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By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  28 min read
Best Office chair 2021

You probably have seen a war on the internet – do good gaming chairs enhance the gaming performance? Quite Controversial and debatable, though! Conversely, if one asks me, “are office chairs beneficial for desk and table work?” Straight and clear, A big yes from my side.

I mean, will you be the most productive guy with backaches, shoulder fatigues, or neck soreness? Obviously not, moreover, in such circumstances, focusing on your work will be a dire strait.

From cheap high back gaming chairs to luxurious office seating furniture, luckily, there is a massive ocean of best office chair. But which one comes for a better purpose and requirement? We need to do a little math here before you take a look at my handpicked most comfortable office chairs series.

I am publishing a detailed buying guide below through which you can pick the best chairs for long hour sittings in your office.

SerialChair NameItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.Steelcase 442A40- 5S2523.63 x 29.05 x 44.5 inches72.8 Pounds
2.Ergohuman High Back Swivel26 x 29 x 52 inches64 Pounds
3.SIHOO Ergonomics Chair28 x 16.54 x 25.98 inches44.1 Pounds
4.Glitzhome PU Leather28.15 x 27.36 x 47.64 inches50.8 pounds
5.HON Wave25.63 x 42.88 x 30.25 inches52.8 Pounds
6.Serta Ergonomic Executive30 x 27 x 40.75 inches51.36 Pounds
7.STAPLES Hyken23 x 19 x 48 inches28.22 Pounds

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair – Best Office Chair

Steelcase  442A40- 5S25

After the great success of Steelcase Leap, the manufacturer introduced the Gesture office chair with plenty of amendments in comfort, build quality, and durability. And more specifically, there is a complete overhaul of armrests, which is the most incredible and fascinating thing in the market.

To describe this chair in one line, “it’s pure luxury,” having a hefty price tag.

Coming to the build quality, the chair looks tiny, whereas the simplistic profiling may fool you about its heavy-duty purposes. Yet, keep your mind at peace as it holds some more significant responsibilities to its shoulders.

Like the Leap variant, the Steelcase Gesture also has some plastic touch-ups but don’t you worry; it utterly doesn’t look cheap, 3rd degree, and flimsy. From the wheelbase to the armrest, you would appreciate the stunning build quality and finishing.

And when it comes to adjustment and ergonomics, the chairs look a little boy. But in reality, it’s a wonderful technological masterpiece to ensure optimum comfort for more than 10+ hours of continuous sitting.

The most crunchiest part here is the 4D armrests. Hearing 4D armrest won’t be a “never heard before” term for you, but the greatness lies in its majestic adjustment ranges.

The armrests extensively move up and down, come in-out, forth, back and swivel. These movements make this chair compatible with every type of desk height, work nature, and relaxing posture. However, the armrests are not removable in any case.

In addition to this, the seat also allows you to make some fine adjustments. I know this part of adjustability isn’t new in this chair; however, the sweetness again lies in its execution. The seat adjustment gets done through a nob style dialer instead of a lever mechanism.

For this technique, you don’t have to stand up a bit and push the seat forward through your hips. You can easily achieve seat adjustments while maintaining your comfortable sitting position. Anyways! The seat adjustment is here to represent this chair as the best leg support recliner for taller guys.

Similarly, the backrest can tilt in 4 positions. The infinite locking feature is missing here, and also, if you are looking for a chair that provides a 90-degree upright position, this is not the best fit for you. Likewise, we even miss the adjustable headrest section, which is also not available in its topmost variant.

Furthermore, the backrest has a structural curve to support your pelvis and back. Adjustable lumbar support also comes with this chair, but you have to pay some extra bucks for that inclusion.

Nonetheless, with such missing features, the chair’s comfort level is something that would never disappoint you at all. Though the chair doesn’t have a heavily padded seat; rather, the manufacturer has crafted the seat pan with supreme foam quality that won’t sag or become hard after longer sitting sessions. Even at its maximum 400Lbs weight-bearing capacity, the seat doesn’t lose its shape.

The high precision structural design complies with every type of body shape and size and soothes the human body’s tension point.

And as far as the durability concern, this expensive office furniture has a worthwhile 12-Year warranty that wholly covers the chair.

What We Find Good
  • It comes “almost” pre-assembled.
  • An innovative office chair with adjustable armrests
  • The finishing and stitching is out of this world
  • Comes with carpet casters
  • Aggressively tested chair frame design to supply maximum comfort
  • Can bear up to 400lbs without being squeaky
  • The armrests produce stunning 4D ranges.
  • Smoothest height adjustment from 16 to 20 inches
  • Provides 12-year worry-free warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Expensive furniture than its competitors
  • Less versatile backrest.

Why should one buy this?

The Steelcase gesture is a luxury class chair with a great combination of cool features and simple styling to lock the comfort for the most extended sitting sessions. The exceptional armrest design is somewhat that would allow you to fall in love with this chair. Also, the stitching and build quality are simply wow that would have your nice words and feelings. Yes, the price factor is a bit concerned for those looking for low to mid-range office chairs. However, if you break down the comfort and durability factor against its price tag, things would positively favor this chair.

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2. Ergohuman High Back All Mesh – Best Black Mesh Office Chair

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

While you admire breathability and comfort the most in an ergonomic office chair, the ergohuman high back seating will surely fascinate you in that case. Ergohuman resembles a lot to its counterpart Herman Miller Aeron but comes in cheap pricing.

With all mesh upholstery, 350lbs of the weight limit, and innovative integrated lumbar support backrest, this is a treat for mesh material lovers.

The chair is specifically designed to target back comfort and supply better breathability due to all mesh upholstery materials. But don’t forget as it’s mesh material, you would have to smash your head while cleaning this fabric material.

The overall back is divided into 3 sections that work for specific back parts.

In the first part, you’ll see a more prominent integrated flexible lumbar support that supports the pelvis and lower back for a longer period of sitting. The lumbar support section adjusts itself with every body shape, weight, and size, delivering good support in every test case.

On the second part, a mesh fabric backrest that typically targets the mid and upper back. And above that, there is an adjustable mesh headrest that can move around 2-inches to comply with different heights and postures.

This whole backrest can tilt and recline to 110 and 135 degrees, respectively. You can achieve three locking positions aided with a tension control mechanism.

The only thing this chair is missing here is the foam padded mesh seat. The seat is solely constructed with mesh fabric that is great against sweating; however, longer sitting in this chair could be a bit tiring job.

The mesh fabric has the support of foam padding at the edges of the seat pan to ensure material durability against wear and tear situations. This situation allows you to sink in the seat, and with no foam padding, you somehow touch the chair frame. For this reason, it develops tension and pressure points that become a hurdle at maintaining comfort for longer sessions.

Anyways, digging deep into the ergonomics and comfort part, you’ll see adjustable leather padded soft armrests. This is one of the nicest things done by the manufacturer for the bony elbows to breathe a great relief. The armrests are soft, air breathable, and durable to maintain its shape.

Yet, this part is not fully ergonomic as it doesn’t provide width adjustment.

The armrests can move up-down, swivel around, come forth and back but don’t adjust inward and outwards. Nevertheless, you can still spend long hours of computing without feeling fatigued to your forearms, wrist, and shoulders.

Another thing that is a more flashy component here is the polished aluminum base. The sturdy base can support up to 300lbs weight limit, but it would have been a superb job get done if the chair would have powder-coating instead of polish. The chrome finishing is easily prone to scratches and may lose some grades in the aesthetics department.

What We Find Good
  • A much durable and breathable chair
  • Integrated adjustable lumbar support efficiently relief the pelvic curve
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Carries up to 300lbs weight
  • Soft leather padded armrest
  • Tilt and recline with a tension control feature
  • Handsome 5 years warranty on fabric and lifetime warranty on other materials
What We May Not Find Good
  • The chair doesn’t lock 90-degree upright position
  • The seat should have been padded with memory or other foam materials

Why should one buy this?

The mesh vs. leather chair battle isn’t new at all. And the Ergohuman high back mesh chair is a sweet recommendation for the users who admire the mesh seat office chairs. With a great structural design, adjustable headrest and 3-position recline allow you to be in your office even during hot summers. And if you worry about the durability, excellent warranty support saves you for unfortunate times.

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3. SIHOO Ergonomic – Best High Back Mesh Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomics Chair

The race to find the best office chair has not ended yet, and we have another mesh seat office chair with a headrest. The SIHOO mesh recliner is much popular in the market due to an optimal balance of features and pricing.

This office seating furniture has not that special “Glitters” in its features list to stand out in the market. As a regular standard office chair, it introduces a 3D armrest set, fully breathable mesh back with integrated lumbar support, and 90-120 recline.

While coming to the design part, the approach is simple without any complex twist and turns. You get a round-curved W-shaped seat pan to support the knees against fatigue and soreness. The padded foam seat has a layer of mesh fabric that is luckily durable against any wear and tear situation.

The foam padding is soft, durable, and attains decent thickness, so heavier people won’t feel touched to the metal frame. Beneath this seat, you also get a foldable footrest to give your legs and knees some moments of relief in your spare timing.

As you go in relaxing mode, the SIHOO ergonomic chair also enables you to enjoy the best comfortable posture for your arms through a 3D armrest set. The armrest can move 3.9 inches up, down, forth back, and also make 35-degree swiveling.

For the backrest part, as you can see in the images, it’s all mesh fabric. There is a lumbar support cushion that can manually be adjusted as it can move 1.1 inches back and forth and 1.9 inches up and down for the best comfort posture.

The manufacturer should have furnished a better execution as each time you have to manually adjust the cushion through a nob, which becomes a real struggle in seek of right cushion placement.

Similarly, on the top of the backrest, there is a 45 angled 3.9 inches adjustable headrest that is also a good thing for this chair to claim its ergonomic values.

Along with this, the backrest can make a tilt of 125 degrees with a lever to lock the recliner in your desired position.

What We Find Good
  • Quality finishing and build quality
  • Adjustable lumbar support and headrest
  • Can carry up to 350lbs of weight
  • 3D adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable height from 17 to 21 inches
  • The seat padding is soft and breathable
  • Gives around 1-year warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Confusing instruction makes the assembly part tough.

Why should one buy this?

SIHOO doesn’t display fancy and much-technical features to target the audiences. With standard features, it perfectly works to give an utmost degree of comfort, durability, and breathability. The good news is, you can experience this without investing huge capital. Yes, the company should work to make the assembly part a bit smoother; however, you are easy to go once you gather up this little fella.

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4. Glitzhome PU Leather High-Back – Best Executive Leather Office Chair

Glitzhome PU Leather

While you look for the best leather chairs, here is the Glitzhome high back recliner that is pure class personified with glossy and shiny PU-leather. The extra glamorous brown, camel, cream, beige, and coffee colors give your office a classy and sassy and much professional look.

The chair isn’t an ergonomic recliner; thus, it remains a good performer when long sittings aren’t the only essential requirement. For this reason, it’s not about comfort; it’s only about the adjustability range of this chair that may not facilitate you for long hours.

Anyways, the design and aesthetics present this chair as the most professional looking piece of furniture in your office. And talk about the stitching, the supreme goodness lies in its remarkable craftsmanship.

The wide seat with attached armrests gives you a perfect posture while reading, relaxing, and computing. Besides, the backrest has integrated lumbar support in the shape of a bump to fix the pelvic curve. On the very top, there is a big fixed headrest that becomes a support when you want to relax.

And then, when it comes to seating, the seat pan has been stitched with a PU-leather encapsulated sponge foam padding that gives the softest touch to your lower part of the body.

The 17.52W X 17.32D inches dimension can even support chubby masses. Apart from this, the 19.70 – 23.62 inches of height adjustment is a perfect range for professionals falling between 5.2 – 6 Ft.

You can also experience a backrest reclining, which goes from 90 to 120 degrees with a superb rocking function. And similarly, you can also lock the desired tilt position through a lever that is a good option to relax without any unneeded movement.

However, the weight limit is a bit concerning for bulkier guys as it can maximally hold 275lbs.

What We Find Good
  • Premium finishing and stitching
  • Exotic colors
  • Smoothly reclines to 120-degree
  • The seat and backrest have the softest padding
  • Can bear 275lbs weight limit
  • Strong, sturdy premium polished metal base
What We May Not Find Good
  • Armrest and support cushions are fixed

Why should one buy this?

In a search for the best executive leather office chair, Glitzhome high back recliner can be your first choice that can settle within your budget line. The classy finish and much professional slim design will surely have your heart. And if you are much concerned about durability, this inexpensive chair would never disappoint you with its build quality.

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5. HON Wave High-back Mesh – Best Heavy Duty Mesh Seat Office Chair

HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Mesh Chair

Seems like mesh chairs are the most admirable office seating furniture in the market as we have another “Mesh Boy.” With some ups and downs, this chair is still one of the most comfortable office chairs in the market.

With double-layered mesh materials, a stunning 450lbs weight capacity, and adjustable lumbar support, this chair certainly has been dedicated to big guys. Undoubtedly, the 450lbs weight limit is an exceptional number that rarely any mid-range mesh fabric chair holds.

And delivering such weight-bearing ability, you can also expect serious durability for multiple years to enjoy. Worth mentioning here, the Hon gives you 5-years of warranty to this specific Wave variant.

Well, the chair has been stitched with double layers mesh material that is being further supported by thick and soft foam padding. Both seats and backrest render the same padding pattern, so you ultimately enjoy the comfort and much-needed breathability for longer sittings without hurting your back and butts.

The backrest doesn’t have the headrest part, but luckily it saves your back with adjustable lumbar support. But then, the execution of this lumbar support cushion could have been much better. The lumbar cushion has been screwed behind the backrest.

So, to make it adjustable or want to re-position according to your posture, you first have to unscrew it, and then after aligning it to the desired position, do tight it with the screwdriver.

Such a mechanism will create a struggle for multiple users with different body sizes and postures.

But then, the chair has got adjustable and 1D adjustable armrests. The armrests only move in up and down direction; therefore, you taller guys adjust this set of arm tools accordingly. In addition to this, the 5-star base is made up of solid steel.

The bigger caster wheels are also one of the most notable parts here. These wheels smoothly maneuver on small to mid-pile carpets without damaging the fur.

What We Find Good
  • Double layered mesh fabric produce superior comfort and breathability
  • Stunning 450Lbs weight limit
  • Much durable for multi-year use
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 5-year warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • No headrest

Why should one buy this?

If you are looking to invest in a durable, highly breathable, and heavyweight capacity office chair, Hon Wave is definitely the right choice. The 450Lbs weight superbly stands out in the market, and a 5-year warranty is a perfect thing to win your trust. Though the chair hasn’t any headrest section yet, as long as you are counting good performing chairs for your back, it’s worth considering.

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6. Serta Back-In Motion Technology – Best Back Support Office Chair Under Cheap Budget

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office

Looking at this best office chair will definitely bring one word into one’s mind, “A substantially Padded leather Chair.” Serta has been in business for ages, and this is one of the most successful variants in the manufacturer’s lineup.

The chair exactly looks chubby and chunky when it comes to padding. The soft bonded leather multi-layer padding furnishes an exotic comfort for your overall back.

Things look simpler here, but there is magic behind it.

In that case, if you don’t know about the magical point of this chair, it’s surely the Back-In Motion technology. And before you ask me what that heck is about?

Back-in Motion technology is all regarding a lumbar support cushion that pivots when you recline or lean forward. When you move or lean forward, the Back-in Motion lumbar cushion pivots, keeping support attach to your back. Technically, the seat and lumbar cushion are stitched together in a way that when you move forward, the lumbar cushion hinges forward.

The main purpose of this scenario is to maintain a healthy pelvic curve and lock the overall spine health.

The backrest cushion, in simple words, also works as a healer in case you have a bad posture making this thing a best back support office chair. Plus, the BIM feature differentiates this chair from other standard office chairs that even cost you 500$ bucks.

Nonetheless, the chair is lacking an adjustable headrest section, so this chair is fair enough for short-mid range sittings. For longer sitting, the chair may not comply with your expectations.

But then, the chair is also combined with 1D leather padded armrests. The padding saves your forearms from numbing in case of long period tension to your arms. But then, in the hottest conditions, it also causes a bit of sweating.

The chair is definitely built for heavier guys, but then, the 250lbs weight limit is somewhat that might bring one’s mood down, specifically, a thumbs down situation for taller and bulkier guys.

What We Find Good
  • Exceptional multi-layer leather padding for extra comfort
  • Back-in motion really works
  • Leather padded 1D adjustable armrests
  • The finishing and padding density is amazing
  • Decent 250lbs weight limit
  • Covers 1-year warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • No adjustable backrest

Why should one buy this?

For the users who are more into heavily padded luxury seating furniture, this small black leather chair has somewhat mountains of layered padding to skyrocket the comfort graph. The back-in motion technique is simple but shows incredible practicality for users who are fed-up with backaches and pelvic fatigues. From small to mid-range sitting, this chair does what it is supposed to do.

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7. STAPLES Hyken Best Office Chair with Neck Support


Staples has made this highly ergonomic mesh chair to target people who love durability in a manageable budget. The chair resembles a lot to the Ergohuman mesh chair, yet there are some better-executed features for your comfort and value of money.

If one asks about the most selling point of this seating furniture, by far, it looks like the price factor is the real winner. However, for me, the attractive color range, durable mesh material, and high headrest adjustability are the keys.

The whole chair frame is covered with mesh material that is a plus point for users looking breathability over looks. With grey, red (my favorite), and black color, you can make a choice that essence an attractive matching or contrast with your office setup.

Factually, the Staple Hyken isn’t very much a feature-rich recliner, as you can also judge it from its price point. However and amazingly, from an average heightened person to long individuals, the headrest section is a perfect spot to enjoy neck comfort.

The headrest produces 2D movements, including up and down sliding and tilt mechanism, to give perfect support to your neck curve. Yet, you need a little force to make the headrest adjustable.

If you are a short individual, you can tilt down the headrest that also becomes a support wall for a longer period of office sittings. And in the case of taller professionals, tilting up the headrest in an optimal position will restrict it to dig in your shoulders.

Apart from this, the fully mesh-covered backrest has adjustable lumbar support. You can manually adjust its position by moving it up and down.

Moreover, you can also make armrests to move in up and down positions. The armrest has been made of solid flexible leather, so it’s a sign of relief if you have bony elbows. Additionally, the chair has a significant backrest height, but if you have some exceptional long legs, you can smoothly adjust the seat height.

With 4.5 inches movement range from 17.25 to 21.75 inches, Staples Hyken is a blessing for longer legs. In addition to this, the backrest smoothly tilts into 3 lockable positions. To bring the chair back in the upright position, you have to press the already reclined backrest to unlock it.

What We Find Good
  • Durable mesh materials
  • Versatile headrest adjustability
  • Long-range seat height adjustment
  • 3 lockable tilt positions
  • Adjustable lumbar support
What We May Not Find Good
  • You need force to make the headrest adjustable

Why should one buy this?

The Staples Hyken executive mesh office chair is a good choice to get rid of neck discomfort. The super breathable and durable mesh fabric keeps the chair to spend years and years with you. Apart from all this, it’s an amazing choice in a limited budget category.

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Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Office Chair:

You’ll agree with me that every shopping needs some research before you hand over your cash to the seller. Considering the best office chairs category, you need to understand the methodology of picking perfect seating furniture for your working space.

For that reason, I am raising some most essential points that actually need your attention to decide your winning product.

The Typical Chair Materials Rivalry: The rivalry of mesh vs. leather chair isn’t new. It’s all about breathability vs. comfort. Leather no doubt brings more comfort and coziness for long hour sittings. However, the breathability part in this section doesn’t compete with one in mesh fabric.

On the other hand, mesh fabric has better synthetic characteristics, and it becomes your savior not only in summers but also in humid conditions where leather sticks to your skin.

So, before shopping for your desired fabric material, do check out which upholstery material fights well against its weakness.

Make a list of Ergonomics You Want: There are several types of office chairs available in the market. The ergonomic chairs are the most popular breed one can utilize well and maintain easily. However, you need to understand the ergonomics standard here.

The ergonomics vary from person to person, and it’s dead true that one chair which is comfortable and fit to my body size may not perform well in another person’s scenario.

So, in that situation, I am mentioning some standards to judge an office chair ergonomics.

Never forget about the weight limit: You know how to map a chair’s durability? This is the point where you are standing right now. How much weight a chair can easily handle shows its frame quality and resistance. From 250 to 300lbs, this limit is somewhat okay for not so solemn masses.

Yet, if you are one of those unfortunate chubby and chunky professionals who are much hotheaded about the chair’s weight limit, the right category for you to find in-between 330 to 400 pounds, going beyond this limit will entertain some exceptional examples.

Backrest Adjustments Changes the Game: Backrest design, adjustability, padding, and height are the stimulants for your good back posture, spine health, and overall comfort. Every person has a different sitting posture, so most comfortable office chairs should come up with a versatile backrest.

In contrast to gaming chairs, the office chair doesn’t recline to extreme degrees. However, from 90 to 130-degrees is a good range to enjoy. But in this scenario, the critical part is how many locking positions you get.

More tilt locking positions mean more dynamic backrest will be. So, adopt a chair that can produce smooth reclining with better locking abilities.

So these are some of the very “attention-seeking” points to which you should look upon before making any decision. Apart from this, you can also consider budget, backrest height, warranty, and customer support.

The Bottom Line – Hitting Right Spot:

Finding the best office chair might take your sweat and blood. However, to make this procedure a child’s play for you, as you know, I have listed down 7 of the most comfortable office chairs with all their ups and down points.

Yet, it’s the time to narrow down the search further and pick the best among all of them.

So, straight and clear, my easy and obvious recommendation is Steelcase Gesture, as this chair is a clear winner in my list. The chair is premium luxury fetching magnificent updates, tuning, tweaks, and many fabulous features from its sister series.

The rolling seat, flawless design, matchless stitching, and jaw-dropping warranty security make this a supreme performer and the best chair for long hours sitting.

And what armrests setup! You’ll merely find such approach and execution flawlessly done by a brand.

But factually, this premium chair breed may become an expensive piece for some of the folks. In that case, you can have a look at the ErgoHuman All mesh chair with integrated smart lumbar support to give you a fusion of breathability and comfort. Also, the armrests are padded with soft leather material to make things easier for skinny and bony elbows.

This chair is cheaper than Steelcase; however, it still prevails above the 500$ limit. Consequently, if you are much narrow at the budget line and don’t want to lose your comfort, Serta BIM best leather office chair could be a fine choice.

A heavily multi-layer padded chair works on some practical Back-in Motion technology. The comfort, durability, and practicality are there under a manageable budget.

Well, these are some of the best office seating furniture I can vouch for you due to their stronghold in performance, comfort, and durability. Apart from these recliners, you can also consider other chairs according to your need and requirements.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

What is the problem of a chair without armrests?

There are many problems with lack of armrests, like you won’t be able to execute a workable posture for your arms while computing, gaming, and other desk work. Besides, you won’t find support for your arms to relax, thus may cause shoulder fatigue.

Is there any necessity for the best office chair to have back and neck support?

Leg and neck supports are ultimately the good tools to keep the spine in good posture and fight against pain, tension, and soreness in the muscles. Manufacturers mostly don’t focus much on neck support in low-budget chairs. While on the other hand, back support remains a crucial component in every recliner.

What size office chair do I need?

As far as the width is concerned, 17 to 21 inches is a regular standard here. Similarly, if the backrest height is your primary concern, 23 to 28” mostly cover individuals below 6ft.

Are mesh office chairs better?

This is quite debatable. However, mesh arms produce better breathability. Durability and comfort are variables from model to model.

What is the difference between a high back and mid-back chair?

Mid-back chairs are purposed to give support from the lower spine to the mid of your back. It soothes your pelvic curve. Whereas high back chairs wholly support full-back to neck shoulders and upper part of the spine.

Calvin Allison