Best Gaming Chair under $300

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 12/02/22 •  18 min read
Best Gaming Chair under $300

How horrible is it for you to waste 300-500 bucks on an unreliable gaming chair? It’s like watering a wrong plant the whole summer. With a lot of saturation in the market, you should really know what actually is baring you to choose the best budget recliner.

Well, if you are looking for a good mid-range gaming chair for superior comfort and gaming performance, that’s a good thing I appreciate. But then, if you don’t understand the selection criteria, you are on the verge of committing the worst mistake.

For that reason, let’s take a look at my collection of the best gaming chair under 300. The variety of chairs on my list will positively give you a blend of comfort, better ergonomics, and affordability. So without further due, let’s move to the exact subject.

SerialChair NameItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.Blue Whale Super Big and Tall32.68 x 25.2 x 12.99 inches50.6 pounds
2.RESPAWN 40028.5 x 31.75 x 50.25 inches27 Pounds
3.AKRacing Core Series EX25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches57 Pounds
4.Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair6 x 8 x 9 inches51 Pounds
5.Arozzi Verona V222 x 16.7 x 54.3 inches48 Pounds

1. Blue Whale Super Big and Tall – Best Gaming Chair under 300

The blue whale has a whole lot of big and cushiony gaming seating solution in its entire lineup. This model spices the comfort buds with its thickest padding, longest backrest height, and biggest massaging lumbar support cushion.

Truthfully, this chair has been designed to gratify tall and bulky guys, and through its specs sheet, we really get to know it does the “awesome” work.

With backrest dimensions 33.46H X 23.22W, it’s unquestionably going to be a paradise for guys taller than 6.4ft. Moreover, considering the seating capacity, the space area of 21 inches will adequately handle the heavy masses.

And you know what’s marvelous to hear here? This big boy can even wield a weight of 400lbs without any worry.

So, are you that unfortunate big fatty e-sport lover? The blue whale is surely going to be a celestial bliss for you.

On the ergonomics part, the backrest is flexible between 90-130 degrees. And in addition to this, there is also a forth and back 20-degree rocking position so you can handsomely manage your sitting posture.

That’s some useful chunks of adjustability for your back, but what about your forearms and wrists?

For your hands and wrist comfort, the wiggle and wobble-free aluminum frame armrest render 3D movement, so you enjoy maximum leverage of comfort during your gameplay. The gap between seat and armrest is so accurate and optimum that you won’t face weird and impractical angling during height adjustment.

Stunningly, the “most and the most” crunchiest part of this chair is the cushioning. The neck cushion has memory foam inside to keep the neck’s comfort alive and up to the level for longer gaming duration. However, things look marvelous while looking at the lumbar support cushion.

This cushion size is another jaw-dropping thing, but you’ll beyond any doubt enjoy the massaging vibrators packed inside this big pillow support.

While you feel your back aching like hell or you have soreness at your thighs, the back support cushion is not attached to the chair with any strap, so you can easily use it for different parts of your body. Yet, the only thing I miss here is the footrest option that should have been packed with such a caliber chair.

Furthermore, this best gaming chair under 250 bucks has been blessed with exceptionally durable and premium leather materials. The leather materials don’t get sticky and hell sweaty in the hot conditions; however, you will experience your back and thighs somewhat sweating in scorching conditions.

Blue Whale Super Big and Tall Gaming Chair
What We Find Good
  • Extremely comfortable and durable
  • The armrest and reclining mechanism looks firm and reliable
  • Insane 400lbs weight-bearing ability
  • Biggest support massaging cushion to provide you an extra layer of relief
  • Reclines to 130-degrees
  • Thickest seat padding and longest backrest height to cater guys above 6.3ft
What We May Not Find Good
  • Doesn’t come with a footrest tool

Why should one buy this?

This chair doesn’t focus much on aesthetics but comfort and reliability. For the folks who purely seek extreme comfort, durability, great ergonomics with an admirable touch of inexpensiveness, blue what high back chair displays the exact properties.

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2. RESPAWN 400 – Best Gaming Chair for Heavy Adults

The initial look at this chair will expressly make bulkier guys say, “Dude, that’s really my thing, You know!” The Respawn 400 is purposely designed to target some oversized and weighty creatures for their coziness and comfy during their gameplays. With the widest seat, stunning 400lbs weight capacity, and 130-degree infinite locking tilt make this chair a piece of heaven for the big and chubby guys.

The chair has been furnished with premium PU-leather materials showing its real class. And considering the fitting and stitching of this chair, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Since this chair has especially been characterized for heavy-duty use, you’ll get a most expansive 24.45 inches of seat width along with 31.75” of backrest height. The 24.45” inches of depth will enable you to get fully immersed into this chair, taking a great sip of comfort.

So, with these dimensions and sizing, it can fully support individuals blessed with height over 6.1ft and weight above 300lbs. In fact, it can easily handle monstrous 400lbs of weight without getting underpowered.

This gets done with the support of a sturdy steel metal base; however, probably or maybe, the manufacturer has somewhat miscalculated things here. Instead of the rubber caster or metal plastic wheels, respawn 400 has been rolled out with PVC plastic casters. So, if you have hardwood or laminate in your gaming room, you must put the carpet beneath this chair.

However, the seat height from the ground is relatively low (max 19.50”) that probably won’t be a sweet part for the taller guys. And looking at the height adjustment range, it only gives 2.75” of movement between 16.75” to 19.50”.

The respawn 400 gaming chair has been pushed in the market to do bigger jobs. And as far as the ergonomics are concerned, the chair executes an impressive infinite locking 130-degree tilt to position your back at your desired angle.

With that being said, you’ll also have fully adjustable support cushions that are perfectly designed for your back and neck support. Moreover, the fun hasn’t finished yet as you’ll also experience 3D adjustability of armrests. The armrest doesn’t look flimsy; nevertheless, the gap between seat and armrest alignment is somewhat broader, so you won’t encounter an intact position in relaxed mode.

What We Find Good
  • A nice-working chair for some gigantic gaming buffs
  • Quality materials gathered with supreme stitching
  • Can smoothly hold 400lbs weight
  • Widest 24.45 inches seat width
  • Comes in 4 coolest colors
  • Infinite locking tilt mechanism
What We May Not Find Good
  • The caster wheels are of PVC plastic

Why should one buy this?

In the enormous line up of slim and sleek chairs, this is particularly designed to relieve heavy individuals’ tension. The great design and attractive finishing won’t disturb your aesthetic norms and definitely the budget too. And bear in mind, 400lbs weight limit isn’t a tiny thing to ignore.

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3. EX Gaming Chair – Best Fabric Gaming Chair Under 300

AKracing has been in the racing chair business for quite long, so you can trust the products it delivers. For this Core series, it’s quite famous and comes with this EX and Ex-wide variant. As your primary goal is to find the best gaming chair under 300 dollars, this Core Ex is a much inexpensive mid-range fabric chair to cater guys between 5.5 and 6.3ft.

But if you ask me to define this chair in one line, note that – with polyester mesh fabric to supply better breathability, 180-degree recline, and decent padding volume, this chair takes a dig on industry’s giants in much-reduced price.

Yes, you won’t find glossy and shiny PU-leather, but if your room is much sunny, you definitely are going to endure better breathability than PU-leather materials. And don’t worry, fabric with a mesh polyester element produces decent durability. Nonetheless, you have to pet this chair with great care.

And on the ergonomics part, the class4 gas lift mechanism does the height adjustability. Moreover, you can also recline to a maximum of 180 degrees along with a 3-18-degree tilt backward.

At such a deep angle, the aluminum 5-star base auto-balances this recliner; however, it feels somewhat I am hanging by a thread.

But in good books of safety, nothing hazardous happened though.

Anyways, the backrest provides 32.6 inches of height, so as mentioned above, it’s a sweet call for guys taller than 6.4ft. Despite this, the manufacturer has kept the limit restricted to 6.2ft to be a maximum supplier of comfort and relaxation.

The chair can bear up to 330lbs of weight, supporting a recommended BMI 31. With such weight capacity, the seating has a decent 55kg/m3 padding volume that is not exceptional yet; you can admire this considering the chair’s price.

Although, if you are looking for heavily padded gaming chairs, try considering Blue whale high back chair, Arozzi Vernazza, Forte, and SecretLabs Titan.

Anyways, for your forearms, wrist, neck, and back support, the Core EX gaming chair, like other premium chairs, comes with an adjustable cushion and 3D armrest supports. The cushion supports are very well designed, retaining an optimum balance of firmness. For the armrests, you can adjust this component up, down, forward, backward, and can swivel to the left and right sides.

After all, Akracing rewards you for trusting their products through 5/10 years of warranty. About materials, you are safe for 5-years while the whole metal frame is being protected through 10 years of warranty.

AKRacing Core Series EX
What We Find Good
  • Fabric upholstery keeps the chair cool during the hottest summers.
  • Reclines to 180-degrees along with a rocking feature 3-18-degrees
  • A sturdy, magnificent, durable option for long-term use
  • Supports up to 330lbs
  • Give a trusted 5/10 years warranty
  • Decent padding volume
What We May Not Find Good
  • 180-degree recline feels risky

Why should one buy this?

For users looking for a perfect long-term investment on a good durable, comfortable gaming chair, AKracing manifestly is worth considering. And considering the breathability point, you will find this boy performing better than PVC/PU-leather materials.

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4. Ficmax Chair – Gaming Chair under $300

In a market full of Arozzi, AKracing, Secretlab, and other giants, Ficmax is a blessing for those totally unaware of brand consciousness. For users who are much depressed by a meager budget in their pocket, the Ficmax massage chair is remarkably a paramount of comfort packed with no additional bells and whistles.

With 180-degree recline, extended comfort approaches with massage cushion, and footrest, this chair practically shows its class without being flashy. And when we got our hands on this chair, it gave a clear message; another best gaming chair under 300 with all essential ergonomic elements.

Discussing the dimension part, unfortunately, it isn’t built for massive lads. The 32.7 inches backrest height and only 15.8 inches of seat width somewhat hold 6.2ft persons under 300lbs weight limit.

But then, it decently performs at the ergonomics part.

The backrest recline exceptionally ranges from 90-180 degrees without giving a cautious feel at the deepest position. Followed by this adjustment, the seat height also varies from 17.2 to 21 inches, aided by the anti-explosive gas lift mechanism.

Besides, the armrests are also movable in 2D direction – up, down, forward, and backward. And not leaving the leg comfort behind, you’ll also find a folding leg rest support giving you essential favor for longer sitting.

The most discussable point here is the massaging cushion. Ficmax has this feature to give an additional comfort vibe to your lower and upper back, but this feature needs better execution. The vibrators inside the cushion are just typical vibrators, not giving any particular massaging pattern.

So, it may become unpleasant for some gamers, especially for heavy guys. Also, in the world of smart tech appliances, Ficmax should have introduced battery-powered vibrators instead of USB connectors. Though it isn’t a drawback yet, this reduced the practicality as you always need a socket to let the massaging cushion work for you.

But after that, you’ll feel very comfortable with a neck cushion that is fully adjustable attached with an elastic strap to the chair.

Ficmax has introduced two variants of this chair that covers kids and adults. This one specially deals with sober adults with its thickest 4.8-inches sponge foam padding covered in double-layered PU-leather materials.

The PU-leather is somewhat decently breathable even in hot summers yet, don’t expect longest sittings without a single drop of sweat.

Ficmax Massage Gaming
What We Find Good
  • 180-degree recline
  • No flashy slogan, purely comfort-oriented crafting
  • Comes with vibrating cushion and folding footrest
  • Thickest 4.8 inch seat padding with a double layer of PU-leather
  • Can hold 300lbs weight
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on frame
What We May Not Find Good
  • The massaging cushion needs better execution and improvement.

Why should one buy this?

Out of nowhere, Ficmax gets into the market to target the genuine gaming fans with a limited budget in their wallet. The 180-degree recline and all other comfortable seating essentials make this chair an infamous durable and satisfying gaming chair for beginners, teenagers, and adults.

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5. Arozzi Verona V2 – Best Gaming Chair with Great Build Quality

Arozzi Verona V2 is a successor to Vernazza that is a flagship gaming chair model in its lineup. Vernazza, as a flagship model, means the Verona V2 caters to the mid-range category under a sweet budget of 300 bucks.

Right after the unboxing, assembly, and first look, you’ll be delighted by the chair’s marvelous stitching and shiny finish. Quoting Marvelous for the stitching segment is a well-deserved compliment by this chair as you won’t find even a single loose thread in its build quality.

The ultra-neat, clean and tightest sewing of PU-leathers will explicitly have your heart.

The Verona V2 is an upgraded model of this series with better aesthetics and ergonomics. For the ergonomics part, you get a 165-degree recline with a sweet 12-degree backward rocking functionality.

With such reclining positioning, you get a standard 4 locking positions according to your work nature. Additionally, the height adjustability gets done by a class4 gas lift piston system that also supports around 231lbs of weight. Yes, I know the weight limit is somewhat a low call for big bulky guys.

However, Verona does a fantastic job in height adjustment. The longest range of 6.3 inches height adjustability varies from 25.6-31.9 inches, which is a plus point for taller guys to find better leg support according to their height.

And same is the case with the armrests that also move between 12.20 and 15.15 inches, delivering almost 3 inches of movement for optimal forearm support. However, the armrests are only 1D simply moving in up and down direction.

Coming to the comfort part, Arozzi never disappoints in this section. The high-quality plush PU leather materials assure super breathability in heated conditions. You can find 45kg/m3 of foam padding at seating that doesn’t sag or become hard by the effects of longer sittings.

The only downside that Arozzi must think about is the unavailability of the footrest. Even in the highest model, Vernazza, you won’t find a footrest tool to give a relaxing feel to your legs.

Arozzi Verona V2
What We Find Good
  • 165-degree recline with 12-degree rocking function
  • Splendid finishing and color schemes
  • Great cushion design to comply with your vital body parts
  • The height adjustability (6.3 inches) range is enormous
  • Supreme build quality
What We May Not Find Good
  • No footrest in such budget

Why should one buy this?

You may feel Verona V2 is slightly short at features provision. However, the matchless build quality, comfort, and durability are the spotlights of this chair. And with the most extended range of seat adjustment, you can find a much better length for your leg support.

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The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot

Yes, the $300 budget isn’t a small amount to invest in seating furniture. To avoid regrets and disappointment, you need to find the best gaming chair under 300 bucks to live up your dream. As per the above product listings, I know the competition is quite tough. So, what is the final call about the best budget gaming chair?

Don’t hustle anymore; my clear winner is the Blue whale High back gaming chair. This recliner is a flamboyant fusion of Features, performance, and comfort. The thickest padding and highest backrest high is solid gold for chubby and chunky guys. And on the comfort part, you get an enormous size massaging cushion that doesn’t lose control even on the deepest recline angle. Bear in mind; you also get a 20-degree rocking functionality.

Unfortunately, this gaming chair isn’t a racing-style recliner, and for that specimen, you get a superb alternate in the form of AKracing core series EX gaming recliner.

The fabric chair has flawless and better breathable materials than PU leather. SO, in case you usually sweat like a big drum of the vine, this is the right match for your sweating glands. And if your secondary checkpoint is endurance, this chair will unmistakably win your trust with a 5/10 years warranty.

But I would suggest you shouldn’t miss Arozzi Verona if you’re searching for an attractive, glossy, and comfortable piece of furniture. On the other hand, you can experience such build quality in Respawn 400; that is a very thing for the guys with some extra mass on their body. This chair also produces 400lbs weight-bearing capacity and is the widest seating solution.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Is a good gaming chair worth it?

Everything “Good” in its respective domain is totally worth experiencing, so why not a gaming chair? The short answer to this question is, Yes. And to find out why, a good gaming chair will take care of your sitting posture; better ergonomics will save you from fatigues and cramping after long hour gaming sessions.

Should I get a gaming chair or an office chair?

Both categories support outstanding comfort elements. However, office chairs sometimes fall short of superior ergonomics. And also, this is valuable seating furniture for shorter time periods. Yet, gaming chairs are built for continuous and longer sittings.

What should I look for when buying a gaming chair?

For comfort and relaxation, look for design, ergonomics, and support features. Weight-bearing and seating capacity should be well judged by the measurements and size of the chair.

Are gaming chairs supposed to lean forward?

It depends from model to model. Notwithstanding, a good gaming chair should also be introduced with a lean forward feature.

How high should my gaming chair be?

For the guys above 6ft, the gaming chair’s backrest should be above 29” to perfectly cater to your height.

Calvin Allison