Best Office Chair under $150

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/03/23 •  16 min read
Best Office Chair under $150

The office chair industry is enormous, versatile, and above all this – it’s expensive. Some fancy chairs will unquestionably attract you; however, the price tag against these will be a real cause to Goosebumps. I recently published a list of comfortable office chairs under 100 bucks. But then, if you have some financial space above this budget limit, I believe; this is going to be a peaceful day for you.

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Apart from some good $200 office chairs, I am listing some of the best office chairs under $150. Inevitably, this budget limit is good enough for beginners, interns, professionals, and regular office sitting.

SerialChair ModelItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.OFM ESS Racing Chair29 x 28 x 44.75 inches-
2.Hbada Office Task Desk Chair23.6 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches23.2 pounds
3.Flash High Back Chair27 x 26 x 43 inches30 Pounds
4.Modern LeatherSoft Executive Chair29.13 x 25.2 x 43.11 inches37.26 Pounds
5.Armen Living Daphne Office Chair20 x 21 x 33 inches22 pounds

1. OFM ESS-6060 Collection SofThread Leather – Best Office Chair Under 150

If you are looking to find a gem that can comfortably soothe your intense office hours and also spill great productivity for your gaming needs, the OFM ESS-6060 is a winning deal and doesn’t feel less than a good 300$ office chair. The multi-purpose chair is among the best affordable computer chairs in the OFM’s lineup, and you are genuinely going to witness that.

The chair looks unique among the crowd due to its diamond shape pattern padding. OFM has used signature SofThread (bonded) leather material all over the chair, not to leave any spot for discomfort. Nonetheless, extra foam padding at the seating, backrest, and head area will definitely deliver something extra good for your comfort.

So, whether you spend extra sitting in your office or you have a long gaming thirst, this chair won’t leave you stranded against your purpose.

OFM has marketed this as both a gaming and office ergonomic chair. But practically, it bends more toward office setup as there is no aggressive ergonomics for your treat. The ESS-6060 does a necessary but smooth 120-degree tilt, and armrests are also fixed as most office chairs pose such a mechanism. But then, armrests are heavily padded with the same leather and foam padding for much-needed arm and wrist brace.

The major difference lies in the head section. The fixed head support is surprisingly an exception in such a price limit.

Being a high-back chair, the fixed headrest majorly serves goodness for guys above 5.8ft. Below this height may not make healthy compliance with backrest size; thus, one may feel annoyed to attain a right sitting posture.

Moreover, the backrest procures integrated lumbar support giving you a natural S Shape to add longevity for a comfortable sitting experience.

OFM ESS-6060 allows sober individuals to get fully immersed with generous dimensions and long-range adjustability. The 27 x 23 (D X W) inches seating dimensions don’t fall short for bigger bodies. Besides, the longer-range 17.5 – 22.6 inches seat adjustment provides a healthy range of adjustability for taller guys.

Nonetheless, the weight limit remains at 250lbs limit, which is actually a decent capacity for a bigger portion of users.

OFM ESS Collection Racing Style
What We Find Good
  • Impressive upholstery and stitching quality
  • Great aesthetics soars your décor norms
  • Comfort is the most prominent element here
  • It doesn’t feel cheap and squeaky while tilting and rolling
  • Most extended range (5”) seat adjustment.
What We May Not Find Good
  • No tilt lock

Why should one buy this?

OFM ESS-6060 is an outstanding value for money in the $150 category for both office and gaming niches. The durability, excellence in padding, smooth adjustability, and additional cushion support are great points to judge this all-around performer. And the longer-range of height adjustment is also a breeze for taller guys to secure the best office chair under 150 bucks.

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2. Hbada Flip-up Comfort – Best Office Chair for Starters

This mini penguin variant from the HBADA store is the most successful office chair and has gotten tons of appraisal by the customers due to its performance. With an affordable price tag, users will expressly assume an exemplary build quality, smooth-rolling due to nylon wheels, and space-saving ergonomic design that can decently handle 250lbs weight.

On the seating part, the manufacturer hasn’t made tall claims to add fake marketing glitters. Instead of the typical W or U shape, the seat poses a flat surface with decent foam padding. The synthetic mesh fabric and sponge foam filling let you attain high breathability during summers without affecting your comfort.

Moreover, the combination of tear-proof mesh fabric at the backrest saves your back against the hell of sweating in summers.

But then, the chair isn’t built for long hours sitting. You can utilize this mini rolling chair as a study, casual desk work, and regular office chair for short timings. With no premium additives and fancy design, the comfort level just only remains for 4-6 hours, depending on body size and weight.

Beyond this duration may cause your butts to go numb, while discomfort will also be hitting your lower back.

While HBADA says it’s an ergonomic chair, users will see a slight touch of “Ergonomics.” There is no lumbar support except a slight S curve that mimics the spine shape for much-needed comfort. Also, the chair has a mid-back backrest, so no adjustable headrest support for your neck comfort (Yeah, I know it’s highly dependable on price point).

Furthermore, the most noticeable thing is the penguin style armrests that do something good for your wrist and forearms while reading books, using laptops, and other activities. The “Penguin Waving” style armrests are from the flip-up family, allowing you to flip 90-degrees depending on your usage.

Unfortunately, there is no foam or mesh padding over armrests. So, resting over these arm supports for long durations may strain your wrists or arms.

The backrest can tilt to 120 degrees with a tension control feature. Along with this, HBADA has used nylon wheels beneath the metallic base with a combination of Class3 gas lift mechanism to handsomely support 250Lbs weight limit.

And the story doesn’t end here!

With a height adjustment from 17 to 21 inches, it decently handles guys from 5.5 to 6.0 Feet. But don’t forget, it is built for short durations.

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair
What We Find Good
  • Impressive build quality with pleasing color choices
  • Nylon wheels allow chairs to roll smoothly even on low-pile carpet
  • Decent 250lbs weight limit
  • Satisfactory seat padding
  • Penguin design armrests
What We May Not Find Good
  • Not made for longer durations
  • The tilt mechanism is hard for some initial uses

Why should one buy this?

The built quality is decent, delivering high-grade comfort levels for those who casually or minimally use the chair for desk and study goals. Also, the bulkier guys will be satisfied with its 250lbs weight limit (in-fact it can handle more than this) and endurance without negatively straining their pockets.

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3. Flash Furniture High Back – Best $150 Chair with Excellent Upholstery

So, if you are looking for the best office chair under 150 bucks that entirely makes a combo with your décor and, at the same time, blesses you with outstanding durability, Flash Furniture got you covered. The soft white leather captivates the eyes, making it a luxury but best-budget computer chair.

On the design part, this secures an integrated lumbar bar sport in the shape of a bump at the lower back portion. The backrest mimics the S design in compliance with spine structure to not feel exhausted on the lower side of your back.

The upholstery is a strong point here. The white soft leather material makes it aesthetically superior in its league while not compromising the built class. Besides, the seat padding is decent and doesn’t sag after long hours of sitting. The cherry on the cake is the leather quality that remains unaffected for longer durations.

However, you only have to care about the specks of dust, stains, and pets scratches.

As far as the ergonomics goes, nothing fancy here to display. The backrest tilts to 120 degrees with a tilt lock mechanism. The rocking back feature is smooth; however, some users have claimed this chair to be a little squeaky.

With fixed armrests, you only have to rely on some specific sitting positions to enjoy the purposeful arm supports. Nonetheless, the chrome-polished armrest with leather padding over it seems a better deal than those typical plastic pairs of armrests.

Another good thing here, its size and adjustability. Where many budget ergonomic chairs target mid-back for some specific audience, it’s the most comfortable chair for bulkier guys under 150 bucks.

The backrest almost renders 23” inches in height along with 27” seat depth broadly supports the bulkier guys over 6.2ft. Moreover, the height adjustment from 17.25 to 21 inches is a significant adjustment area for guys with longer legs.

The manufacturer also submits this chair to the list of great movers. With a chrome finished metal base, the dual casters deliver a smooth rolling over every surface type. But then, on weight-bearing capacity, the chair doesn’t show up any aggression while still being in the 250lbs category.

Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair
What We Find Good
  • Commercial ANSI/BIFMI X5.2 certification authenticates its durability and built quality
  • Eye-catching looks and minimalist design
  • Even comfortable for taller and bulkier guys
  • Premium chrome finish on base and armrests
  • Easily supports 250lbs weight limit
  • Assembly is pretty easy
What We May Not Find Good
  • Fixed armrest may be a negative point for some folks

Why should one buy this?

It’s absolutely a great deal for those wanting proper coverage of great aesthetics, durability, and comfort in one package. With commercial grading certifications, the chair shows remarkable resilience without getting chunkier and bulkier. The minimalist design with pure white leather materials brings it among the expensive beauties of the chair world.

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4. AmazonBasics LeatherSoft Executive Chair – Best-Budget Executive Chair

Executive chairs definitely show your class, but sometimes the hefty price pushes you to keep your hands away from these seating solutions. AmazonBasics came up with this most comfortable office chair under 150 to experience an executive experience without getting robbed by luxury brands.

The most eminent part here is the comfortable seating cushion and appreciable finishing. The seat is pretty wide (almost 24”) for bigger butts, and the seating cushion has a pretty good thickness. The cushion firmness maintains an optimal degree between softness and hardness to enjoy the most extended sitting session without having sore butts and lower back.

Furthermore, bear in mind, the overall upholstery is plastic leather that is less durable than genuine leather but heavily regarded in terms of breathability. The short story is – it’s convincing, though.

The ergonomic performance is quite raw. The armrests are fixed, securing a leather foam padding, and chair adjustability is also 2 dimensional. Rocking back allows you to enjoy a 120-degree tilt positioning with a locking mechanism.

Additionally, the other dimension is the height adjustment. The chair moves between 18 to 21 inches that comfortably cover a large portion of heights.

But most importantly, the chair has been crafted to give bigger and heavier guys a hope of relief; that’s why, at one point, it’s not in the 250lbs league. Where wide seating chairs cost some extra bucks, this best affordable office chair has decent width and height, efficiently manages guys over 6Ft, and 275lbs weight limit.

With 22 x 23.6 (HXW) inches backrest height, it’s acutely a winner while handling beefy guys. And lastly, the metal chrome polished metal base with nylon casters provides buttery mobility on hard surfaces.

Modern LeatherSoft Executive Chair
What We Find Good
  • Impressive stitching and cushioning
  • It comes in classy colors
  • Serves great comfort without sagging and tearing
  • Offer 275lbs weight for big masses
  • The rocking and swiveling functioning is smooth and squeak-free
  • It has been chrome finished
What We May Not Find Good
  • Bit heavier due to metal base
  • Some users have troubles with the assembly procedure

Why should one buy this?

Genuinely speaking! It’s an appealing deal for executive lovers. The premium finishing, stitching, material choices, and extended weight coming under 150 bucks certainly worth each penny. And a matter of fact, being in the inexpensive desk chair’s class, the padding thickness and cushion firmness have not been compromised to deliver maximum coziness for longer durations.

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5. SIHOO Mesh – Best Cheap Ergonomic Chair Under $150

Not all offices are spacious, and such situations demand a highly ergonomic chair that sweetly fits into a short space without creating a mess. SIHOO has developed such a slim and sleek ergonomic office chair that won’t trouble your décor and budget too.

The chair isn’t a heavily padded item with a backrest wholly stitched with highly breathable mesh fabric and seating with a decent sponge foam thickness. The stitching and finishing look incredibly cool, with a light grey color boosting your office setup’s aesthetic value.

On the ergonomics parts, this mini seating solution has gotten the most sensible touch ups. The C-arc shaped backrest isn’t a basic bumpy thing. Remarkably, there is an adjustable lumbar support that mitigates the stress according to body size. The adjustable lumbar support smoothly moves 1.2inches without making any extra force to adjust it.

Similarly, the backrest adjustment doesn’t feel cheap and squeaky. You can enjoy 120 degrees rocking back feature with a tension-control ability to grab the maximum comfort numbers for longer hours. And what makes the thing extra spicy here are the adjustable armrests.

The slim and sleek armrest design raises its beauty, and the 90-degree flip-up is somewhat what you need the most while doing desk work. The armrest doesn’t wobble and slips down when lifted up.

But, the height adjustment isn’t “That” broader. From 16.1 to 19.5 inches, the chair secures a class3 gas lift mechanism and targets the guys from 5.5 to 6 Feet. Furthermore, the chair isn’t made for bulker guys but surprisingly can hold up to 300lbs of the weight limit.

The backrest and seat aren’t much wider for more solemn masses. With 18.5W X 16.9D inches seat dimensions, the chair is an invaluable platform for teenagers, normal physique guys, and females. Additionally, the 18.1W X 18.9H inches backrest isn’t connected with a headrest and only supports 5.5 to 6ft guys.

But overall, the comfort, adjustability, and built quality are undoubtedly the main ingredients here.

SIHOO Mesh Chair
What We Find Good
  • Great styling and design
  • Smooth adjustability and movement
  • Secure 300Lbs of weight capacity
  • Flip-up arms and adjustable backrest
  • Good upholstery materials
What We May Not Find Good
  • Not build for bigger individuals

Why should one buy this?

The SIHOO mesh chair is a perfect and worthy option for small offices and desk spaces. The design sense and ergonomic ability boost its reputation in the market without being hefty on your budget. The build quality and overall smooth performance are significant factors to enjoy a comfortable sitting experience.

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The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot:

Okay, still you haven’t got the idea; which is the most comfortable chair under 150 bucks? The idea is pretty clear, nothing comes perfect in this world, and one should be a little optimistic about selection, especially when the budget is a bit restrained.

So, categorically, I am picking the best office chairs under $150, and you should look out for your requirement.

On the whole, my clear winner is the OFM ESS-6060 office gaming chair. The chair is a pure class under such a limited budget. The ergonomics execution, build quality, comfort, and luxury is a class apart. Specifically, the ergonomics include the integrated head section, padded armrest, and most expansive height adjustability range are the real value of money. However, if you are more concerned about adjustable lumbar support, the SIHOO mesh chair is the final go. The chair is sleek and space-saving for small office setups and also comes with a big 300lbs weight capacity and decent ergonomics, including the much-needed movable lumbar support.

The aesthetics and build quality are premium, but it isn’t the thickest seating platform among the masses. For that purpose, you should choose an executive office chair, and AmazonBasics’s best executive chair is the answer to your query.

The chair is a best-budget executive chair for Executive Lovers. The Build quality, smooth performance, and chic colors are the main highlights of this chair.

Apart from these pickings, you can watch out for other budget ergonomic chairs as per your requirements and needs.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Are ergonomic chairs worth it?

Ergonomics chairs better prevent you from lousy sitting problems and other posture-related problems. Some people take ergonomic chairs as a troubleshooter for their body imbalance or pain reliever. However, no chair heals structural issues but only helps you prevent tissue stiffness and other body pains.

How do I choose an ergonomic chair?

The most important part is the backrest. Do look for adjustable lumbar support and headrest. Other than this, seating comfort and adjustability are points for further note. As $150 is a constraint here, you probably won’t see chairs with aggressive ergonomics.

What is the most comfortable office chair?

For a broader perspective, Herman miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap are the most well-known office chairs. Nonetheless, as this listing goes, I have picked OFM ESS-6060 as the winner.

Why are ergonomic chairs so expensive?

They allow users to enjoy better adjustability and flexible seating options. So, for a price point, they go a little pricey than the regular office chairs.

Which type of chair is best for the office?

Most of the time, executive chairs make better compliance with the office setups for comfortable long hour sittings, but they also live expensively. Apart from these, a regular ergonomic office chair can also do a fantastic job according to your needs and body size.

Calvin Allison