How to Sit with Sciatica

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  8 min read

People mostly find themselves hanging between sciatica and lower back pain. Pain is Pain! And it won’t allow you to breathe a comfort until it’s gone. But how would you know, your sensitive back has come under the knife of sciatica, and it needs something extra than bed rest and taking Pain killer pills?

Medical Science has proven that Sciatica is a symptom, not a medical complication. But it can be chronic due to your daily routine, sitting posture, and other habits. Among all these, your chair furniture depends the most and how to sit with Sciatica problem.

Unfortunately, Sciatica becomes severe over time. And as a result of this, it can place you over a flatbed and under the high-beam operation theatre lights leaving 2-3 surgeons playing with your internal organs.

On the other hand, the good news is, it can be dealt with some serious and disciplinary measurements.

For Sciatica, its good tasty food is the professionals who have to spend their half-life on seating furniture, aging adults with weak bones, accidental cases, etc. So, let’s understand what Sciatica is? Ergonomic sitting with Sciatica, Overall physical and sitting exercises for sciatica and how to prevent this problem.

Understanding the Sciatica First and its Causes:

Sciatica pain is much different from lower back pain, and its implications can be much more severe than your expectation if you don’t bring these under grave care. It happens when the biggest and thickest nerve in your back leading towards the toe gets pinched by the bulging disc (Herniated Disc), a slip of the disk (Spondylolisthesis), and narrowing of the spinal cord (Spinal Stenosis).

The symptoms and pain factor show variation, and in the mild to strong cases, the pain starts from the lower back and goes to the lowest point of your body- the toes. Meanwhile, the thighs and lower back are primarily the most affected parts in this scenario.

Consequently, you should consult your physician where MRI or X-Ray tests most likely figure out the pain point. In this regard, your physician most commonly suggests you some sort of exercises and chiropractic sessions that is another probability for your relief.

Apart from these, you have to maintain a good sitting habit to counter this problem. Your sitting posture depends on the most. Let’s see some best ways to sit with sciatica;

How to Sit Comfortably with Sciatica? Make Sitting with Sciatica Easy:

You should note, Bed rest is not the ultimate solution. Instead, it can prolong your recovery and bring annoyance to your life. Let’s observe some best and sitting positions to relieve sciatica;

Examine and Improve your sitting Postures:

Your sitting posture can make or break this matter for you. If you’re a professional who can’t live without your office chair, let’s tweak your sitting posture to counter this problem. Firstly, you don’t have to sit with cross legs as it’ll create more pressure toward the Sciatica nerve. In the end, you can feel more numbness or pain in affected areas. What you have to do is;

Do Sitting Exercise for Sciatica: Apart from typical medication, remedies, and various sitting positions to relieve sciatica, Exercising is the only good thing that’ll add goodness for your body against sciatica. There are plenty of exercises available for the recovery of this problem. Nonetheless, I am mentioning one of the easiest and minimal complicated ways to improve your scores for relieving sciatica pain while sitting.

This form of stretching is remarkably effective against the herniated disc, which is a 90% cause of sciatic pain.

Be Active and Productive: Prolonged sitting isn’t a very good approach for overall back health. Yet, in this sensitive matter, you need to little sideline the deskwork. Prevent yourself from long sittings.

I know the best office chairs for sciatica can help you big time but still, it’s advisable not to become a chair junkie.

Formulate 15-20 minutes sitting sessions and bring a standing desk to keep your table work going.

Similarly, after 15-20 minutes of standings, you can go back to your table desk. This type of shuffling keeps your body active and also doesn’t bite your office productivity.

I know! Standing from your spot is a bit difficult in this situation, especially for adults who already have joint issues. In this concern, a best incliner chair does the trick.

Furthermore, walking short distances also fuels the recovery chances. Technically, your spinal discs have fluid inside, which is the paramount nutrition for these discs. The soft movements and exercises advance the spinal fluid to get deeper down in the spine and ignite the blood supply that makes your spine healthy and stable against loads.

Make intervals of such activities, and in case you forget these much-needed steps, put an alarm or reminder on your phone.

Heat Therapies Soothe the Pain: Different heat therapies enlightens the way of pain relief. If you have a handsome budget in your hand, massaging chairs with back and leg heat therapies is the primmest option you get for long term goals.

On the other hand, heat pouches and heated lumbar cushions are the most commonly adopted remedies. Moreover, topical creams or gels can also reduce your trouble temporarily.

The reason behind using heat as a weapon against sciatica is that heat spurs the blood flow and relaxes the tissues. Thus, you can feel a significant reduction in pain.

Yet, it would be best if you don’t cross the limit as it can go the other way. 

What Causes The Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica has multiple symptoms and causes, including bad routines, sitting posture, medical ailments, and wrong physical exercise. For a proper treatment of sciatica, you should know the sanity and the treatment against it. Here is a list of the most common factor causing sciatica pain;

The Bottom Line:

Sciatica may not seem a terrifying situation, but it actually is. It can totally disrupt your lifestyle and can become chronic once it enters into the worst condition. But as a matter of fact, Care leads you towards prevention. A healthy lifestyle prevents falling into this trap. However, if you somehow have developed and identified the sciatica pain, hopefully, you know it very well now how to bear with this and how to sit with sciatica pain?

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

Does sitting make sciatica worse?

Yes, doing prolonged sittings only worsen the sciatic conditions. Be active and do short and soft movements or walks to help you contain a decent blood flow to affected areas. Only make 15-20 minutes sittings.

How long does sciatica last on average?

Actually, it depends on how aggressive you go against the disorder. But for a rough call, how long sciatica becomes persistent? It can be 1-2 weeks or a matter of weeks as per your condition and activities.

Is Heat or Ice Better for Sciatica?

Both remedies are effective for sciatica. Heat cures the low or blocked blood supply while ice hammered the inflammation. Yet, both should be within a limit to avoid any side-effects.

Calvin Allison