multiple models above).

How long should a gaming chair last?

Depending on the materials and build quality, the best budget gaming chair should be a great partner for at least 2-3 years to a maximum of 10 years.

Can you sleep in a gaming chair?

Yes, with better stability control, deep reclining position, and comfortable padding, these are all great signs you can take a short nap onto your gaming chair. Apart from this, you can also relax while making your recliner a relaxing couch with the support of an adjustable footrest.

Should I use armrests while gaming?

It depends on your system. If you are a PC gamer, then armrests will not effectively come into use during your gameplay. However, you are a fan of console gaming; then, armrests provide essential support to save you from shoulder and collar muscle fatigue.

Calvin Allison