Best Massage Chair in 2023

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  20 min read
Best Massage Chair in 2021

Being an Athlete or a working professional, you know, how important it is for your body tissues to get repaired for your next day job. Yes! Sleeping mends your body. Nonetheless, apart from this, massaging and therapies are some kind of body muscles food for your overall health.

You often choose spa and massage therapies, but it’s not a wiser option for your pocket. So, what a prudent way now?

The Massage Chairs – a one-time investment and your best companion for every time massaging hunger. That’s why you need to study for the best massage chairs for a good value of money and health benefits.

However, the best chair massagers have become way technical due to numerous massaging capabilities, features, third-party functionalities, and overall performance. And truthfully, these chairs aren’t inexpensive gadgets to risk your investment.

A wrong pick can wreck your whole capital. Yet, don’t go nuts. Study the entire process of massaging chair selection before going for the best home massage chair.

Bring your mind at peace! I am placing some of the crucial points before serving you with the best-budget massage chairs. Let’s Jump onto these;

1. iDeal Massage Chair – Best Budget Massage Chair with 3D Scanning

iDeal Massage Chair

With not so much brand reputation in the market, this chair is still among the best zero gravity massage chairs for beginners, athletes, hobbyists, and casual users with its intelligent feature collection. Being said that, the addition of heat massaging and 3D scanning raises its prominence in the competition; however, the massaging performance is someway more than basic.

Usually, the entry-level or cheap massage chairs cut-down many features with an excuse of “affordable pricing.” The iDeal massage chair doesn’t make its modest pricing a weakness, bringing value-packed features to your doorstep, including deal-making 3D scanning, Air compression for shoulders and arms, and adjustable zero gravity positions.

As we discuss 3D scanning, the feature largely gets missed in entry-level chairs. Nonetheless, you not only get this feature here, but the sheer accuracy and detection of your pain points will put a big smile on your face.

Similarly, air compression remains a core element of popular massage chairs. But what out of the box move iDeal has taken is the addition of shoulder massage through 48 1st generation airbags (I know, it’s a bit dated).

For users who are more disturbed with their stiff shoulders and neck, the airbag generation and count would just be a number. And note further, two intensity settings further blossom your joy.

Alongside, there only 4 preprogrammed massaging sessions get featured on S-track, including shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling, and vibration. Although the chair offers less value here but mixing it with manual massaging therapies raises the overall number to 14, which is highly sufficient considering its class.

But then, if you are fairly an admirer of the zero-gravity feature, iDeal beats the particular competition while offering 3 adjustable zero gravity positions to extract maximum value from this big boy.

The only thing that may swing your mood a little down here is a bit of noisy performance. The chair squeaks a bit, and for users with the most sensitive ears, it could be thumbs down.

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2. Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 5: Best Cheap Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 5

How amazing is it to see a massage chair under 1000$ equipped with 3D rollers? I guess it’s nearly impossible. But For real Relax, it isn’t impossible as the Favor 5 really comes with 3D rollers without skyrocketing its price for this feature.

So ideally, this is the right machine for passionate massage lovers having a much-restricted budget.

We know lots of inexpensive massage chairs in the market offer a mixed range of features. Real relax is another contender with no-assembly mess up (comes pre assembled), 3D rollers with variable intensities, Foot massagers, and superb build quality intended to hold up to 400lbs brilliantly.

What really stumped me out is the 3D roller feature. It’s extraordinarily a biggie in such a caliber chair. Imagine, most of the luxury chairs don’t offer this, and you get a multi-directional roller massage in such a price bracket. This surely is an attention-grabbing feature for massage enthusiasts that place this chair under the best 3D massage chair.

Now foot massager is a unique addition here for those who love intense/deep tissue massage. Along with this, heat therapy for feet and back is nearly a wonder under this much pricing. This combination allows your body muscles to revitalize against stress and fatigue.

The manufacturer has given 6 preprogrammed massage programs which I think is a decent number. Along with manual massaging, the count goes above 12. The only thing that may be a negative here for massage lovers is only the 15-minute session for one time.

But hold on, you’ll love the air compression massaging with 50 airbags placed on the most sensitive points. This whole airbag army includes shoulder, waist (much luxury), forearms, thighs, and calves. I see no problem here, in fact, but some users claim the chair pushes out their arms when they recline.

And all these massaging luxuries get further enhanced with adjustable Zero-gravity technology. Factually, Real Relax doesn’t seem to fill this spot like a formality. The 3 variable positions are worth appreciating in such a price bracket.

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3. Kahuna LM6800 – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800

The LM6800 is the best massage chair in the whole lineup of Kahuna with so much market reputation and variety of features in its bucket. This Mid-Ranger is perfect for casual users, patients with stiff body muscles, extreme therapeutic needs, and professional athletes.

Technically, Kahuna LM6800 carries the specs that almost every of this particular category machine does. However, the difference lies in the quality of massaging with the help of great flexibility and customization in its massaging function. 

Coming with extended Hybrid S/L track, the quad roller’s reach is now by far to your thighs and hips. So, if you more often suffer from the contracted or stiff hamstring or lower back postural damage, it makes your lower body tissues toasty and relaxed.

Furthermore, you are going to leverage the most phenomenal full-body compression massage, roller massage, and healing therapy. The surprise lies here with the roller massage, as you can set these rollers with a zone feature, one spot, and manual adjustment.

With the zone feature, you further distribute your body into the sections where the rollers focus on to give you better results. For example, you can set rollers to roam around in an area of neck-waist, neck-glutes, mid-back-glutes, etc., with 6 pre-set massaging techniques. 

The satisfaction goes to height when you discover 3 varieties of speed and intensities.

And for air compression, 3 intensity levels will surely fascinate you with 36 airbags. However, you have to little compromise on heat therapy as there is no adjustment in temperature levels (pretty obvious).

Some users also claim they find the foot massage as super intense, and one who doesn’t love the hard touch won’t be going to admire this feature.

But then, you are definitely going to darling 3 positions of zero gravity technology. All this has been packed with a soundless operation that adds premium comfort to your massaging sessions. And for great practicality, the Kahuna big boy space-saving design only consumes 3” of space from the wall.

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4. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2: Overall Best Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2

Medical Breakthrough has a remarkable history of massaging recliners, and this chair carries the same legacy. The chair’s design has been oriented on medical and chiropractic grounds, and more than 25 High-graded medical professionals have formed its recipe.

Anyways, the V2 chair is an upper midrange chair for extreme therapeutic needs. With astounding versatility and flexibility, and massaging abilities, this chair also delivers chiropractic massaging thus, being on the list of best chiropractic massage chairs.

The V2 model isn’t much different from its elder brother but carries an enlarged L-track system with an AI-based intelligent body scan system.

This initially identifies the soar body points before setting its particular massaging configuration.

As we discussed the comprehensive versatility, the 6 automated programs aren’t very distinctive, but there are two memory slots to save your custom massaging configurations. This option rarely gets featured in mid-upper range chairs yet; the MB 4 V2 utilizes this in the context of multiple users. So, you save and access your favorite massage settings with only one touch of a button.

Moreover, the massaging patterns display 3 variations; fixed, partial, and overall massaging. And these all massaging therapies further render 5 levels of intensity.

So, light-mild-intense massage lovers will fully affectionate this thing.

What is more wondering is – the adjustment of the kneading ball in 3 fixtures. The shiatsu, flapping and knocking massaging let the user enjoy kneading balls’ customized width to extract maximum performance from these machines.

Additionally, there is a comprehensive air compression massage ability. The chair carries the 1st generation airbags set to deliver the full-body, arms, and legs massages. The offering also gets classified into 3 intensities levels, so you can choose the pressure settings according to your circumstances.

Remarkably, Heat therapies are always a blessing for stiff muscles. Don’t worry, you get heat therapy in this chair, however, with a slight change in the technology. The infrared carbon fiber source delivers the radiant heating channel to soothe your muscles from inside out.

However, you still miss the temperature control here.

Other than these features, space-saving, zero gravity, and sporty looks define this chair as the best home massage chair in the mid-range category.

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5. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-Classic]: Best Massage Chair for Taller Person


Likewise, other great and best massage chairs, this one carries the same features like space-saving design, adjustable zero gravity, 3D roller massage, etc. However, the distinction here is the longest massaging track that reaches unreachable points of your body.

The chair doesn’t come with S/L track combination; in fact, the only 2nd-generation L-track. Yet, the L-track isn’t an ordinary one of 35-36” but covers an extended track of 50”.

This allows the quad-rollers to reach deep down to your thighs for better roller massage coverage. Such elongated coverage presents it as the best massage chair for a tall person as it easily handles 5.2-6.5ft heights.

Other than this, the signature yoga and stretch massage is the prime thing you can enjoy in this recliner. It gets done with the 42 airbags and roller massage where your body gets placed in such a calculated way that the chair efficiently performs stretching to your legs and back.

It has been named as Spinal decompression Program.

Alongside this feature, 6 other preset massage programs stay ready to relieve you at any time. This makes a tally of 7 pre programmed massages, and the addition of another 7 manual massages tenders overall counter to 14 massages.

As we have discussed Yoga and stretches, this duo renders a great recovery job for athletes and fitness freaks. In case you fall asleep due to massaging comfort, the chair perfectly knows how to serve you.

The Auto-sleep mode keeps the chair position in a particular reclined position so you can comfortably enjoy the Nap for hours and hours.

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Are massage chairs safe during pregnancy?

This tussle is widely going on the internet: Are massage chairs safe during pregnancy?. Factually, you’ll get every type of result regarding advocating and negating the use of massage chairs or conditionally usage.

This is happening because the massage chairs are getting tremendously popular among future mommies. But is it real that massage chairs hurt the fetus?

The answer isn’t much straightforward but comes with Buts, ifs.

You know anything that breaches its limit can become hazardous. The same is the case with massage chairs during pregnancy.

So, for your query, the answer is you can use a massage chair when pregnant, but you have to be a little conscious about some situations.

So what are these?

Some old studies show massage chairs with radiant heat therapies can hurt a fetus. Factually, the mother’s body wraps the fetus in layers of fluid and membranes, and heat therapy has nothing directly to do with fetus health. Yet, some other things may cause some troubles for your labor period.

I am mentioning these below, but let also talk about vibration massage as you’ll find some horrific claims on the internet.

You’ll find endless stories about this particular topic. This particular query’s integrity is that vibration massage soothes and relaxes the mother’s body, but the vibration shouldn’t be that extreme. What normal vibration massaging mostly the best massage recliners carry is lighter in intensity, just like the vibration caused by walking.

So would you also stop walking if we consider vibration a harmful factor for your baby?

Yes! Some conditions are also there, and I think I should list those without stretching this topic more.

Apart from these points, a massage chair is beneficial enough for a woman’s body if used under serious cautionary steps.

The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot:

Now, after this lengthy discussion and briefing about some of the best massage chairs, if you haven’t still found the right one against your needs, let me handle this heck.

So, my clear winner here is the Medical Breakthrough 4 V2 for upper midrange needs. The chair also offers chiropractic settings, which is revolutionary for those who are somewhat shy to go to chiropractors or don’t want to spend a big fortune on chiropractic sessions. Also, the incredible versatility in the massage configuration brings this chair into the limelight.

This chair is definitely somewhat above $2000, and if you are slightly short of budget, Kahuna LM6800 is a perfect go. The quality of massage is splendid here, and the same deal of versatility gets served here.

Other than this, you don’t want to keep things uncomplicated and burdensome; Real Relax Massage Chair Favor could be your best cheap massage chair for minimal needs. Basically, this chair set a great recovery platform for athletes and hobbyists.

Other than these, you can consider other models according to your requirements and preferences.

Best Massage Chair Buying Guide – Important point to Digest for Buying:

These are some points which can follow in case you haven’t got across the best chair massagers yet. Understanding these points will broadly pave your path to own a valuable big seating gadget.

Budget Defines Your Approach:

Well, if you ask me, how expensive are these recliners? My answer would probably traumatize your buying sentiments as a top-of-the-line massage chair can go up to 10,000$ easily. But that doesn’t mean you will never have a chance to pet this technological seating furniture.

That’s why I say your budget defines your approach.

Differentiate between hobbyist and Medical approach. Let’s assume whether you are the best medical candidate for these chairs or you are just going for these for casual purposes. This will ascertain which category chair you should go for.

That being said, we categorize these chairs into 3 categories; Low, Medium, and Top-of-the-line.

With this categorization, you can easily understand at what point you should hit your hammer.

Identify the Massaging Technique:

The more you dive into the massaging chair philosophy, the more you get knowledgeable. After you have identified your related category through your budget power, it’s time to recognize the massaging technique.

By massaging technique means, what standard a chair follows? Basically, some chairs come with fixed track rollers, some with S-track rollers or L-track, or some carry a mix of both.

Fixed Track: The static rollers mostly find their existence in entry-level or cheap massage chairs. The word “static” means these are fixed massaging heads that move on a rectangular frame. As the massaging heads are not movable, these sometimes don’t reach the user’s pain point.

Thus, resulting in an unsatisfied massaging experience.

S-Track: This architecture mimics the natural human spine structure. The channel it follows forms an S-shape and gets perfectly aligned with the architecture of the human spine. It mostly comes in mid-level recliners, and for the utmost value of money, sometimes, it also shows up in cheap massage chairs.

L-track, L/S track: In contrast to the S-shape, this architecture prolongs its range to hips or back of the thighs. Sometimes, only the L architecture we see in high-end or expensive massage chairs, or sometimes makes a fusion with S-shape. Both track capabilities are supreme, and this combination displays real effectiveness for hamstring and lower back issues.

The real performer here is the S/L track. However, if you have a somewhat mid-range budget in your pocket, the S-track also does a comprehensive job. The massaging track matters; however, what uniformly matters the most is the number of rollers. So, what the heck these are, have a look.

Be Very Conscious of Rollers Science:

This is the point that will primarily affect your massaging experience. The type and number of roller can be your decisive turn for your ultimate goal. The recliners evolve with dual, quad, and Hexa-rollers that plant a significant impact on massaging quality.

The Dual means two comes in most basic massaging recliners under 700 or 600$. Quad-rollers are the industry standard; you’ll mainly find them in mid-rangers. But then, the high-class Hexa-rollers rarely get associated with high-class or top-of-the-line massage chairs.

Apart from this, there are sometimes heated rollers in high-end chairs. This is the choicest form and way if you are a fan of heat therapies. Nonetheless, we see these rollers less often.

Number and Type of Massaging options:

Once you go deeper into the specs, two things would pop out in front of your eyes—the number of Pre-programmed massage techniques and the number of manual massaging methods.

Pre-programmed functions are techniques that are a combination of different massaging flavors for several fatigue types. For example, you need some deep tissue massage, stretching, or tissue recovery massage therapies; the manufacturer would have already formulated a massaging technique for better delivery against your need.

More preprogrammed massaging option means more versatility.

On the other side, non-programmed massages are manual tricks that you use for a specific purpose. Let’s say you only need kneading or tapping; the chair will set it up for you from a manual lineup of manual massage methods. The quality of massaging can be mapped with the number of massage techniques a chair can offer.

In budget series or affordable massage chairs, the number remains somewhat between 4 and 6. A midrange carries 7 to 12, whereas the big boys hold from 12 to 15 or above these.

Additionally, you should note how much a massaging chair is versatile in terms of massage type. The best 3D massage chair comes with 3D rollers, heating, air compression, and stretching massaging techniques.

Moreover, for which areas the heating therapy is available. Mostly, a mid-level chair comes only for back heat therapy. Leg and calves heating therapy is a nice bonus to look for.

And when we talk about air compression, you only get it for forearms for the most number of times. However, the absolute joy comes when you also get this technique for hips, legs, and neck. This technique mostly gets done through airbags: more airbags, more pleasure for your treat

Design and All Other Utilities Matter too:

This chair breed is in no way smaller or slimmer. So, if you have a small space to pet these, your room space may feel congested or overwhelmed. Yes, I know there are many best compact massage chairs in the market, but what you mainly have to dig into is the Space-saving design.

The space-saving design lets you place the chair from 3-6 inches away from the wall not to consume much space. A compact chair with a space-saving design can free unused space many folds.

Besides this, watch out for utilities for your feet support. Some chairs come with a fixed ottoman, some with extendable, or some with a flip. It’s entirely your choice which you choose. Extendable ottoman usually gets packed with mid-range to high-end chairs and makes your recliner the best massage chair for a tall person.

Besides, the flip ottomans become beneficial for those who also want to accomplish some aesthetic gains from their massagers.

Other than these, MP3 support, cup holders and pockets, sturdy caster wheels for portability, and LED lighting, some other utilities which add bonus value to the chair resume.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Are massage chairs worth it?

Largely Yes, These relieve you after a day-long hectic routine, save you budget against spa and massaging costs and give some overall health benefits. But overusing these sometimes also affects in a negative way.

Should I buy a massage chair?

Assume your massaging needs, your budget, and space to pet it. If all in your favour then buying a massage would be a great thing.

Do massage chairs really work?

Yes, they work like any other gadget. However, before buying these, you first has to assume your requirements and goals.

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