How to fix an office chair that won’t stay up – A Quick Hydraulic Fix

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 • 
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Chair sinking is a common problem that usually smashes your purchase due to the chair’s hydraulic system failure. Imagine you have infused a hefty 300 to 500 capital on a chair, and its hydraulic system just goes out of the track right after your purchase. And the manufacturer not welcoming a warranty claim adds more fire to the matter.

But you know! You are the CHAMPION in your home.  

You know exactly how to fix an office chair that won’t stay up in the right position. Don’t be so shocked, as the chair pneumatic cylinder fix isn’t rocket science to understand. There are two most popular hacks to fix an office chair that keeps going down.

However, you should first know what are the genuine causes to which your chair keeps sinking? You should also comprehend the mechanism behind the hydraulic system and how to fix hydraulic chairs in case of fault?

What’s Inside the Pneumatic Cylinder of Office Chair?

In order to fix your chair without further investment, you should really identify what mechanism a pneumatic cylinder works through. As the name suggests, the cylinder utilizes extreme air pressure for height adjustments.

With that air pressure, the cylinder has a control valve that activates each time when you elevate or lower the height. The air pressure gets preserved and efficiently makes its work due to sealing. The air-tight sealing prevents the pneumatic cylinder from leaking the air pressure when you put a load. In short words, chair sinking happens after the leakage of air pressure due to faulty sealing.

Therefore, you locate gas lift cylinder classes in the market as they are being classified according to sealing quality and other build factors. Mostly best office chairs use a class4 gas cylinder that is an excellent cylinder class but sometimes fails.

Truthfully, you can’t change the cylinder sealing as it can explode due to air pressure and can cause damage. So, two most known chair pneumatic cylinder fixes or hacks charge-in to eliminate annoying chair sinking problems. Let’s watch out for how to fix office chair lift with these methods.

Pro Tip: Don’t drill down the air cylinder; it can burst the cylinder due to air pressure.

The PVC Pipe Method for Office Chair that Won’t Stay Up:

This method is a quick fix and can be a savior for chairs lowering down’s issue. High accuracy is an essential demand here as you won’t be able to adjust height after this method. So, you should “Ultimately” know what and how you are doing it.

Pro Tip: The better idea is to wrap the steel cylinder with duct tape to enhance the grip factor and then snap the PVC pipe.

The Cream Like Jubilee Clip/Hose Clamp Method:

Users prefer this method in most cases as it doesn’t necessitate any cutting, extra force, and specialized tools compared to the PVC pipe method. So how do you do it?

The Bottom Line – Conclusion:

So how to fix a chair that won’t stay up? I believe you pretty got the most practical and most accessible fixes in case of trouble. Many people look for a pneumatic cylinder replacement, but it costs somewhat higher. So, fixing a sinking chair with these methods better saves your day, efforts, and money.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

The Office chair won’t stay up after these methods?

You need to be firm and accurate while implementing these methods. If you don’t find success for the first time, try it the 2nd time by changing the measurements.

My chair keeps sinking. Do I need a chair pneumatic cylinder fix?

Drilling down or other amendments with cylinder are highly not recommended as there is an involvement of high risk due to cylinder explosion. Also, a cylinder fix would cost similar to buying a new one. So, to avoid further waste of money, you should firstly apply these mentioned methods.

Why does my chair keep lowering?

The major problem happens due to seal leakage. Due to this fault, the pneumatic cylinder loses the pressure that allows height adjustments. That’s why office chairs don’t stay up while sitting.

Calvin Allison

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