Best Office Chair under $100

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  17 min read
Best office chair under 100 dollars

Tough budgets make buying decisions harder. You literally have to delve deepest down in the market to discover the perfect treasure for you. The same goes for the office chair market, and you really can’t complain about it. However, with my budget series listings, I want you to locate some of the best office chair under 100 bucks if you are really tight on budget.

I usually said this, the Office chair market is not as transparent and easy as one thinks, and you might have experienced this. A lot of marketing bluffs and brand’s double-cross the customers. Things become worse when you only have 100+ dollars in your pocket, and you don’t want to get robbed by investing in the wrong product.

That’s why! I have come out with a bunch of cool chairs under $100, so you enjoy the utmost value of your money. Let’s dive in it together;

SerialChair NameItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.SMUGDESK20.08 x 16.54 x 43.5 inches25 Pounds
2.Drafting Tall Chair 24.4 x 23.8 x 50 inches30 Pounds
3.Mesh Computer Chair22 x 9 x 20 inches23 Pounds
4.SMUGDESK Ergonomic25 x 23.62 x 42.91 inches-
5.Ergonomic Desk Chair23.62 x 22.64 x 39.17 inches21.91 Pounds

1. SMUGDESK Office Chair: Best Office Chair Under 100

If you are looking for an economic all-round performer, SMUGDESK has really got you. This ergonomic chair has been boosted up with looks, comfort, and decent ergonomics. And it would also be an injustice if we don’t talk about the 300lbs weight limit.

The chair has been stuffed with the most sensible and competitive ergonomic features to experience a great comfort aroma in the highly restricted budget. And ideally, the most prominent part here is the big soft lumbar support cushion that gently supports your pelvic curve.

Instead of integrated lumbar bumps, the manufacturer turned up with an idea to use a sponge foam soft pillow cushion that boosts your comfort in the longest sittings. However, the cushion is stationary, and you can’t adjust it.

But what further overshadows this part is the adjustable headrest that is swivel-able and adjustable.

The soft mesh fabric headrest smoothly moves in up and down direction and swivels for around 20-30 degrees angle for variable heights. The good ergonomic execution here delivers smooth headrest movements without using hard human force.

Besides this part, you get a nice pack of armrests padded with the same soft foam mesh materials. The armrests aren’t height-adjustable yet; only move along with backrest adjustment. And Yes! The backrest has also been powered up with a 120-degree tilt and rocking function that is truly a great addition considering the budget line.

The same goes for the seat that shows a decent range of motion from 17.3 to 21” inches. But, the only thing that might not look a great deal for tall heightened persons is the average seat depth. The 19-inches width is somehow a decent call for broad frames, but then, the 16.5 inches seat depth will be insufficient for longer legs.

Technically, individuals over 5.8ft will experience inadequate knee and leg support, resulting in tension points due to long-duration static posture. Nonetheless, the upholstery overcomes this with quality stitching and brilliant breathability.

The chair doesn’t look like a bubbled padded thing; however, the seat soft sponge filling induces great comfort for your butts and thighs. Along with this, a combination of durable mesh materials at backrest saves you from the discomfort of the sweaty situation in hot summers.

SMUGDESK Office Chair Ergonomic
What We Find Good
  • Excellent 300lbs weight limit
  • The soft lumbar cushion is a nice addition
  • The headrest moves smoothly
  • Tilt to 120-degree angle with an ability to stand in an upright position
  • Magnificent materials quality and fascinating finishing
  • The grey color greatly complies with every color tone.
What We May Not Find Good
  • The seat depth is somewhat low for taller professionals

Why should one buy this?

The chair is a full-fledged package of great design, comfort, and affordability (without any ask). The durability is also supreme, and for beginners who look for a long-term player for their office sitting needs, SMUGDESK has caught a lot of reputation due to this variant. And don’t forget, it’s not a little boy as you can fearlessly put above 300lbs weight over it.

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2. Drafting Tall Chair: $100 Desk Chair with Massaging Lumbar

You know! What’s incredible to hear while scratching out the office chair’s market with a minimal budget in the pocket? Excellent breathable materials, exquisite finishing, and good height adjustments aren’t “Those” features that sound Rare keeping the budget in mind. But surely, massaging lumbar support will definitely open the windows of wonder for you.

That’s what BestOffice brings you the best office chair under 100 bucks with massaging lumbar support. For the guys with very sensitive lower and full-backs, the adjustable massaging lumbar support will be a heaven for them to get in the cost of pennies.

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Unfortunately, the chair doesn’t recline back as it has been primarily built for standing desks, drafting and sketching works. So, keeping this intent in mind, the manufacturer smartly has tipped up with a brilliant move of massaging lumbar support not to leave the comfort behind.

In case of long day fatigue, you can take pleasure in a low-intensity massage by just plugging the USB cable into the slot.

Furthermore, a most extensive 7.9 inches height adjustment with a 5.7 inches adjustable footrest is a breeze for longer legs to bear 8-10 hours. You can easily tighten and loosen the adjustable footrest to fit it according to your height.

Plus, the armrests here are packed with a flip-up mechanism. You can flip-up to 180-degrees in case of no usage.

Apart from the ergonomics part, the chair is not very groovy when it comes to padding. The seat only covers 2.2inches of sponge foam padding that doesn’t sag or lose its shape even after putting in heavier weights.

One thing to keep in mind – the manufacturer has mentioned a 250 weight limit yet; this chair easily manages 260+ pounds of weight giving. With that performance, the chair is also durable in the case of a slim physique to somewhat fleshy bodies.

Moreover, the materials seem durable, and stitching is also superior, even with no loose thread. The backrest mesh fabric is tear and cut-proof that can last for years.

Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair
What We Find Good
  • Long-range height adjustment
  • Can consume weight above than mentioned limit
  • The massaging lumbar support is really an exception
  • Adjustable footrest saves your knees from fatigue
  • Decent quality materials and stitching
What We May Not Find Good
  • The backrest doesn’t tilt back

Why should one buy this?

The chair in the category attracts the user with its exceptional massaging lumbar support. Yes, the massaging intensity is somewhat low, but users who demand an extra comfort touch for their back will find this feature an immense pleasure. Plus, it delivers perfect coverage to taller guys with the most extensive height adjustments.

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3. Ergonomic Desk Chair: Best Cheapest Office Chair Under $100

Another BestOffice product that comes as the most straightforward seating furniture with no added distinctive features and ergonomics but notable affordability. This model is a perfect option for small to mid-range sitting sessions for the study, short to moderate duration meetings, and the casual computer works.

Coming to the ergonomics part, the chair comes with an integrated nylon metal lumbar support to keep the lower back or pelvic curve lively. As it comes with fixed lumbar support, the backrest frame shows an immense curve posing a human spine structure.

This maintains comfort for moderate periods, and you can easily spend 4-6 hours of sitting without feeling exhausted. And 125-degree lean back positioning allows you to relax in your free time.

This variant doesn’t have the tilt locking mechanism, yet the tension control feature manages the reclining smoothness.

Another special part here is the height adjustability that almost hit the 3.5 inches mark. From 17.1 inches to 20.3 inches, it standardly provides a good platform for guys between 5 and 6 feet. Likewise, it easily holds 250lbs of weight limit aided by the class3 gas lift mechanism.

This ergonomic chair under $100 isn’t a heavily padded seating option. However, a U-shaped soft cushiony seat shows great resilience against sagging and sweating. The foam quality is excellent, and it doesn’t make your hips and thighs sore by not turning into a hard and flattened piece of sticky foam after some periods of use.

But all the above, the chair offers great affordability among armchairs under $100. Truthfully, this is the most inexpensive office chair in my listings.

Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair
What We Find Good
  • Soft cushioned seat
  • Decent 250 weight limit
  • Lean back to 125-degrees
  • Good human posture backrest design
  • Easy affordability
What We May Not Find Good
  • Many users complain about delayed shipments

Why should one buy this?

The chair is a perfect gift for your kids, fresh graduates, and intermediate professionals to enjoy for short to moderate durations. The good backrest posture and a tilt of 125-degree support this boy to become the best comfortable seating option under a compact budget.

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4. SMUGDESK Ergonomic Chair: $100 Office Chair For Taller Guys

So if you are looking for the best ergonomic office chair under 100 for fairly tall heights, this chair is worth looking at. With double Y-shaped lumbar support, adjustable headrest, and a most practical 300lbs weight limit, this model doesn’t pose a burden to your wallet.

Looking at the chair will notify a Y-shaped integrated double lumbar support that purposely shows a class while supporting a good sitting posture. This uniquely designed part wholly supports your back from the most-lower part of your back to the mid-section.

Though the lumbar support isn’t adjustable but its design keeps the comfort level at an optimum level.

The chair caters to the taller lot of individuals due to the long backrest with an adjustable mesh headrest. Expectedly, the headrest section can move up and down (4.3 to 8.1 inches) and tilt upward and downward to cater to various neck portions. So, nothing fancy here.

Unfortunately, the armrest has been packed with a fixed mechanism and only becomes adjustable with adjustments. The 3.8 inches seat adjustment from 17.5 to 21.3 inches will allow you to utilize somewhat variable armrest heights.

Moreover, digging deep down in the ergonomics part will explore the backrest that can smoothly recline to 125-degrees with a locking feature. Alongside this, the chair can be rocked forth and backward.

And making a fusion of ergonomics and durability here, the chair sturdy enough to hold 300lbs of impressive weight limit aided by class3 gas lift mechanism. The 5-star metallic base exponentially stables the chair yet, the finishing or polishing looks average.

But that is not the case with upholstery, as you would definitely give a thumbs up here. The seat looks fairly soft, and the stitching also doesn’t disappoint the customers. Though, the backrest mesh materials need a bit of your attention as it catches big chunks of dust.

So, you need to clean it often for longer fresh looks.

SMUGDESK Ergonomic
What We Find Good
  • Can manage taller guys above 6.1ft
  • Impressive 300lbs weight limit
  • Tilt backward to 120-degrees with locking function
  • Double Y-shaped lumbar support reduces the back muscles fatigue
  • Sturdy frame materials
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Comes with an adjustable headrest
What We May Not Find Good
  • The armrests neither height-adjustable nor flip-up

Why should one buy this?

The chair displays a decent seat width and backrest height to grab the taller guy’s category. The adjustable headrest is a nice part to support taller heights. Yet, you are looking for a durable option clicking a 300lbs weight limit mark; this is an absolute package for you in the same inexpensive price zone.

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5. ORVEAY Office Chair: $100 Office Chair for Short Sittings

Seeing this chair for the first time might not be an appealing experience for you as it looks like a “Baby Chair.” Nonetheless, Quality and comfort is the main ingredient here.

This ORVEAY ergonomic office chair doesn’t flash stunning and competing features.

However, a significant positive market reputation suggests this is one of the most comfortable office chairs under 100 bucks. For that reason, the primary player here is the 2.36 inches seat that has been inducted with a splendid fusion of softness and firmness.

So, you’ll always hear good things about seating comfort.

On the other hand, there is immense lumbar support behind the backrest. The backrest design mimics the human spine, and along with a backup of lumbar support, you keep going comfortably for hours and hours.

The lumbar support isn’t adjustable, but the design sense almost covers all the blocks.

Besides, the reclining function makes an angle of 125-degrees with a locking function. The chair can easily stand up in an upright 90-degree position to keep your spine in good shape. One thing that you would desire is the adjustable armrests.

On leaning backward, the armrests don’t move along with the backrest movement, thus create a slightly impractical angle in relaxation mode. Also, the armrests aren’t padded, which would also cause trouble in heated conditions.

As one concerns the chair’s size, the chair isn’t built for big bulky guys. The seat depth is somewhat narrow. It poses just 16.14 inches that’ll definitely be the right equation for teenagers, kids, and average heightened persons.

Nevertheless, the seat width is somewhat standardly okay to cater to broad frames.

With such dimensions, the manufacturer recommends putting a maximum weight of 250lbs yet, the chair capable of much more than this. Many users have claimed that the chair has worked smoothly after a push of 270lbs weight, which is a good point to ponder.

Ergonomic Desk Chair
What We Find Good
  • Smooth and Noiseless movement and functioning
  • Good seating design with balanced firmness
  • Quality is the key here
  • Can support 270lbs of weight
  • 125-degree tilt-back feature
  • Customer support is excellent
What We May Not Find Good
  • Short height adjustment range

Why should one buy this?

People who look for an optimum quality product under a small budget, this one right serves your purpose. The premium seating design and the most practical lumbar support architecture allow you to enjoy pleasant sittings for short to moderate durations. The chair isn’t a big boy thing, so this could be a perfect Christmas, birthday, and summer gift for your loved ones.

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The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot:

The narrower the budget you’ll have, the more challenging the decision will be. So, here is the exact situation that you might feel after going through each product. But to give you the perfect way to pass through to reach the best office chair under 100 dollars, I suggest you where your money should get invested without fear.

So, My Clear Winner is the SmugDesk Ergonomic High Back chair due to its all-round performance. Yes, the Best Office Tall office chair also competes well in the competition; however, due to some necessary lacks, I am placing it after the SmugDesk.

So, first thing first, SmugDesk provides a great fusion of comfort and durability. The unconventional lumbar support is a nice thing here, and the 300lbs weight limit definitely gives it an edge over the competition. Along with the headrest, it brilliantly covers the full back up to the head section.

Notwithstanding, the height adjustment is somewhat average, and here comes the Best office tall office chair, which is a way ahead in versatility and leg/knee comfort. This chair under $100 lags just because it doesn’t tilt backward. However, if you are looking for a multi-purpose seating solution, this chair flaunts the most extended height and footrest adjustments.

And above, it beats the drum with exceptional massaging support. Finding such a feature in a $100 office chairs class is absolutely a pile, but this chair covers this thing, which is an applaud-able effort.

Other than these, you can also watch out other chairs according to your needs or requirements.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

What is the best computer chair to buy?

Many brands run for this category. Yet, your purpose is to find the best computer chair under 100 bucks; HON, BestOffice, and HBADA produce the economical computer chairs variant. But then, you want to go higher, Herman Miller and Steelcase lead the market.

What is the difference between an office chair and a task chair?

Task chairs mainly come for a shorter duration. They are usually smaller in size, mostly without armrests and extended height adjustment to get used for various purposes like painting, sketching, piano training, and other work. However, an office chair shows a clear purpose of moderate to long-duration sitting, thus comes with ergonomics and other comfort-oriented features.

Do office chairs need wheels?

It entirely depends on your purpose. However, most office chairs nowadays are coming with wheels for better mobility. You can also choose office chairs without wheel legs where mobility is not demanded.

Why do office chairs have 5 legs?

The most important element in the chair’s feature is stability. And a 5-star leg stabilizes the chair in a better way when you recline, move or swivel around.

Do mesh chairs sag?

It also depends on the mesh materials. Good stretchable mesh materials don’t lose the grip and shape, so you enjoy the same quality and sitting experience for a longer period. However, the low-quality stitching and materials will make you sink in the seat and give you a floating experience.

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