Cheap gaming chairs under $50 – Find Good Value 50 Dollar Gaming Chairs

Cheap gaming chairs under $50 in 2021

Finding a cheap gaming chair under $50 means you are probably extremely short on the budget after spending multi-thousands on your gaming setup. I know your curiosity about the availability of gaming chairs for less than 50 dollars. Also, you might have searched a lot in the “used gaming chair for sale” section.

But I have a piece of good news for you! A best 50 dollar gaming chair isn’t much rarity in the market. For such a tiny budget, there are still plenty of good boys in the market that’ll handsomely complete your gaming setup without looking any odd.

Yes, you have to make some little compromises on the quality and features department, which is absolutely a naked truth. But still, I have a list of chairs that won’t feel like you’re being kicked in the back and ribs after spending long gaming sessions.

So, let’s jump onto these;

SerialChair NameItem Dimensions LxWxHItem Weight
1.NOBLEWELL24 x 17.3 x 37.8 inches ‎20 pounds
2.PatioMage21.25 x 11 x 21.25 inches 22 pounds
3.Amazon Basics Mesh25.2 x 24.02 x 40.35 inches25.6 pounds
5.Cohesion XP 2.125.7 x 18.3 x 16.6 inches18.65 Pounds

1. Noblewell – Best Cheap Gaming Chair under $50


Though it’s slightly above the 50$ mark, it provides enhanced ergonomic performance, sturdy build quality, and decent seat comfort factors. If you haven’t been convinced by the Patiomage chair, it offers better value but definitely with a little difference in the price.

It’s a mid-back chair, but what tried to convince me is the Ribs and spine line structure that support your back well. However, I would have loved it on the highest levels if there was an adjustable lumbar in the package. But current lumbar support design and setup support your back for mid-hour usage.

It is further followed by adjustable armrests. Though these are plastic made but don’t dig in your bones. The flip-up mechanism has one-position 90-degree movement; it’s beneficial for use during desk work, gaming, and study courses. I found movement a little hard initially, but it got smooth with the time passing.

The chair is a 300lbs enabled platform, and that seems a well-retained claim. This is still a slightly short chair, but it flawlessly held 250+ lbs in my testing and experience. With such weight, there was no squeak, friction, or any tension during reclining from 90-120 degrees.

The reclining range isn’t much broad, but it’s still a blessing within this budget range. And don’t worry, it’s a BIFMA certified chair that’s enough to ensure your safety.

Overall, it’s a perfect ergonomic platform for gamers and professionals.

What We Find Good
  • Good adjustability
  • Build quality is excellent, and BIFMA certified
  • Can support 300lbs
  • It reclines to 120-degree
  • Have 5 years of warranty
What We May Not Find Good
  • Padding isn’t much dense
  • Plastic armrests

Why should one buy this?

Though it’s not under 50$, it can be the best gaming chair under 100. It’s above the most basic adjustability and gives you a reclining feature, flip-up arms, and good lumbar support. The build quality looks decent for the users who are in search of value-to-money goods.

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2. Patiomage: Good Value Chair under 50


Finding a cheap ergonomic chair under 50$ can be an arduous task, in fact, an impossible task to do. But not now with this Patiomage mesh gaming chair that has immense value to provide you within your tightest budget line. With flip-up arms and a nice backrest design, it has those ergonomic vibes which you can’t find anywhere else in this segment.

On the upholstery part, these chairs come with a soft mesh fabric that remains super cool during summers. Besides, the full mesh back fabric doesn’t lose its place and remains intact no matter how long and heavy you go.

The only thing that may trouble heavy adults is the size and density of the seat and cushioning, respectively. The chair is small in size, which may be a discomfort for larger bodies. Similarly, you can say this chair has dense padding that’ll save your buts for longer sittings.

Teenagers and slim-fit persons can use it for short-mid-hour sittings, but going with it for 8-9 hours won’t be a cool idea for your body parts. No complaints here as you have to see the budget point also here.

I like the idea; it has fixed lumbar support (although it’s just to fill the spot) and flip-up armrests that you’ll struggle to find in this furniture segment. The plastic armrests are small however give you smooth 90-degree movement during your desk, console, and PC gaming.

This definitely adds big numbers to its ergonomic value.

On the other hand, the manufacturer displays it as a 300lbs club member. But in some cases, it falls to breakage and cracking when a similar numbered weight is put on this chair. In my experience, this can easily hold 225lbs instead of marketed 300lbs.

Overall, the chair is a good value for office professionals, casual gamers, and students.

What We Find Good
  • Good value of money
  • Flip-up arms is an exception here
  • Can hold up to 220lbs
  • Mesh fabric is super cool
  • The backrest frame is made up of nylon
What We May Not Find Good
  • Some reports of breaking of backrest nut on heavyweights
  • Small chair for adults

Why should one buy this?

If you are looking for an ergonomic cheap gaming chair under $50 and also has slim fit physic, you can’t get better than this. It’s somewhat out of the “basic adjustability” zone and comes with flip arms and good seat cushioning. But again, it’s short and can be an awesome pick for teenagers and slim-fit persons. 

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3. AmazonBasics Mid-Back: Good Mesh Back 50 Dollar Gaming Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back

Though it’s more on the office chair side, yet you need comfort and a “Proper” chair on a budget; it won’t look bad sitting next to your gaming setup. With soft cushioning, well build quality, and plastic lumbar support, it’s a sheet comfort provider for as much as 5-6 hours of continuous sitting.

The overall back is mesh and made up of stretchable fabric to maintain the back tautness and keep the durability game up to the mark. But, the mesh becomes highly favorable for those who prefer high breathability over coziness. 

So, it’s a fabulous budget chair of summers and humid seasons

On the other side, the padding doesn’t sag, crinkle, or get hardened after some time. Even though the seat cushioning is decent, it doesn’t build for longer uses. Users (depending on their size) may find themselves a little tired after spending long sessions for about 8-9 hours. For midrange sitting sessions, it does a handsome job.

So, it can be an excellent pick for casual and regular sittings, not for extended sessions.

As it’s a chair under 50 bucks, don’t expect great ergonomics with the package. Apart from the basic seat height adjustment, you get fixed armrests that feel soft for your elbows and forearms. Similarly, plastic lumbar support isn’t much practical for more extended uses but somehow supports your back for casual sitting and short-term relaxation.

But, it really surprises you with a 225 lbs weight limit without any squeak and friction in the components. This absolutely certifies its good build quality and capabilities it got blessed with.

What We Find Good
  • Mesh back is highly comfortable and breathable
  • Cushioning is decent
  • Admirable build quality
  • Ample weight limit
What We May Not Find Good
  • Very basic adjustability
  • For only casual and short term use

Why should one buy this?

If you are finding a casual seating platform for office and home use, this can well settle with your purpose. Though it comes with basic adjustability, the comfort level for short timings is splendid and admirable. It can be a perfect gift for your gamer kid’s Christmas and birthday gift.

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4. Crew Furniture: Decent Leather Rocker Chair

Crew Furniture

Rockers are highly famous for video entertainment and console gaming. Apart from the list of best gaming chairs for Xbox one, this is one of the cheapest rocker chairs available in the market.

A chair under 50 dollars, what do you expect from it? Any guesses? With minimal adjustability and simplistic design, it gives you mediocre comfort and acts as a utility against sitting on the ground.

So, you can take it as a kid chair for watching cartoons, console gaming, and other stuff. Apart from this, if you are an adult and looking for a budget rocker chair for long-term use, this may not fulfill your expectations.

Why am I saying this?

The faux leather is less breathable and won’t be a sweet option in the mid and peak summers. But it goes well with somewhat or pretty cold areas. Additionally, it’s not the best against the gravity and stability metrics. The adults have reported some cases that it flips back if a higher weight is put on this chair.

That’s why I suggested not picking it for adult usage.

On the other hand, the overall padding isn’t much bulkier but supplies good comfort for shorter time frames. Averagely around 5-6 hours. This is because the chair is fundamental on the adjustability grounds. I mean, no neck support, no armrests; this will definitely disturb you for longer time frames.

I know, there are many negatives along with positives. However, it can be a nice option if you have the tightest budget and want to give your kids a Christmas, birthday, or regular day gift.

What We Find Good
  • Good back support, which doesn’t get while sitting on the ground
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • A good value option for kids and short term usage
  • Comfortable sitting
What We May Not Find Good
  • Average stability
  • Poor breathability

Why should one buy this?

For users looking for console leather rocking chairs under a budget, it’s definitely the cheapest 50 dollar gaming chair. Yes, it’s elementary and has some stability issues, but it’s way better than for your kids sitting on the ground for longer periods and affecting their physical health.

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5. Cohesion XP 2.1: Good Value Rocker Chair Under 50

Cohesion XP 2.1

If the Crew furniture classic rocker chair didn’t fascinate you, here is the cohesion XP 2.1 with some of the unbelievable features coming in such a tiny budget. The addition of two speakers for added fun, space-saving folding design, and good comfort bring in a league of the best cheap chairs under 50 bucks.

First of all, I was genuinely stunned by the two speakers that can get functional with AUX cable. The sound isn’t much of high quality, but it fulfills the need for fun/entertainment while you use this chair. Factually, placing this feature in such a feature is such a smart move, and it seems like an exception here.

On the other hand, the chair is light and portable but has a space-saving folding design; it’s something you can’t ask for more at such a price. It easily gets folded and can be placed under your table or in a small corner of the room.

The comfort level is supreme, but you can only take this chair for a little – mediocre level sitting. The microfiber upholstery is maybe a slight off for leather lovers. But in response, this is soft, highly breathable, and decently durable.

However, cushioning seems hard in first use and gets adjusted after some time. But it’s highly breathable and has no stickiness given the humid and summer conditions.

But then, there is minimal adjustability that probably won’t suit you to go long hour sitting sessions. Furthermore, it isn’t a big platform, so adults will mostly find it short and relatively less spacious to get adjusted. It can be a good option for teenagers and growing kids.

What We Find Good
  • The addition of loudspeakers is a good option for entertainment
  • Foldable space-saving design
  • Mesh fabric supplies good breathability
  • Good stability
What We May Not Find Good
  • Not so sturdy quality
  • Limited adjustability

Why should one buy this?

With good entertainment features and space-saving design, it’s a good rocker chair for teenagers. Limited adjustability is also an issue here, but what can this chair deliver to you on a limited budget? Fun, entertainment, and flexible saving option during your study and gameplays.

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The Bottom Line: Who Wins the Race:

I know the competition is tough here. I mean, we can’t judge easily which product has the better value against our budget. But let me share my opinion here.

I have two recommendations right now. The PatioMage Mesh chair and Noblewell mid back chair are my winners for the cheap gaming chairs under 50$. However, I would recommend Nobelwell to those who can slightly adopt flexibility on the budget side. For this, it offers good ergonomics value a good lumbar design, moveable armrests and recline feature. Yet, still it’s a small chair despite a capacity of 300lbs.

On the other hand, Patiomage is also a good chair under 50 dollars. This is also a small platform with basic adjustability but has a strong edge over unstable rocker, bean bags and most basic office chairs. The good padding and flip up arms supports your comfort level well but it can’t bear heavy weight despite being marketed for 300lbs weight limit.

Also, you can check other 50 dollar gaming chairs according to your preferences and requirements.

What to Consider while buying the cheapest gaming under $50:

Yes, you can find cheap chairs under 50. But it’s also a naked truth; you have to compromise significantly. Mean it’s obvious you can’t get a 4D armrest, a straight flat-able backrest, and much more. Let’s give it a read what to expect when considering cheap chairs under 50.

Upholstery can be a trick here: A high probability here is you’ll find fabric or mesh here. But don’t get amazed if you find leather chairs in this price range. Yes, you can still find these here.

However, breathability and durability will be major points to have a check on.

I would suggest looking for a mesh chair (stretchable mesh is preferable). Mesh can perform better in this segment than the leather of this category. Additionally, the mesh can be a good option if you live in highly humid and heated areas – that’s pretty obvious.

Armrests – No Complexity Here: Basically, there is a game here between no armrests or flip-up armrests. Nothing below this or above this. In case you find something better like 1D armrests, which will be a bonus here. But mostly, you have to face a flip-up armrest, and that’s a standard of this category.

Otherwise, if you are going for a gaming console chair or rockers chairs, no armrests shouldn’t be a surprise for you.

Moreover, you’ll only get a plastic armrest instead of synthetic rubber or soft plastic. You have to bear that due to the budget line.

Weight Limit and Chair Size Also a Key Player Here: Class3 gas lift mechanism is a standard. However, a lot of bluffs here. Many brands claim a bombastic weight limit that turns out to be a marketing stunt when someone heavy-weighted experiences these chairs.

You have to be a little cautious, and there’s no trick to judge this bluff apart from checking the reviews of this chair before buying. That’s why we picked those chairs that are far away from foul marketing.

Anyways, 225lbs is a standard here, and you can also get some chairs targeting the 300lbs club. That will be a huge value for overweight teens and adults.

And what about the size of the chairs? This is the segment of slim fit and teens. For heavy-weight persons, there is a hard game here. You and I have to admit it. Yes, I know 300lbs is a nice weight limit, but dimensions play a big role in this segment. And in that particular area, don’t expect some big seating platforms.

Reclining or Tilt or Rocking? Tough question! Getting an elongated tilt here is a rarity. Standardly, there should be fixed-back. If you want to locate some bonuses or treasures, there can be 110- 135-degree tilt available.

On the other way, finding a rocking chair in this budget line will really be a hard task. To summarize it genuinely, you mostly have to rely on fixed-back.

Apart from these checkpoints, you can prioritize build quality, size, and dimensions, foam density, etc. Set these points according to your preferences.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

How much is a cheap gaming chair?

Given the above listings, you can find a 50$ chair in the market. But to look out for cheaper gaming chairs, you can still find them within a 30$ budget but obviously durability and quality will be a mess there.

What is the best gaming chair under 50?

You’ll find many, but in my list I have nominated Patiomage and Nobelwell as the best cheap chairs under 40. Otherwise, you can find many rockers, bean bags and portable gaming chairs in this budget line.

How much should I pay for a gaming chair?

Honestly speaking, if you are looking for a budget chair, 100-150$ range has many gems. But if you are a little standard and brand conscious, do watch out for 300+ chairs.

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