Pewdiepie Equipment and Setup in 2023

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  18 min read
PewDiePie Setup 2021

In 2017, Pewdiepie posted his setup tour video onto his channel, and it was the first-ever reveal by him after so much his fame. Then in 2018, he again made his audience hail his setup tour and named it as setup tour V2.

In both scenarios seeing the Pewdiepie setup and Equipment collection, we can clearly assume that Felix isn’t much fascinated with fancy or lavish setups. In fact, the Renowned YouTuber also said this; he is much into EASE stuff rather than flashy things. So what are the Felix gears he loves to play with? From Pewdiepie gaming setup to whole studio-based stuff, let’s explore what he has gotten into his property.

PewDiePie Setup and Equipment – Find out What Gears He Has into His Account:

As the Premier YouTuber is a multimedia personality, one can think of a lavish office setup associated with Pewdiepie’s net worth. However, things look inverse as Felix has a somewhat average setup along with his wife Marzia’s support. To dive into PewDiePie gaming setup, let’s talk about is gaming computer first;

Pewdiepie Gaming PC – What PC Does Pewdiepie Use – A Monster Indeed:

Felix takes pride to use a fully custom-made Origin Genesis PC that was sponsored by Origin PC.

This is the only thing you would find as an extravagance value in the Pewdiepie setup. And honestly speaking, one can only dream of a machine, like he is having.

So, here are Pewdiepie PC specs 2022;

Well, the Pewdiepie computer is a sheer Monster with glossy crystal white front and side-by-side transparent glass covers. From the front, it allows Felix to access everything and lets him change the interior LED spectrum from a button on the PC head.

As the specifications go, Felix opted for an ASUS Prime X299 liquid cool motherboard implanted with a 7th generation i9-7980XE extreme edition processor that is the most powerful chip to handle resource sucking multi-tasking.

The 2000$ CPU with a combo of liquid-cooled motherboard clearly depicts YouTuber’s intention towards his work. Along with this, 64GB DDR4 RAM and 4TB of SSD storage will definitely leave you awe-inspiring.

Moreover, Pewdiepie’s computer incorporates an 11GB liquid-cool NVIDIA GTX 1080ti for his recording and gaming purposes. With all these specs, the custom “BroFist” logo has been placed by the manufacturer.

This whole PC setup is the priciest among the whole Pewdiepie gaming setup. And in 2018, he also announced a giveaway of this Origin PC system.

What Camera does PewDiePie Use – Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder:

Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

Seeing his Video, Pewdiepie uses a CanonXA11 Professional Camcorder for streaming and vlogging setup.

Well, it seems a little old-fashioned, but Felix seems to be interested in a full-fledged tool for his video works. Maybe for that reason, he opts for a great professional gadget in the video category, and that’s Canon XA11 professional camcorder. The reasonably expensive camcorder races for 20x optical zoom, a Canon CMOS pro sensor along with DIGIC 4 image processor, and a high-quality 1080P video setup.

The compact camcorder gives two video formats; AVCHD and MP4. Video can be recorded in these formats with multiple bit rates that offer Pewdiepie a helpful hand for his post-desk works. Also, for indoor videographers, this professional camcorder is up to deliver various frame rates for video recording. From 24FPS to the highest 59.99FPs, it provides the premiere YouTuber to interact with his audience through lag-free videos.

As Felix mostly does indoor works, so Canon XA11 delivers a stable digital Image stabilization that counters 4-way distortion.

Furthermore, the camcorder directly throws the film clips into the SDcard storage and provides you the “capture by frame” feature during videography.

What We Find Good
  • Long-range optical zoom
  • Powerful image sensor and processors
  • A premium image and video quality
  • Good touch-responsive LCD with tilt EVF
What We May Not Find Good
  • A bit pricey in the league

The compact size of pewdiepie camera isn’t short of features and also incorporates a flip enabled OLED touch screen with a resolution of 460k dots. Felix has placed this gadget behind his monitors for straight focused angling to the camcorder.

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What Monitor Does PewdiePie Use – ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34”


Pewdiepie uses the specialized 34″ Gaming monitor ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q.

Pewpiedie’s monitor selection doesn’t seem fancy. The 100HZ Asus rog gaming monitor is a prime choice of the gamers and streamers, but it’s not the “top of the line” thing in the league.

With thin bezels, it allows two or more monitors to get aligned with it. However, you need a big desk plot to handle these big displays, and that’s how you find these 3 in numbers on Felix’s rig.

The curved display somehow saves space, but still, the 21:9 ratio is perfect for multi-taskers and gamers. That being said, this monitor never misses out on good viewing angles, so you always enjoy pleasant entertainment. Pewdiepie places his camcorder behind the center monitor, and in case of use, this monitor can adjust its height.

Not only this, the 4-inch height adjustment gets diversified with a -20 degree angle tilt feature.

The 3800r monitor renders quality graphics packed in a solid “spaceship” like a designed frame that offers excellent build quality. The Pewdiepie monitor has got versatile input slots, including an HDMI port, display port, 3 USB ports. Nonetheless, the HDMI port only sports 58-60FPS that makes this slot a bird kill for emergency use.

But then, this comes with the NVIDIA G-sync feature; this becomes handy for Pewdiepie as he is a prime user of the hefty NVIDIA GPU.

What We Find Good
  • Great aesthetics
  • Build quality and thin bezel design are prominent features here
  • Good viewing angles
  • It comes with NVIDIA G-sync technology
  • High-resolution results
What We May Not Find Good
  • Suffers from Bad backlight bleeding
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What Mic Does Pewdiepie Use 2022 – AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS

So, what has and is Pewdiepie mic been? Pewdiepie has been and currently using AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS for a long time.

Felix is quite proud of his MIC choice, and he should be. The selection seems well on the point as AKG pro seems a bit expensive, but it’s a class-leading microphone in the audio industry. The refinement in the AKG C414 has made this iteration a symbol of quality and class.

With an extended change of previous models like C414 ULS, EB, and others, the AKG Pro has been significantly adopted by the top vocalists in the industry. Due to its premium sound quality and non-existent distortion, Pewdiepie seems well comfortable with this thing.

The best thing about the microphone Pewdiepie uses is its solid construction, multiple features and tools, and the handiest versatility in the frequency department.

Taking 5 polar patterns from its predecessor and adding 4 more into it, AKG Pro C414 microphone is perfectly suitable for multiple recording environments. Alongside, with a remarkably less noise floor and 152DB dynamic range, pewdiepie mic is a well-regarded thing by commentators, podcasters, singers, and voiceovers.

It seems like an expensive ask, but life-long service will definitely be worth the price. Since it’s great in the industry, Pewdiepie is a no-brainer here.

What We Find Good
  • Most versatile frequency range from 20Hz to 20000Hz
  • Rugged build quality
  • Wider polar pattern range
  • All-new switching system with LED indicators
  • It comes with a variety of tools
  • Top-notch and classic C414 sound quality with minimalist floor noise
  • Let you do easy management in mic sensitivity
What We May Not Find Good
  • Comes comparatively pricey
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Which Voice Interface You’ll Find in Pewdiepie Equipment LineUp? Roland Rubix22 Usb Interface:

Pewdiepie has chosen a small Roland Rubix Audio USB interface for clear audio delivery.

Well, if you are also from a streaming or commentary background and want to know which voice interface persists in the Pewdiepie setup? For that purpose, Pewdiepie hasn’t gone for a complex arrangement that poses dozens of USB and Input-Output Jacks.

The video tour tells us he got a very famous Roland Rubix22 audio interface that empowers him to finely tune between the frequencies for commentary, streaming, and other purposes.

The small compact size box sports a versatile frequency channel up to 24bits/192KHz. This supports a clear and well defined audio quality without grabbing noise or distortion.

Along with this, the two USB interfaces are easy to manage as PewdiePie mentioned in his video. Its low latency class compliant drivers support creamlike performance for both PC and Mac. And the support for IPAD permits you to record on very mobile situations.

What We Find Good
  • Extreme sturdy and a low-noise all-metal design
  • MIDI input and output ports
  • 2 of each input and output USB audio interface
  • Hi-Z interface for guitar and other musical instruments
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Compact and ultra-portable
  • It comes with 2 low-noise Mic preamps with XLR combo jacks
What We May Not Find Good
  • Buggy Ableton software 

What Headphone PewdiePie Does Use? Razer Kraken 7.1 V2:

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

We see Pewdiepie using Razer Kraken 7.1 V2.

Pewdiepie headphone selection isn’t much impactful compared to other gear setups. The not so much expensive headphone is top-notch in the build quality, finishing, and sound quality. However, it somewhat lacks usability due to a lack of in-line controls but definitely superior to its little brother. 

These specific headphones have a company logo on both of their ear pads. Nonetheless, Pewdiepie has a custom Brofist logo on each side.

Both ear cups come with soft memory foam padding and can expand for variable head sizes. This makes the long hour usage more comfortable and non-itchy. But, if you want to go for these headsets, be very known; you won’t get the spare ear pads, which is a slightly off scene.

The built-in Mic quality is quite impressive, and it handles the noise cancellation through Razer software. You mostly have seen Pewdiepie using this built-in mic during his Minecraft and other game streaming.

Moreover, this Headphone has PC, MAC, and PS4 support. Yet, it mostly bends towards gamers due to its boomy sound and features to tune its EQ through its software.

And if you are much into RGB like setup, the Razer logo stamped Earpads illuminates. You can also change the color through Razer software.

What We Find Good
  • Superb gaming audio quality
  • Premium finish and built quality
  • Top-notch comfort level even for most prolonged use
  • It comes with free synapse software, which is a handy tool for customization
  • Chroma RGB logo on both sides of Earpads
What We May Not Find Good
  • No additional Earpads
  • No in-line controls
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What Keyboard PewDiePie Does Use? Corsair Strafe Gaming Keyboard

Pewdiepie doesn’t rely on regular keyboard as he uses the Corsair Strafe Gaming Keyboard

You’ll find a big luminous rectangle keyboard on Pewdiepie’s desk, and it’s none other than the Corsair Strafe mechanical gaming keyboard. It seems Felix enjoys quality time over this gadget, and it goes well with him.

The keyboard has not been built with aluminum materials yet; the plastic quality won’t disappoint you at all. The key spacing is well-managed and gives you noiseless and most responsive performance for all types of work, including gaming and typing. And this is what Pewdiepie has often mentioned about this mechanical keyboard that he loves the noiseless performance that bars his audience from listening to keys noise half of the time in his videos.

On the other hand, the RGB setup is a treat for gaming enthusiasts. And guess what! You can choose per key lighting setup from 6 presets that’ll surely grab your attention.

Besides, the macro setting options allow you to customize command shorts on macro keys. This brings a lot of positivity in usability and productivity boost. The palm rest space isn’t available here, but it doesn’t slip or move from its space, allowing Pewdiepie a smooth gaming experience during his gameplays.

In short, the corsair strafe Mechanical gaming keyboard is much straightforward, supremely built, and comes with much easy affordability.

What We Find Good
  • Splendid built quality
  • Full per-key lightning and macro-key customization
  • It comes with USB-pass through
  • Variable lightning are choose-able from 6 presets
  • Noiseless operation
  • Most responsive performance
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing
What We May Not Find Good
  • No wrist rest

Pewdiepie Keyboard and Mouse Combination – BENQ Zowie FK1+ Gaming Mouse

BENQ Zowie FK1+ Gaming Mouse

With an addition to Corsari Keyboard, Pewdiepie uses BENQ Zowie FK1+ Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse.

Pewdiepie has chosen a “Legendary” mouse for his gaming needs. The Ambidextrous gaming mouse is an updated version of FK1 and FK2 and attains a slightly bigger body than its older brothers.

Pewdiepie loves it and seems like he immensely enjoys his gaming performance with nice responsive clicks and superb built quality. The mouse isn’t very ergonomic and sporty in shape but suitable for both lefty and righties.

With 128MM length and 68MM max-width, it’s clearly a winner for big palmers. And the big generic design allows it to be useful for every type of user.

But is Pewdiepie a Lefty or Righty? As a fan, you know it very well.

Moreover, it isn’t the wireless edition. The 2M wireless seems well-built and doesn’t look flimsy or cheaply insulated. This also allows you to enjoy plug-and-play scenes as there is no software or drive needed to configure this pewdiepie mouse.

And from 400 to 3200 DPI range, it manages mouse sensitivity in 4 steps with the change in the lighting setup. The Red, Purple, Blue, and Green represent the 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI, respectively. The BenQ Zowie FK1+ incorporates a PMW 3310 sensor that isn’t the advanced thing in the industry but shows outstanding character among the gamer’s dairy.

Though, the mouse isn’t ergonomic or has a sporty look with tons of buttons embedded everywhere. FK1+ comes with 7 buttons, of which only 5 are usable. The 2 non-functional buttons on the side are subjective for hand-sides. These mostly become handy for lefties.

What We Find Good
  • Superior Build quality, sturdy, and well put together.
  • Comfort level never misses out
  • It comes with PMW 3310 sensor
  • Plug and play setup, no configuration required
  • Build for both Left and right-handers
What We May Not Find Good
  • Can lag in prolonged sessions (rarely documented)
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What MousePad PewDiePie Does Use? Glorious Extended Gaming MousePad

With Specialized gaming keyboard and mouse, Pewdiepie uses Glorious Extended Gaming mousepad as it seems


Glorious Extended gaming mousepad fascinates Felix more due to its size. He seems to enjoy the long length on his big gaming desk. The Glorious gaming mousepad comes in white, black, and “Stealth” edition.

White for the White-lover, whereas the Black attracts the black fans. But what about the stealth edition?

It’s for those who don’t want to see any type of branding on their gears. So, for that types of users, they won’t see any logo or Motive on your mousepad in comparison to a tiny logo on the corners of the other two editions.

The glorious mousepad is a highly soft and suitable platform for even low DPI mice. You won’t find this mousepad slipping from its position, and that makes you more content and productive during fast strategy or shooting games. That’s because a rubber base promotes its grip on every type of surface, including laminate wood, brushed aluminum metal, plastic, glass, or other materials.

Besides, you won’t find any compromise in the stitching. The well-finished corners, high-quality fabric, and extended length will decorate your PC desk like a premium matte.

What We Find Good
  • Excellent finishing
  • Extended length for more oversized desks
  • Highly responsive for even Low DPI numbers
  • The rubbery textured base keeps it sticky to the masses
  • Reasonable pricing
What We May Not Find Good
  • Width isn’t much wider thus feels a little narrow
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What Gaming Chair PewDiePie Does Use? The Clutch Throttle Series ECHO Premium

Pewdiepie uses the Clutch Throttle Series ECHO Premium Gaming chair.

Clutch Throttle Series

No Azzori, No SecretLabs, and No DxRacer, Pewdiepie found its love in the Clutch throttle series. The YouTuber looks deeply in love with his chair, and that makes sense as it’s a premium chair with absolutely remarkable quality to offer.

The Clutch became popular with the endorsement of Bossy YouTuber. However, this solely doesn’t become the only reason for clutch reputation resurgence. The premium quality materials, highly ergonomic setup, and well-raised comfort level are the prominent points of success here.

The Pewdiepie Gaming chair comes with highly blended PU leather that won’t wear off after some time of usage. Also, the synthetic blend keeps you away from annoying sticky sittings in the hottest summers. Moreover, the cold cured foam padding is enough to deliver buttery comfort to maintain a good sitting posture.

On the ergonomics part, the chair carries adjustable cushion support to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body from fatigue. Besides, soft padded 4D armrests mount it’s worth in the market.

What Felix loves the most about this chair is the 170-degree recline ability with blasting stability on board. He mentioned in his tour setup; he absolutely loves this feature.

But the question is, does this chair give your gaming setup that edge?

If you are an admirer of supremacy and comfort, this chair won’t let you down in any circumstances. However, a price could give you a second thought as you can find such sort of features in less expensive or under $300 gaming chairs in the market.

What We Find Good
  • Great finishing and build quality
  • Can support up to 330lbs
  • Perfect for guys between 5.5-6.4 feet
  • Cold cure foam padding for striking comfort
  • Can recline to 170-degree
  • 4D armrest for sublime arm support
  • Smooth-rolling casters on mid-pile carpets
What We May Not Find Good
  • Relatively expensive
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Which Desk is In PewDiePie Gaming Setup? The HumanScale Float Sit-Standing Desk

Pewdiepie is currently using the HumanScaleFloat Sit-Standing Desk.

Here you can say Pewdiepie loves the luxury. We expected some sporty, ergonomic gaming desks with aggressive grooves and curves, but we found a simple, sleek wooden and metal finish luxury desk by Humanscale.

This isn’t your typical electric or manual (crank) desk.

The float means a technology that works against tension to glide up and down. With smooth, effortless, superbly balanced gliding, the desk goes 1 second down, next second up. It allows you to freely instruct the desk to follow your direction with any manual crank or electric push.

Just holding the switch (float mechanism), it steers in your desired direction.

This thing is expensive. Yet, you can witness the sheer quality of aesthetic norms, incredibly finished materials, and performance that speaks itself. 

However, the only thing that could make your smile go down is the low weight-bearing capacity, which is only 130lbs compared to its other counterpart 300-350lbs limit. The weight capacity is meager in case you place your precious desktop on your table. As Pewdiepie has set his system at the ground, so it’s the perfect desk in his case.

Another thing that paves a perfect path to go for this thing is the versatile sizing. From 42-72 inches in width and 24-30 inches in width, you have plenty of sizes for your selection. And there is an expansive room for height adjustment as it can perfectly comply with guys above 6.2ft.

What We Find Good
  • Great artistic finishing
  • Simple but elegant design
  • Creamy height adjustment without even 1-inch of imbalance
  • One-hand height adjustment
  • Wide range of sizes
  • It comes in classy laminate textures
What We May Not Find Good
  • Low weight limit
  • A bit pricier than other products.

The Bottom Line – I Know What’s Up to Your Mind:

The last setup tour he did in 2018, we love to see a V3 of his setup to see what changes he has brought in his gadgetry squad. So these were some of the Pewdiepie Equipment he loves to play and work with. Seeing his setup gives us clear thought he somehow doesn’t run after flashier gears. What he loves to grab is the comfort and ease through his gears.

Calvin Allison