How to Raise Office Chair without Lever

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  5 min read

Technology has shown its blessing in every segment of life, and the chair industry is not an exception at all. With furniture coming with ever wondering technological advancements, chairs are much better-off in features to deliver you the much-needed comfort. Just like, the gas cylinder mechanism lends you swift hands for height adjustment. Literally, you effortlessly do it in seconds.

But what about those seats that are unblessed with such features? How to raise office chairs without lever mechanism, then?

Keep this matter aside for a moment. Are these sorts of chairs still real? Yes, many retro chairs pose a manual rotary procedure to adjust the height. Well, in such a case, how do you do that? We are going to discuss this topic for easy height adjustments.

How to Raise Office Chair Without Lever? No Head-Scratching Tactics Ahead:

Mapping Your Height Compliance First:

Adjusting the chair height manually needs a bit of math to follow. Yet, it’s not rocket science, but it’s better to draw some calculations between your height and seat levels. Going this way will only add comfort to your sittings, remove chances of lower back pain or leg stress, or buttocks tiredness.

Whether you are a healthy person or an unfortunate sciatica patient, you need to land on a point where your feet fully touch the ground. For that purpose, you have to follow some steps;

Now, there are some different ways to raise the chair without a lever like thing. But again, before jumping into the procedure, you should be a little conservative about the right estimation of your desk size and chair height.

Manual Clock and Anti-Clockwise Rotation:

The most common and uncomplicated thing you’ll ever come across, this round-and-round movement. The old-fashioned furniture used to carry this mechanism, however presently, you’ll somewhat also get this height adjustment.

Technically, you rotate the seat in a clockwise direction to raise the height. Meanwhile, the anticlockwise rotation lowers the seat height.

For this reason, you only have to stand up from your chair and adjust accordingly. But don’t overdo it. Wherever you find your comfort support keep the chair height at that position. In case of realignment, repeat the procedure according to your requirements.

Under the Bolt Procedure, A Rare Scene:

In contrast to manual movements, some chairs come with under-the-bolt mechanism. The story isn’t much different here, but sometimes you’ll require some tools to rotate the bolt. The idea is, you’ll find a bolt under the seat. Turning in both directions raise or lower the seat height. But you’ll need to follow the steps;

Unlocking the Chair Lock:

Most non-pneumatic chairs incorporate a lock that resists the chair from height adjustment. Playing with this lock will unhitch the ways for manual height tweaking, and it’s surely easy. For doing so, you’ll need to:

Why is it Necessary to Adjust Height:

Chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some pose bulkiness; some live up to a sleek and slim profile. That’s why, if you are going to use a table or computer desk, it’s not a hard-fast rule, it’ll comply with desk size. For that purpose, height adjustment is a crucial thing for a great working platform.

Secondly, as a professional who has to burn his 7-8 hours on a chair, a stationary height might exhaust you. Your legs, back, and thighs need variable sitting scenarios to prevent any stress or fatigue. So, adjusting height will help you in that way.

The Bottom Line – Wrapping Up the Story:

Adjusting the chair height for an old chair is neither a complex equation to solve nor catching a falling knife for your budget. What matters the most is the right marking of height you want to take from this method.

I have mentioned some of the easiest ways on how to raise the chair without lever option. Hopefully, it’ll help you a lot.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

What is the knob on the bottom of my office chair for?

That’s not for the height adjustment purpose. The knob on the bottom of the office chair manages the tilt tension. It controls the reclining smoothness.

Why won’t my office chair go up?

If you have a pneumatic cylinder chair, the most probable reason will be the faulty gas lift mechanism. On the other hand, if you have a non-pneumatic chair, you may have a rusted or tilted chair bottom.

How high do office chairs go?

Mostly the office chair ranges from 16-22 inches from the ground. This range caters to 90% of the user heights. So, it’s a universal area for every chair model.

Calvin Allison