How to Get Rid of Sciatica Pain – Some Sciatica Do and Don’ts

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  8 min read

Let’s get straight to the point. Unfortunately, you have detected it; it’s no more casual back pain but sciatica that has hunted your lower body. I know you are not much interested in routine checkups in such painful conditions. So, how to get rid of sciatica pain while remaining maximum in your comfort zone?

As far as you are looking for some “YOUTUBE Miracles” or “Online Tricks”, let me be brutally genuine with you this time; relieving sciatica pain instantly is truly a nonsense in this real and medical world. However, some serious precautions and revamp of your eating and sitting habits can flip the sciatica conditions in lesser time.

But if you ask me, how long does sciatica pain last? It can be a matter of days, weeks, or months  – depending on the severity, your seriousness towards the recovery, and your overall routine.

With this topic, today, let assume some “Real” tips on how to get rid of sciatica nerve pain without heavily relying on the doctor.

How to get rid of sciatica pain? Some Good and Bad News:

Don’t be scared of the bad news; you can overcome these. Before revealing the Good and bad news, it’s evident that every circumstance depends on your behavior and discipline. Factually, your seriousness can extend or shorten the duration of sciatica.

Ok, The good news, if you are worried about will sciatica go away? Yes, you can get relief from this without coming under the knife of the hefty fee of doctors. Yet, it only depends on the severity and knowing the cause of the problem. The causes of sciatica nerve pain can be multiple, and you can’t really take a breath of relief without knowing the actual cause.

The most common reasons are poor sitting posture due to poor ergonomics and back support of the chair, an unfortunate injury, or poor sleeping position. Hunting the exact cause will help you to counter your hell pain effectively, indeed.

Now that bad news, don’t forget; you can encounter this with your discipline.

The symptoms and conditions can flare up again if you don’t follow strict measures after getting rid of sciatica pain. And worsening conditions can lead you towards you on the bed of surgery.

But here, this is not my point to scare you.

Below are some activities you can do at your home for natural sciatica relief.

Getting Rid of Nerve Pain – The Sciatica Do and Don’ts:

The Ice or Heat for Sciatica – Low to Mild Therapies:

Is heat good for sciatica? It totally depends on your symptoms and severity. Instead of heat, doctors suggest applying ice packs on affected areas. You probably think heat is a good killer of pain and sore muscles, then why ice?

The reason here is, the main culprit behind sciatica pain is inflammation. As heat stimulates the blood flow, your inflammation can worsen due to excessive blood supply in those affected parts. Consequently, try using ice packs for 15-20 minutes twice a day, depending on your condition.

In case of no relief with Ice therapy, you can try with heat. Well, I can suggest this too, but you can prioritize an appointment with a doctor rather than testing out which temperature hit the pain right.

Exercises and Stretches – Prepare yourself for the Next Battle:

Let’s admit it; we have left out the exercise and physical activities due to busiest office routines and online entertainment availability like Netflix and astonishing e-sport technologies. Sitting for longer durations has never been a good habit for overall health.

But specifically, this makes your lower back or hamstring weaker, making these parts highly prone to muscle pull-out or other injuries.

So, when it comes to sciatica do and don’ts, don’t be a bed junkie. Yes, bed rest can give maximum comfort, but it also elongates your conditions. I know unnecessary movements are painful in those circumstances but there are some famous stretches that can loosen up muscle stiffness and add flexibility to your spine movement and muscles.

So there are some stretches you can focus at:

Standing Hamstring stretch: It’s potent for hamstring issues.

Sitting Spinal Stretch: It may be hard for some users with severe conditions, but it is highly effective for normal back/lower back pain, hip and hamstring soreness, and overall getting rid of sciatica pain.

Sitting Pigeon Nose: It’s somewhat similar to sitting spinal stretch and can be helpful in potential hamstring issues.

Forward Pigeon Pose: This posture may become a tough stretch for extreme cases yet, it relaxes and stretches your stiff back, leg, and hip muscles, providing a good amount of relaxation against sciatica misery.

Leave the Damn Bad Eating Habits:

Fast and junk foods spice your taste buds; I agree with all means. However, you also know about the effects on your body. Fixing your eating habits is a crucial part here. Where you mostly rely on vegetables, fruits, and other best food for sciatica nerve pain, ample water consumption should be your priority.

For those who ask about how to get rid of sciatica pain without going for any exercises and stretches, save your muscles from dehydration. A dehydrated muscle has higher chances of painful shrinkage or unwanted injury.

As per the general medical advisory, consume at least 8 glasses of water daily and gradually increase that limit. This could really be a natural sciatica relief and barrier for future flare-ups. 

Bed Rest is Necessary – But not the Last option to live with:

If you have already consulted a doctor or physician or you are still relying on YouTube, Yes, the bed rest is good; in fact, it’s great. And doctors will also advise you to get a proper 8 hours sleep. However, it’s highly not advisable to act like a patient sticking to bed and keep asking yourself why is my sciatica not going away?

The reason behind not getting rid of sciatica can also be less movement or bad sitting posture that’ll further sore the pressure points for sciatica pain. Your regular chair can’t work in this scenario and you should buy a highly ergonomic best sciatica chair or recline/incliner. I also published an article on how to adopt a good sitting posture during sciatica conditions.

Lastly, take support from a chiropractor:

Trust me; I am telling you this while believing you are a lazy soul to do all the stuff mentioned above. Chiropractic sessions help to normalize the minor-to-less worst situation and really do miracles with proper body adjustment.

However, as it does some correction job on your posture, you’ll still need to do some work for stiff muscles. For that purpose, you can use different handheld massaging tools or have some spa or massaging techniques for sciatica to relax your muscles.

In case, you don’t see any improvement in your condition for more than 2 weeks; it is highly mandatory to consult a doctor to avoid any type of surgery.

The Bottom Line – Which is a Quick Fix?

Sciatica can really make one’s life hell, and the worst part of this situation is, it doesn’t leave you instantly. You have to be very disciplined to encounter this and avoid any likely scenario in the future.

So, how to get rid of sciatica pain?

I have given some of the home-based activities and lifestyle improving tips that can relieve sciatica pain instantly (minimum 2 weeks). However, some people also use anti-inflammatory drugs that sometimes do more harm than good.

The key here is, try to run as longer as you can on a natural and healthy diet course and do good exercises and stretches. Don’t use any drugs or medications without any proper consultation with your doctor.

Calvin Allison