How to Raise Office Chair Height – 3 Quick Tips for Raising Chair Height

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  5 min read

Factually, Even an excellent comfortable chair sometimes resides in the bad books of two unfortunate guys, The Exceptional Taller Guys and Unfortunate Fatty Bodies. But we have to understand; chair manufacturers give a limited height adjustment range and a weight capacity that doesn’t cover all the body types each time. That’s why I covered how to make your chair higher without a lever.

However, today’s topic is much more general and broader and will largely satisfy the pain points of those who pose taller legs like Giraffe.

How to raise an office chair higher even above its capacity? That’s the trick here.

The industry-standard height Adjustment is about 4,” which mostly ranges from 16” to 20.” This range broadly covers almost every body type.

But again, if you have some exceptional legs length that is causing you strain due to unsupportive chair seating and leg support, you better flow down to find a stroke of good luck without spending an immense fortune.

How to Raise Office Chair? Make Chair Taller with Ultimate Chair Height Adjuster Tricks

Office Chair Height Extender Kits – The Most Reliable Way:

Technically, it does your purpose in a true sense. You can’t mechanically play with the Gas cylinder as it can harm you a big time. In most usual times, the class3 and class4 gas lift system provides you 3.5 inches to a bare 5 inches height adjustment length. 

Going above this limit is impossible while tweaking with your gas cylinder. Notwithstanding, you can improve chair height with the chair height extension kits, also known as drafting kits, mostly available in 7-12 inches sizes. These are basically steel extenders that get attached to the base of your chair and gas cylinders to go above the native height range of your chair.

As most chairs are too low for your desk heights, you can make your chair taller by adding additional 5-6 inches with these extension kits.

You may have seen drafting chairs posing elongated height adjustments. Nonetheless, these chairs mostly lack a full-back backrest and better ergonomics. Adding office chair height extenders gives you a dual benefit of better height range without losing sitting comfort.

The height extension kits are readily available in the market, and you can better find this tool with ring support stand for your leg support.

Though installing these kits may become irritating hair in your nose if you aren’t much technical about these things. So how you do this;

Firstly, you have to note down each chair design is different, so you may need extra pairs of hardware tools to install extension kits.

Office Chair Caster Extenders – Office Chair Risers with Great Mobility:

Caster extenders is another way, but honestly, this option gives you better mobility than the height extension. To raise your chair height, you’ll need bigger size casters to install beneath your chair base. Manufacturers give plastic to nylon caster wheels, but these are usually in small size.

You can install after-market bigger-sized caster wheels that will add minor-max 2” additional height than your previous setup. However, a bigger caster size means better mobility and revolving of the chair.

Besides, replacing caster wheels isn’t as complex as holding an umbrella in a storm. Some chairs give a click-fit mechanism, compression, or revolving mechanism for caster installing. You can easily replace these without any unique tool or gadget.

Extra Seat Cushion Can Also Help:

Apart from all technical mumbo Jumbos, this is the easiest and fastest way to make your chair higher. You can buy additional seat cushions that will give you minimal 1-2 inches additional height exposure. However, this is a temporary way as sometimes low-quality cushion sags after some time and you need to replace it with a new one.

On the other hand, if you live in a much humid and extremely hot condition, some cushion also affects the breathability.

The Seat cushions are available in different padding thicknesses, so you can buy these accordingly.

How a Wrong Chair Height Causes Leg Issue?

The main formula of your leg comfort is a balance between your chair height and the angle of your knees. Your knees should form a 90-degree angle while sitting, and this only happens when your feet comfortably touch or remain flat to the ground.

This involves the right chair height for the right persons.

However, as I mentioned initially, taller guys are one of the most unfortunate guys to find a suitable chair complying with their height; a well-ranged height adjustment can still cause the issue. When chair height falls short for your longer legs, you sometimes sit with cross legs, fully or partially straight legs. This creates limb pressure.

This prones to numbness, straining, or painful feelings to your lower-mid limbs part.

Furthermore, a contracted comfort space for your legs ultimately displaces your whole posture that indirectly also hurts your lower back, hips, and thighs areas.

Hence, the right height adds goodness to your leg comfort.

So, What’s the Conclusion of this Story?

So, how to raise an office chair? I have mentioned some of the easiest ways to get you answered. Some of these steps seem less practical but mind it; these are big-time your fortune savers.

I personally feel the height extension kit formula is enough to solve all your problems related to raising chair height issues. However, you can go for one of these points or adopt all these points altogether; it all depends on your choice, body size, and other factors.

Calvin Allison