Gaming Chairs Vs. Office Chairs

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  6 min read

Gaming chairs? No, Office Chairs, but gaming chairs……. If you have been through this confusion while selecting a furniture seat, My Dear, you are the nth number victim of the Gaming chairs vs. office chairs battle.

Chairs seldom come expensive, and one can’t afford the wrong selection. The market unfold a division into two categories, that is gaming chairs or office chairs. As the name suggests, each furniture type targets a particular domain. 

However, a 2nd thought is still sticking with people’s minds: is it necessary to pet a fully dedicated chair for their purpose? Which one is more comfortable and adaptive to a specific scenario?

All these queries and related to these that are boggling in your mind will be answered here.

Gaming Chairs Vs. Office Chairs – Don’t Become a Passenger of Two Boats

Well, the tussle between the gaming vs. office chairs isn’t the hard one. The short answer is, Comfort is the ultimate winner either comes this way or that way.

Moreover, preference plays an important role on the surface. Both the chair types blossom great comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

Yet, the divergence lies in the preferences and purpose that makes you able to decide your way.

For example, Gamers mostly look at style, aesthetics, and bucket seats in gaming chairs. This sort of preference doesn’t make an office chair a perfect match even if it holds a mountain of positive reputation in its zone.

Similarly, gaming chairs mostly come in PU leather and fabric materials. If one prefers mesh materials and decent looks, the e-sport recliners may not find a settlement on the selection criteria.

Consequently, the whole idea is to be clear and confident about your preferences. It would lead you toward your destination.

But under the hood, there are some major differences pop out in the Gaming chairs vs. offices chairs match. Let’s have a look at what is in the box?

Office chairs vs. Gaming Chairs – What are the Actual Differences

From exteriors to mechanics to pricing, there are some of the most prominent highlights that create a difference in both furniture categories.

Ergonomic gaming chairs vs. Office chairs: Who enjoys the utmost Degree?

Are gaming chairs worth it? You’ll find this another most hyped query in your chair hunt. To this question, I always say, talking about ergonomics? Yes! The gaming chairs are worth it.

Straightforwardly, ergonomics is the major difference between both categories.

The modern-day best gaming chairs enjoy plenty of ergonomics for every part of your body from upper back to feet. Remarkably, today’s gaming chair becomes a multi-tasker apart from gaming. This furniture family rewards you with flexibility for relaxing, sleeping, studying, and other activities.  

That’s why the Adjustable support cushions, deep reclining ability, armrest adjustability to 4D movements, and other knick-knacks renders gaming chairs a strong earner of aggressive ergonomics.

On the other hand, the office chairs are supposed to be placed in professional and formal environments. Such scenarios restrict the usability of office chairs; thus, office chairs mostly earn comparatively low ergonomics power.

Only if you ask me how? Let me embellish one great difference here.

Gaming chairs remit you deep reclining abilities up to 180 degrees with multiple locking positions to adore variable postures for every different task. In contrast, the office chairs don’t offer such features and only rocks to a maximum of 130 to 140 degrees with or without a locking feature.

So in a discussion of Gaming chairs vs. office chairs, the preference and environment’s impact is real. And for that purpose, ergonomics is the most prominent and significant difference in both categories.

Mid Back vs. High Back Chair: Another Breakthrough that Eases Down Your Selection 

Conventional office chairs mostly target mid-back; that’s why you find mostly seats without headrest or adjustable headrest. Moreover, sometimes you also get a full or high back chair to support your neck and upper spine. But then, the gaming chairs take great negotiations at backrest height and width to handle the tallest creatures.

There is no concept of a mid-back gaming chair, as almost every game fanatic looks for high back chairs to find great neck support in its free time.

Racing Gaming Seats Vs. Lower Lip Office Seats: Who Mark a Win?

Gaming chairs are mostly influenced by the racing car seats; that’s why majorly come in two fundamental designs: wing/bucket seat and upper lip shape.

For the bucket seat design, the idea is taken from racing car seats that keep the driver stick to a good driving position in aggressive twist and turns. It keeps the lower body firm, not allowing any driving mismanagement. Whereas, in the case of gaming seats, it’s just a sporty design with less practicality.

It’s counterproductive for those who keep changing the seating position.

Likewise, the upper lip model is also inspired by the racing car seat, embracing an elevated seat’s front edge. This shape is useful for the driver’s legs to remain firm on the acceleration and brake pedals. However, as gaming sessions are hours and hours-long sitting activity, legs must keep a 90-degree angle not to develop any fatigue.

So, in the case of gaming chairs, it sometimes makes a jumble to keep the comfort locked for extended sitting sessions.

On the other side of the ocean, office chairs come with U, W, and lower-lip shapes, delivering a very practical and good posture for professionals. The lower-lip shape helps you to maintain a 90-degree angle while keeping your legs content with the ground.

So the whole summary of this comfort algebra is, both chairs produce comfort-oriented design, thickness, and padding. Yet, office chairs with its simplistic design and much practical approach provide more seating comfort than gaming chairs.

My Take – What the Actual Fuss?

As we discussed above, the main thing that impacts the decision is the preference and associated environment. Also, one thing more to bear in mind, comfort is individually subjective. Even a high-class chair has few bad reviews. It’s just because one seating furniture that works for your body size and posture may not work well with a different one.

So, in a race of Gaming chairs vs. Office chairs, who is the winner? The short answer is – Your Preference or Purpose.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Are gaming chairs comfortable? 

Yes, these are primarily built for extreme long hour sittings, so comfort is the first thing that gets induced in their manufacturing. Better ergonomics, advanced design techniques, and wide seats make things comfortable for you.

Are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairs?

As we have discussed above, it entirely depends on your preference and way of use.

Why are office chairs so expensive?

To keep the comfort and durability a major ingredient of your office chairs without aggressive ergonomics, it costs the manufacturer millions $ to develop an ergonomically sound chair. Lots of studies, research, and prototypes raise the end product cost. But actually, you can find the best office chair under 100 but wouldn’t be a piece of durable furniture as it is supposed to be.

Calvin Allison