Best PS5 Gaming Chairs 2022 For PS5, PS4, PS3 and XBOX

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/03/23 •  17 min read
Best P5 Gaming Chairs

I know, you got a new e-sport member in your house, and that also brings some good and bad stuff along with it. The good stuff is definitely more enjoyment, a better gaming experience, and more exemplary satisfaction with your gaming needs.

But, What about the bad stuff?

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you aren’t going to spend your whole day in front of this new gadget. You know, you wouldn’t resist yourself. This means if you have a casual living room gaming chair, this will sooner or later haunt your shoulders, neck, and back.

Ultimately, a best PS5 gaming chair will save you in many ways in these circumstances.

Okay, we now have two scenarios. The one is, if you are upgrading from the previously boomed PS4 gaming chair, there is a whole new variety of ps5 chairs and accessories here in our list. In another way, if you are stepping up from your casual console gaming chair, you’ll also find some best PlayStation 4 gaming chairs, which’ll also be compatible with the 5th version of the Sony gaming console.

But how we choose the gaming chairs for PS5, PS4, and other consoles isn’t a “Secret” trick. You have to be a little cautious while selecting a ps5 game chair.

1. Razer Iskur Gaming Chair: Best PS5 Gaming Chair

The Razer Iskur is definitely not oriented from furniture giants, but you’ll undoubtedly witness some great qualities like aesthetics, ergonomics, and comfort. Whereas, you shouldn’t forget this comes at the cost of a premium.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Alongside, with some excellent design sense and signature black-green combination, making it a fantastic ps5 game chair that would also be compatible with PS4, Xbox one or 360, and other gaming consoles.

On the comfort part, the chair doesn’t feel soft, but comfort has been induced very well by the giant gaming peripherals maker. With the inclusion of PVC leather punched with a hexagon snake design, you’ll also find multiple sizes of this chair catering to bigger bodies.

Though the XL size isn’t for big guys over 400+ lbs, those under 350 lbs would happily enjoy comfortable sitting and fitting in the seat pan.

I always remain somewhat negatively biased towards integrated lumbar support. This PS5 game chair also comes with this type of lumbar support, but a fascination was there for me: the design sense of this lumbar support.

A side dialer pivots the C shape lumbar support outwards, making symmetry with your back. Big chubby guys wouldn’t feel this lumbar is a great influential thing, but it can hold around 75lbs of load without giving a feeling of flimsiness and breaking.

Other than this, I found armrest quality a top-notch point here. The 4D armrest gives you 8-way settings, but with such a premium price tag, I was expecting an armrest setup that could expand a little extra for larger bodies. Do you remember the Steelcase gesture, the chair with a tremendous extendable armrests setup? I was expecting such spice in this ps5 gaming chair.

Otherwise, The Razer Iskur is the name of superior built quality, beauty, and a fabulous ergonomic console gaming chair for luxury gaming setups. The price ranges somewhat above midranges, but it’s perfectly said, you get what you pay for.

What We Find Good
  • Great built quality
  • Signature aesthetics show compatibility with PS4 and PS5 or XBOX
  • An exclusive pack of ergonomics
  • Impactful integrated lumbar support
  • Holds above 300lbs
What We May Not Find Good
  • Has premium price tag
  • Run short of extendable footrest

Why should one buy this?

Razer has a majority of share in the gaming peripherals market. If you are a Razer fan or have razer accessories, this will sweetly comply with your setup. Apart from this, if you don’t want to experiment on comfort and durability, this is indeed an absolute go.

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2. GTRacing Ace M1: Good All-rounder PS5 chair

OK, remember I asked you to identify your goal between necessity and the budget. So, if you are much curved toward the budget part but don’t want to leave the hands of performance and aesthetics, this one rightly complies with your needs. Yes, it’s the closest “similar” design of the famous Secretlab titan, but it fulfills your evil desires of luxury at the price of peanuts.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

On the material part, you’ll find some touch ups of carbon fiber on the corner, back, and some seat areas. This raises the user’s confidence in the finishing part, which is really durable in reality.

I like it gives you maximum exposure regarding the ergonomics part with 170 degrees reclining, 4D armrests, and rocking function. The execution and assembly of the components are sublime, but I find the armrest button a little hard to press. Also, the armrest quality seems a bit thumbs down compared to the overall finishing.

However, it held great endurance for over a year without any worry.

Apart from this, let’s be more specific (which is our real point of interest). Taking it as the best ps5 gaming chair, what are the most prominent thumbs up here?

The “Inspired” aesthetics, durability, full range of ergonomics, and manageable budget bring it in a list of high-end gaming chairs.

On the other hand, you have a big lumbar cushion which isn’t as squishy nor hard as a flat surface. But, there are no straps to adjust this cushion, which may feel annoying when staying hours and hours in front of the new ps5 gaming console.

What We Find Good
  • Excellent molded cold-cured foam offers great anti-oxidation for all skin type
  • Eyeballs catching aesthetics
  • Class4 cylinder to lift bigger bodies
  • Full ranges of gaming ergonomics in a reasonable budget
  • Smooth and squeak-free performance
What We May Not Find Good
  • Armrest quality doesn’t match with the overall build quality
  • Lumbar support isn’t fully functional or rightly designed

Why should one buy this?

Yes, this isn’t the perfect chair in the town. But look at its price tag and its incredible elegance consist of the same standard performance. You won’t get it in any other low-mid range PlayStation 5 gaming chair. To give an exotic match with your white ps5 gaming console, this will magnificently make a pair with your setup.

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3. RESPAWN RSP-900: Best Recliner chair for PlayStation 5

If you are a player comfortable playing with remote controllers and equally demands a relaxed posture, this is something that you can trust. Also, for the users who are not in the mood to have a conventional console gaming chair, it’s the best alternative for console gaming and watching tv or Netflix without disturbing your e-sport aesthetics norms.


Factually, it’s not a kind of recliner made for big bulky guys. Wholly wrapped with superb quality leather that doesn’t stick to your bones in summers, the design is made for teenagers and kids to admire.

Both the fixed armrests have cup holders, so you can enjoy meals and energy drinks during your e-sport sessions.

On the other hand, and expectedly, as the recliner chairs have limited reach on the ergonomics side, you won’t find anything extraordinary here – the same 135-degree recline, neck cushions, fixed armrest, and foldable footrest.

The footrest part is an excellent point here if you are looking for something that also serves you as a good napping platform. However, there is one point movement; either it goes fully up or drops fully down. There is no center point or locking option for further adjustment.

Meanwhile, if you ask me what type of chair this is for your new ps5 console, I would say, take it as an intermediate chair for moderate sitting hours. The overall comfort level is pretty high; however, it doesn’t have an effective lumbar solution which may haunt you in long sitting positions. 

What We Find Good
  • The leather quality is supreme
  • Can hold up to 275lbs without being shaky
  • Armrest are cushiony for great elbows comfort
  • Backrest and footrest movements are independent
  • Recline up to 135-degrees with excellent stability
  • Footrest provides extra support to your legs
What We May Not Find Good
  • Not a platform for weighty persons
  • Footrest has only one range of movement

Why should one buy this?

Yes, most of the time, you get suggested for sofas, recliner couches, and racing chairs. This recliner chair is for those who want to add symmetry between style, comfort, and gaming ease. Respawn-900 is an excellent budget recliner chair with a moderate range of comfort options and has a strong foundation for long-term usage.

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4. X Rocker 5139601: Best Rocker Chair for PS5

Rocker chairs are pretty famous for console gaming, and for that, don’t forget this elegant boy with master-class aesthetics, sound performance, and comfort. Usually, rocker chairs are floor chairs, and often people dislike them due to poor stability while utilizing these. But, you won’t have such issues with this pedestal chair as its design also allows you to take a short nap.

X Rocker 5139601

If you ask me for a one-liner review for this chair, I would say, a good entertainer with a compromised ergonomic profile.

That’s because you get 2 speakers and 1 AFM technology-enabled subwoofer at your head side that adds realism into your gaming experience. You also get speakers in racing gaming chairs like GTracing offers, so what’s so special about this chair?

The AFM technology amplifies the sound without distorting the quality so enjoy the bass and stereo sound more efficiently, turning your gameplays more fun and exciting. Additionally, you’ll find this chair giving you flawless compatibility with other gaming consoles, which is a big plus point if you own both Xbox and PlayStation.

Moreover, the manufacturer has added a dedicated control panel to adjust the equalizer for your sound settings. With dialers like buttons, you can adjust the bass and other settings.

On the other hand, the limited adjustability only consists of adjustable gunstock armrests, a kind of relief for your elbows and shoulders. Otherwise, the lumbar support is only a thick layer of foam, and you also can’t adjust the height.

But the leather padding is exceptionally soft. There is no question about the quantity of padding as you’ll find paramount cushioning and softness. But watch out for the summer season as it has a low score on the breathability report card.

Seeing this, if you live in a hot state or a fortune user in the gulf, bring an air-conditioner with this thing.

What We Find Good
  • Great sound quality and cross-compatibility with various gaming consoles
  • Premium upholstery
  • Dedicated control panel to fine-tune your sound settings
  • Stylish looking gunstock armrests
  • Firm stability while utilizing it
  • Cream like assembly
What We May Not Find Good
  • This isn’t a cool boy – poor breathability
  • Limited range of ergonomics

Why should one buy this?

If you are a fan of rocker chairs, this is certainly a bestselling entity in the space. The sound quality and stability are the two factors here to trust in this chair for an excellent gaming experience. On the other hand, it’s not a secret that it doesn’t break your bank with its price tag.

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5. AutoFull Conquer Gaming Series: Best Footrest Gaming Chair for PS5, PS4 and XBox

The market is full of footrest desk gaming chairs, and Autofull offers nothing out of this world when we look in this department. However, on a reasonable budget, you get a chair worth 3 years warranty, carbon fiber materials, and a rocking feature, which is like long-term performance packed in a handsome deal.

AutoFull Gaming Chair

The Conquer series is almost an excellent ergonomics package, with my only complaint about the armrest doing only 2D movement. But apart from the typical rectangular shape lumbar support, this ps5 game chair comes with a heart shaped big lumbar cushion with soft memory foam padding inside.

The heart-shaped lumbar support has a wings-like design that fully covers your pelvis, lower to mid-back. Also, it helps to keep your left and right pelvis intact and saves you considerable time from soreness and fatigue.

One thing I assumed about Autofull’s thinking about this series is, it has done a lot of homework on the ergonomics part. Alongside the differently designed lumbar support, the neck cushion isn’t just a formality here. The soft memory neck cushion is nicely designed to positively support your neck’s natural curve in good shape.

So, you enjoy the most prolonged gaming hours without any shoulder and neck fatigues. 

I also like the 25-degree rocking function with a combination of 170-degree multi-position backrest recline. The backrest feels firm in a rocking position, and the 5-star metal frame stabilizes the chair well.

Moreover, the retractable footrest has a reasonable length, so persons over 5.2 to 6 feet can extend their legs without any worry. 

What We Find Good
  • Good ergonomic value
  • Excellent finishing and design
  • Support cushioning is impressive
  • The 25-degree rocking function is a great addition under a reasonable budget
  • Good 3-years warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Only 2D armrests
  • Bit expensive than its footrest competitors

Why should one buy this?

Autofull Conquer series has a strong reputation in the market, and it awesomely matches your PlayStation 5 gaming chair search. With good ergonomic value and magnificent finishing and aesthetics, you get beauty with performance.

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The Bottom Line – Which You Should Finally Choose?

As you are looking for the best PS5 gaming chair that should also comply with your ps4, you must specify the chair type you are looking for. It will make the math easy for you. But still, if you haven’t found your loved ps5 chair, I am here to help you with that regard.

For me, in the desk chair category, My ultimate winner is the Razer Iskur gaming chair. The class, style, and finishing are way different from its competitors. Yes, it’s a bit on the expensive side, but you get a touch of practical innovation, no unnecessary flexes, outstanding durability, and style that can match every setup and gaming console.

On the other hand, if you are on the recliner and sofa side, Both X rocker and Respawn-900 can do the job. Factually, both are different categories, but for your purpose, these are the top products in this regard. The ergonomic value of both chairs is almost average, but cushioning is something that will force you to take a second look.

Other than these, you can choose your ps5 game chair according to your requirement.

Buying a New PS5 gaming chair – You Must Know This:

Necessity Vs the Budget:

Hanging between necessity and the budget, you really have to ask yourself a question. What is more important to you? Is there a genuine necessity? Or do you just want to upgrade as you have piles of extra cash and want to correlate with the new luxurious gaming gadget?

Once you have all your answers, you’ll find the exact and righteous product for your needs, whether you have Xbox, PS4, or PS5. Don’t take me wrong here, I am asking you to sit in a Yoga pose, close your eyes and start searching for answers in a dramatic way.

Actually, you have to ascertain what type of chair you already have, are you comfortable with it, do you really need an upgrade. Such kind of self-questioning will lead you to your best ps5 gaming chair.

If you ask my genuine and robust opinion about upgrading desk setup, I would say, “do it! only if it seems financially feasible to you.”

So, for the shortest advice, necessity has more potential influence over the other things.

Ergonomics – Don’t compromise over it:

Whether you play on joystick or default controllers, potentially, your arms and shoulders become more prone to fatigue and soreness. Apart from a well-built and designed lumbar support, an excellent armrest should be your topmost priority.

The market is full of 2D to 4D armrest systems; I would say you don’t have to settle yourself on less than a 4D armrest system with good materials as the topmost criteria to observe. Hard plastic could be a problem for your elbows, so go for soft plastic, fabric, or carbon plastic materials.

Additionally, good lumbar support is also a “do or die” factor here. Don’t be a relaxed buyer on so-called integrated plastic lumber. As I mentioned above, you will not leave your PS5 after short gaming sessions. Your cravings for gaming on a newly arrived system would definitely be touching the sky.

In this scenario, don’t do injustice with your back with poorly designed backrest and lumbar supports – More adjustable lumbar support, more goodness.

Type of Chair You should choose – You still has choice:

Console gaming is somewhat different from PC gaming in the sense of sitting and setup. With PC setup, you mostly have to rely on conventional PC gaming chairs here; you have the choices of recliners, sofas and couches, Simulators, PC gaming chairs, floor, and pedestal rocker chairs, etc.

Yes, sofas, couches, and other rocker chairs don’t provide that stuff (ergonomics) which I mentioned above.

But the truth is I can’t enforce my opinion on you; I can only advise the best. So for short gaming sessions, these types of chairs also do the best for you with a combination of other gaming accessories like lapboards, portable recliners, etc.

Budget – This also put an Impact:

Again, luxury always comes on the shoulder of a high budget. What budget range you are hanging in, I don’t know. But you can get a handsome pick under 500$. But if you are brand or luxury-conscious, make your mind about at least 1000 bucks. For 1000$, you can get the Herman miller, SteelCase, or likes of these luxury brands, which will definitely give you some good value over the regular gaming chairs.

Other than these, you can watch out for materials, additional supports, and warranty setups.

Calvin Allison