Best Office Chair under $500

Best Office Chair under $500

Office chairs come in all price ranges; you know that. However, a decently ergonomic chair ranges from 300 to 700+ or even 1000+ $$. As we are today talking about the best office chairs under 500 bucks, I want you to see this pricing from another perspective.

I mean, let’s don’t see 500$ as a few hundred dollars. Let’s see it as half of a thousand-dollar that can be the pocket money of your little champ, your monthly fuel expense, apartment rent, etc. The reason for raising this point here, be very cautious about choosing a good long-term chair that will always serve you in green numbers.

With lots of distinctive and similar features in the market, what is your point in considering a good desk chair for long hours? If you haven’t got any idea about it, give me the privilege to present to you my list of the best 500$ office ergonomic chairs. Who doesn’t like getting a good combination of comfort, adjustability, durability, and value of money in a single package?

Everyone does!

So, let’s jump onto what I have brought for you;

How to Choose A Best Posturepedic Office Chair under 500$:

I already said, take 500$ from a different perspective. That being said, keep your expectation close to reality. The 500$ range will mostly offer you a midrange office chair for moderate to long hour sittings. But what influential features do you need to watch out for? Let’s know before making any random shots.

Keep a Strict Check on Ergonomics:

Ergonomics can make or break a chair’s reputation. That’s why spending 500$ on a chair should be highly decisive based on good ergonomics. We have set our benchmarks here, seeking the 500$ figure.

Armrests: Should be at least 3D, 4D is a green flag to consider a chair

Padding: Sponge foam is okay, considering its quality. However, look for block foam or cold-cure technology for better comfort and breathability

Upholstery: It’s up to you how you judge upholstery quality. But for Leather lovers, genuine leather is a bonus; otherwise, faux or good quality PU leather is mandatory.

Chair Reclining is an Important Part:

Unlike gaming chairs, office chairs only tilt to a limited extent. However, you have to note down here how many tilting positions you get with the package. 1-2 tilt positions are quite below the standards. Look for 3-5 tilting positions for better comfort and flexibility.

The count of 3 is standard, while 5 is super luxurious. Some chairs also fancy 7 or more tilting positions, but that would raise the cost.

Weight Limit is Also a Crucial Game Player:

Weight limit links with hydraulic piston capability. We don’t love to see a class3 gas lift system here. The class4 is a necessity here, and that means a 300+ lbs weight capacity. Some chairs still pose 250lbs+ capacity, but we leave it on your body and weight size. Otherwise, always look for a 300+lbs weight limit.

Apart from these points, you can standardize build quality, design, and aesthetics according to your preferences.

Best Office Chairs under 500$ – What are the Long Term Players?

1. SteelCase Amia: Best Office Chair Under $500

SteelCase Amia

Steelcase Leap is the best performing chair in the market, but it loses a significant client portion due to its soared pricing. In that regard, Amia is the younger sister with the same impressive execution of most versatile adjustability, elegance, and design sense. However, this time the significant cut down on pricing will unquestionably make your dream of having the best office chair under 500 a reality.

Upholstery and adjustability have always remained the signature of Steelcase. Amia is no different when it comes to upholstery, with tons of variety in this department.

Specifically, you get options in genuine dotted leather and fabric. With leather giving limited variety, the fabric holds a versatile range of vibrant colors to get elegantly aligned with every office and room setup.

However, the block foam padding isn’t very substantial yet tick all the comfort checkboxes.

Ergonomics is the talk of the town here, but the execution by the manufacturer is something that will have everyone’s heart.

You get 4D armrests, seat rolling function, adjustable lumbar, and much more like Steelcase leap. But the point is execution; note that!

For the seating rolling function, you get a paddle mechanism that needs to pull up and down for seat gliding. Similarly, for tilt tension, you don’t get a conventional knob beneath your chair. A lever with a knob under your seat makes a creamy tilt tension adjustment.

Steelcase says  the adjustable lumbar support “live lumbar support technology.” There are two straps on both sides of your backrest. Pushing these makes the lumbar support adjust according to your spine curve dynamically.

You reap maximum comfort benefits with a minimalist design approach but highly technology-oriented execution.

Talking about the 4D armrests, the caps make a 30-degree inside or outside angle smoothly. Besides this, almost 4 inches of armrest height adjustment gives a wide range of motion for your arms. Though the chair height adjustment is conventional here, the 16 to 21 inches adjustment range is something that’ll catch the attention of long leggers.

Similarly, the chair height auto adjusts according to feet suitable for angling with the ground.

These all features you get with the same 10 years warranty but in almost 2x cut-off pricing compared to Steelcase Leap. Indeed, this is a relaxed breathing space for users looking to get a desk chair for long hours.

SteelCase Amia
What We Find Good
  • Outstanding compilation and execution of features
  • A hallmark build quality
  • Minimal design with flexible waterfall edge seat.
  • 4D armrest with 30-degree inside out adjustment
  • Extended 5” height adjustment
  • 10 years warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Seat padding isn’t very substantial, so it can be used for light and moderate sitting

Why should one buy this?

Undoubtedly, the brand reliability is there, and that is being further ensured through the most remarkable features in the package. The execution is sublime, making it the highest performing chair in the market with much competitive pricing. It has been featured a task chair, so using it for the most prolonged desk duration may not be a great idea. Yet, it never loses its comfort delivery stamina.

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2. AKRacing Office Series Onyx: Best $500 Office Chair for Big Guys

AKRacing Office Series

If you are a part-time or professional gamer, you’ll clearly know AKracing is the real deal in the market when it comes to highly rigid and good ergonomic chairs. AKracing was having a 100% share of gaming chairs until the arrival of Onyx – the office chair series.

With the broadest dimension, plenty of weight capacity, good ergonomics, and attractive durability, it’s not less than a complete package for intermediates to experts.

Let’s talk about the design sense first, it carries the gaming design legacy, but some executive chair touch-ups are also here. The whole black upholstery with racing-style like profiling plays a dual role for professional and entertainment sides.

Besides, it comes in two upholstery options, faux and genuine leather. The front chair materials are flame and tear-resistant, giving it maximum resilience against your naughty kids and mischievous pets.

Though, it’s not heavily stuffed with foam padding. Nonetheless, the cold-cure mould shaping foam provides good firmness against your body weight. The comfort level remains on the high notes even after full-day hectic sitting sessions.

So, if you are a seeker of durable, long-term, and comfort-oriented chairs, AKracing Onyx says a big hello.

Technically, the chair is for biggies. I mean, look at the specs and dimensions. The 330lbs through class4 gas lift is above the standards, but dimensions tell us it can easily hold a person above 6.1ft. With a backrest H37” X W22.83” and seat posing W23.13” X D21.65”, it’s apparently not a congested platform for mature bodies.

But some twists are there in the ergonomics department.

Expectedly, the armrests have been blessed with a 4D setup, showing almost an average movement of 2.95 inches vertically. But then some users report wobbliness as mostly chairs counter this.

Similarly, the chair is a little narrowed on support cushions as we only see a fully adjustable lumbar cushion playing with your back. The neck cushion is just an integrated bump, and you can’t do anything about it.

AKRacing Office Series
What We Find Good
  • Great durability for sure
  • Wider dimensions broaden its horizon
  • The weight limit is excellent
  • 3-18 degree lockable tilt ability with 180-degree reclining
  • Flame and tear-resistant upholstery
  • Smooth 360 swiveling and movability
  • 4D armrests
What We May Not Find Good
  • A bit pricier considering the specs sheet.

Why should one buy this?

The Onyx series positively comes with solid fundamentals of durability and comfort. The rough and tough upholstery quality and wider dimension confirm that it’s in the league of Herman Millers and Steelcase. Some limitations are in the ergonomics department yet; overall it’s a handsome package for those who are wandering for long-term durability and comfort.

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3. Hon Ignition 2.0: Excellent Mesh Chair for Long Hours

Hon Ignition 2.0

Taking a step above conventional office chairs, Hon introduced the Ignition series, well-known for its styling, additive features, and a slight jump in the pricing. And this Ignition 2.0 – it also carries elegant aesthetics, and innovative mesh fabric material, and decent ergonomics.

Talking about the material type, Ignition 2.0 lives above the standard polyester mesh fabric. The new Ilira-stretch mesh fabric by the manufacturer controls better durability, breathability, and flexibility.

Hon claims this material is a new shift in the mesh chairs, and we also tested this almost valid in the practical approach.

On the other hand, Hon 2.0 gets criticized by the chair community due to the optional Backrest support. The Ignition 2.0 comes with an optional plastic lumbar support that isn’t very impactful and comprehensive and shares a cost differentiation.

But then, we see a six-step of height adjustment that keeps the flexibility on high notes.

However, genuinely speaking, if you are looking for a chair for long hours, this may not be a perfect pick to spend your 10-11 hours on it.

But talking about other aspects, the Ignition 2.0 looks like a perfect package. The seat pan sports a waterfall edge design to relieve painful pressure from your legs, thighs, and lower back. Likewise, the 4D armrest and 300lbs are the well-played move for sure in this price bracket.

Nonetheless, above this all, the smoothie factor in seat gliding function is a transcendent option for back pain and sciatica patients.

Hon Ignition 2.0
What We Find Good
  • Ilira-stretch mesh is genuinely a fabulous material
  • Seat rolling function is frictionless
  • The design and aesthetic sense match the biggies like Herman Miller Embody
  • Waterfall edge seat deliver relief against leg fatigues
  • 4D armrests and 300+lbs weight limit
What We May Not Find Good
  • Lumbar support is optional and isn’t much impressive

Why should one buy this?

There are more appreciable factors here, like the innovative ilira-stretch mesh fabric, seat rolling, and decent ergonomics. Apart from this, one can’t get his eyes off of its design. The sleek, stylish, and rich colors suit every office setup. Some negatives are on the lumbar sides, but you can use the lumbar for moderate sitting durations.

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4. Eurotech Vera – Best Office Chair with Most Comfortable Seat Pan

Steelcase and Herman Miller have a competitor, Eurotech. Vera is an intelligent alternative to Steelcase leap and Gesture due to its advanced design sense, good build quality, and superb ergonomics in restricted pricing. Furthermore, the sleek, space-saving design is a treat for aesthetic lovers.

Coming to the Upholstery part, the chair comes in fabric with over 3” of padding to give its user long-lasting comfort. Along with this, the seat isn’t the waterfall edge, yet it has soft edges not to discomfort your back of thighs and legs.

The seat firmness in the initials feels a bit harder, yet once you get seated, you feel the much-deserved comfort.

Ergonomics execution brings Eurotech Vera into the business where seat gliding, 4D armrests, and smooth height adjustment are the prominent points in the crowd. Talking about the seat depth adjustment, it’s smooth and easy, but the 1.5 inches range feels like faded scenery in the exhibition.

On the other hand, the armrest height adjustment range is also narrow, which would be a problem for persons with long arms. We also felt the firmness or armrest pads a bit hard, and bony elbows may get twinge after sometimes.

Otherwise, the armrest movement doesn’t feel flimsy and rough at all.

When you feel about the armrests, the backrest is another aspect, spiced by the Eurotech secret sauce. It is sharply curved like a human spine and supports your back to the fullest while reclining. Maybe, due to such backrest design sense, Eurotech Vera doesn’t equip with integrated lumbar support.

This may be an off for some users, but mind it, the backrest supports the critical points of your back well.

What We Find Good
  • Good ergonomics in a competitive pricing
  • Overall elegant design
  • The seat is much comfortable than its competitor
  • Back support is comprehensively supportive
  • It comes with an astonishing 13 years warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Height adjustment ranges are a little narrow
  • The seat fabric is abrasive

Why should one buy this?

One who is not fascinated with thin padding at Steelcase and Herman Miller chairs, EuroTech rings the welcome bell for you. The seating and backrest support are highly appreciable execution done by the manufacturer. Yes, adjustability ranges are shorter but seeing the price tag, it looks satisfying. Overall, it is not a perfect chair yet a durable and comfortable chair for long sitting.

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5. SteelCase Series 1: Cheapest Office Chair Under 500$

SteelCase Series 1

Yeah, I know; Steelcase resides as the most expensive and high-class brand in a professional’s mind. However, with Steelcase producing chairs like Series1, it’s much more on the affordable chair’s side too. As this Series 1 chair, it has some cut down in adjustability and features, but durability, execution, and finishing still live highly up to the standards.

Coming to the design part, the same minimalist shape and simplistic profiling make its highly patchable furniture in any setup. Other than this, an exponential variety of colors is still available to choose from according to your home office color scheme.

As this is the cheapest chair in the Steelcase lineup, the block foam padding doesn’t seem substantial. For some users, it could be adequate, but for some users like heavy masses, it maybe gets a down point.

Nonetheless, the comfort level remains top-notch for moderate to long hour players.

Steelcase has given the same ergonomics package. However, some limited adjustability and other twists are part of the story here. The 4D armrests are still incredibly executed, but I feel the slim width of the armrests pad a spoiler for the user with chubby and chunky arms.

On the other hand, the height and seat adjustment range also see some restrictions. But overall, the performance is still creamy for every type of user.

If you ask me for a general opinion about its targeted audience, Series 1 is a contender for slim to moderate physic users. The chair looks tiny, and it may not suit the fatty masses. The comfort-oriented design and luxury finish bring this chair under the spot for $500 office chairs.

SteelCase Series 1
What We Find Good
  • Nicely finished
  • The simplistic design packed with great features set
  • Decent ergonomics
  • It comes in much affordable pricing considering the brand power
  • It blesses with extended duration warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Limited adjustability and slim armrest pads

Why should one buy this?

Series 1 chair is simply a great setup under the category of best chairs under 500 bucks. The highly ergonomic chair comes with Steelcase signature build quality and impeccable execution. Though some restrictions are there in the ergonomics department, it is highly justified with seeking its price. Other than this, the chair is small, competent for long hours, and aesthetically sound to get a patch with every office setup.

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The Bottom Line – What’s the Conclusion?

The competition was hell lively, I know. All the pickings have come with their highest capabilities and feature set. So, if you haven’t got what is going to be your best office chair under 500 bucks, I am ready to help you out.

For me, my clear winner is the Steelcase Amia. The chair is a stunning feature-packed chair for under 500$. When it comes to Steelcase, again and again, the execution and build quality come to the headlines. Additionally, the marvelous ergonomics, creamy performance, and comfortable upholstery make it the best desk chair for long hours and back support. 

On the other hand, AKracing Office Series Onyx grabbed my attention. Though the brand isn’t very focused on office chairs, the chair itself is an excellent platform for bulky professionals and gamers. The gaming-oriented professional design with flame-resistant leather makes it a player of rough hands.

The much optimistic dimensions and magnificent ergonomics setup are unquestionably a reason for a significant rise in its placement in the competition.

You can watch out for other $500 chairs other than these pickings according to your requirement and preferences.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

Usually, good ergonomics and comfortable padding make a chair best for sitting for long hours. However, as I mentioned plenty of good market names, I take AKracing Onyx, an excellent chair to spend plenty of your time without getting hitched with fatigues and cramps.

Why are office chairs so expensive?

There is a big force of cheap office chairs available in the market. Only brands like Herman Miller and Steelcase majorly produce high-tech chairs with expensive price tags. Otherwise, if you see overall market share, you will get the cheapest 100$ chairs to a lavish 1500$+ chair.

How much should I spend on an office chair?

It depends on your circumstances and approach. If you are looking for casual purposes, A 100-150$ chair can do the drive. Otherwise, if your mission is to spend on a chair that comfortably serves you moderate to long hour sittings, 300-500$ is a good fortune to consider. However, above all this, if you want some luxury, the range is thoroughly open to 2000$ even.


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