What Chair Does PewDiePie Use? Find out the Lucky Pewdiepie’s Chair Brand

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  8 min read

We have recently done Pewdiepie Equipment exploration and found many fancy and straightforward gadgets under his custody. But, being a Gamer, YouTuber, Streamer, or Commentator, I perfectly understand, the anticipation about his gaming chair is real.

As you may know, Felix has posted two setup tours on his channel in which most of his equipment was the same. However, the gaming chair was an exception in the latter one.

So, what chair Pewdiepie does use?

In his first-ever tour setup, it was a regular office chair that was a little shocking vibe for many of us. But later on, Pewdiepie’s chair selection saw a big shift as he moved onto a specific ergonomic gaming chair.

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What Chair PewDiePie Does Use? Pewdiepie Chair Review Ahead!

Felix’s chair selection was a little unorthodox as we didn’t see him sticking with the very famous brands of industry like Secretlab, Arozzi, or AKracing, etc.

So, what chair settled on his level?

The Clutch Throttle Series Gaming series got the YouTuber’s attention, and we can see him enjoying and spinning with his chair.

I have formulated an unbiased Clutch chair review but let’s assume some excellent highlights of this chair. You will find

As long as there are some notable points on the table, some compromises will also come your way

The PewdiePie Gaming Chair – Who is it for?

This chair isn’t proposed for just the gaming scene. As you know, Pewdiepie isn’t only a YouTuber; he does business on twitch as a streamer, also grinds sitting hours as post editor of his vlogs and videos, and even a gaming enthusiasm. So, with a 4D arm setup, profound reclining ability, and good cold cure foam density, this thing majorly focuses on comfort in different sitting scenarios. Yes, the price is a little unwelcoming for those who are short of budget, but if you want an item of furniture that can score immense durability and comfort numbers, this could be your next loving pet.

The In-depth Clutch Chair Review:

The Strong Build Quality:

The chair might not leave a fascinating first impression due to its “Common” gaming chair looks. Yet, the durability lets you savor a good value for money.

Starting from the base material, it is raised from sturdy 350MM BIFMA certified forged aluminum material. It seems a catchy marketing claim by the manufacturer that it can handle over 2000lbs of weight. Nonetheless, I investigated a little, and to my wonder, the rigorous testing and BIFMA certification have made this chair capable of such a trademark.

Additionally, the color-coded chevrons and bolts give a sporty look that you can proudly bring in front of your friends.

Moreover, the thick density tubular metallic frame ensures a life-time warranty for the users to strongly trust this chair as a long-term player.

And since you are not a relaxed soul and move from one desk to another, the polyurethane-coated casters smoothly get the job done without leaving any markings on your sensitive floors. Whether it’s laminate floors, low-mid pile carpets, or sensitive ceramic floors, it won’t squeeze your juice to move from one point to another.

The Sweet Comfort Part:

Comfort is assuredly a top-most element for everyone who looks for a good sitting solution. So, the same is the case with PewdiePie as he seems to enjoy his time on this chair. The chair doesn’t look bulky or beefy with mountains of padding. Yet, cold-cure sponge foam padding always remains soft and polite to your sensitive body parts.

The comfortable racing and wing-pattern backrest perfectly comply with every body size. Though it isn’t the widest one, the clutch chairz Pewdiepie edition gaming recliner offers reasonable dimensions for normal physics to chubby masses.

The PU-Leather Quality is simply superb. The textured leather doesn’t feel cheap and sticky to your hands. For users who are residents of warm and humid areas, the good news is; Leather materials don’t stick to your bones. So, you keep yourself safe from that weird annoyance.

Aggressive Ergonomics and Adjustments:

The Ergonomics part is the most prominent section here. And more specifically, the 170-degree recline is something that also rejoices Pewdiepie. Along with this, the clutch throttle series chair provides an adjustable cushioning setup and a tilt adjustment to be a more trustworthy platform for sensitive backs.

The big lumbar cushion doesn’t feel bumpy due to its optimal firmness, and the neck cushion is also practical in design, so you enjoy an extended comfort zone.

Moreover, the backrest tilt adjustment gives a slightly short but serviceable 0-12 degree adjustment to relish a good sitting posture. If you observe an upright position, adjust the backrest to 0-degree. Otherwise, till the 12-degree angle, you have the space to accommodate the backrest according to your sitting posture and body dimensions.

Pewdiepie gaming chair comes with a very decisive 4D armrest setup for those who have to deal with extreme table works. The soft-padded armrests don’t look extraordinary yet produce 4-dimensional movement to settle your arms for multiple work scenarios.

So if you fall for the numbness in your forearms while sitting in cheap ergonomic chairs, this thing is certainly a winning bet for you.

Weight Capacity and Height Adjustability:

Pewdiepie Clutch chair incorporates the very stable class4 gas lift cylinder that smoothly glides it up and down like sweet cream. The weight capacity is somewhat not very impactful for massive guys, or you can say it isn’t a specialized chair for bigger bodies.

However, the 330lbs isn’t very conservative either. From regular physics to chubby guys, it can easily handle such individuals.

The height adjustment is quite extensive and smooth. With a class4 gas lift system, it travels from 17” to 22.5”, which is an ideal length for longer legs. Though Pewdiepie isn’t extraordinarily tall yet, it sweetly matches his height.

The Cost Factor – Is it quite an Affordable chair?

To be very honest, the tag name “Pewdiepie” and endorsement by the royal YouTube celebrity somehow raise its price bar. The 4D armrest, 330lbs weight capacity, and 180-degree are some goodies you easily find under or equivalent to 300$ chairs. In fact, I have placed some best gaming chairs under 300, which provide the same value.

However, the question is this not affordable for mid-range budget users? Or is this the right choice for the mediocre user category?

The answer is Yes and No, both.

For the Yes part, if you are genuinely a Pewdiepie fan and can blindly trust his endorsement, this won’t be a hard chunk to swallow. Also, it is a well-built and comfortable chair for longer sittings. Consequently, if you are an authentic admirer of value, the price would only be a number for you.

On the other hand, your decision can face some hardships if you are slightly short on budget. Besides, if you are a casual user and can settle yourself on slightly less branded stuff, you can also get hanged between yes or no.

The Bottom Line: Let’s Summarize Pewdiepie Chair Review

So, what chair does PewdiePie use? The revelation was quite interesting. In a nutshell, the Pewdiepie clutch chair is paramount for comfort and durability. The price is a little exaggerated considering its class and competitors. Yet, if you are a long-term comfort seeker, this won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs:

What kind of chair does PewDiePie use?

As I mentioned above, Pewdiepie was too basic and casual about his chair selection in his first setup tour. Then in 2018, he opted for a clutch chairz throttle series that is a highly ergonomic chair in the competition.

Is the PewDiePie chair good?

The gaming chair is a good choice for comfort-oriented sittings as well as durable furniture concerns. Also, Pewdiepie enjoys the 180-degree recline ability of this chair.

How expensive is PewDiePie’s chair?

The chair isn’t extremely expensive yet also not a cheap one either. It’s a chair that will cost you above 300$ but keeps the cost under 500$. So, you can clearly take an idea; it’s an upper mid-range category chair.

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