PewDiePie Net Worth – Career, Achievements, and Controversies Being Made

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So in one of his videos, he said, I never thought that one day I’d be the most subscribed YouTuber in the world when I started this Channel in 2010. Also, I never imagined that I would be a part of such a great community.

Whether it’s about controversies, significant milestones, bigger projects, or media attention, PewDiePie Aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has it all in his ongoing career. And above of all this, he is the wealthiest YouTuber with a Net worth of …… No! I am not going to PewDiePie Net worth reveal right now.

Reportedly, this Mexican boy launched his YouTube channel in 2006 as a casual Call of Duty streamer – but things didn’t go well in first attempt, and somehow he lost access to his channel (Reportedly a forgotten password was the reason).

But who knew, this would be a launching of PewDiePie as he started a new channel with this name in 2010. The idea was the same to stream Call of Duty, but as he analyzed the potential in this channel, other games like Minecraft, Meme reactions, and Gameplays Commentaries were gradually being added to his content creation list. Check out Pewdiepie setup and equipment at where all this he’s been cooking.

PewDiePie Net worth – How much money he has in his pockets

So, how wealthy is pewdiepie? Since 2010, with each year passing, there was an upward growth in PewDiePie yearly income. After the launch of his new channel in 2010, Felix made a mark with a spike of 6M subscribers in the year of 2013. According to an estimate, his earnings were boosted from somewhere $10M to 14M$, which was a massive 40% spike.

Then with a gap of one year, he again went onto the $15M mark while Forbes declared him as Highest-Earning YouTuber in 2016.

From there, Felix has managed to click between $10 to $15M each year that makes him the richest YouTuber of this generation. Well, what are the exact numbers about his grossing? We can really estimate between 40-50M$$ as PewdiePie has also confirmed in his video that he plays in “Much More Than $20M”.

With 106M+ subscribers, over multi-billion views, it’s really an optimistic estimate that he has already done a Half-century of Millions.

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Other Sources of Perks:

Starting from YouTube, Felix also became a famous media personality and, most importantly, a Brand Name. This led Pewdiepie to bring more cash to his bank account. Other than YouTube, Felix also charges roughly 450,000$ for sponsored posts.

Additionally, he collaborated with many renowned projects and got plenty of income streaming to his cash pool. One of his great campaigns called “Water Campaign” made him able to put his hands on around 400,000$.

Likewise, expanding his net worth, he launched a 5$ App called “Pewdiepie: The Legend of Brofist,” which was an ultimate hit. This encouraged him to launch another Game app called “PewDiePie Tuber Simulator” in 2016.

These both projects and the same as these earned him some insane fortune.

Along with the game, in November 2015, he launched a book named “This Book Loves You.” With a continuous series of hits, this wasn’t the exception, as NYTimes declared as Best Sellers in the same year of launch.

PewDiePie Career and Achievements:

Breaking all the resistance of fame and net worths, KejellBerg was fortunate enough to get picked by the Maker Studios (A Disney Child Company) for a collaboration. Moreover, in 2015, when YouTube Red came into existence, PewdDiePie also got his name linked with the Video Hosting Giant. There he got a series named “Scare PewDiePie.” In this video series, it was an on-set horror game series explored by Felix, screened in 2016.

In all his career, unfortunately, PewDiePie remains inconsistent with the collaborations type of things due to his self-made controversies and some offensive comments. We’ll be discussing his never-ending controversies yet let see some of the famous shots from his career.

Lifting again himself with the Launch of PewDiePie: As it has been reported, Kjellberg found himself connected with YouTube in 2006. Yet, he lost his access to his primary account, which caused a severe lack of parental support.

Then, Choosing again YouTube as a career choice was really a bitter pill for him to digest. As in one of his videos, he quoted, “Breaking the news of leaving my “Dream Education” just for the sake of recording some random gaming video at home was really not easy.”

He continued, “ With this decision, My Parents remind me that sitting at home playing video games won’t bring you anywhere in your life.”

With such minimal support and degrading comments by his elders one, today PewDiePie net worth and his success tells a whole story.

PewDiePie Rivalry with Music-Giant T-Series: In 2018, Felix found himself in a competition with a Bollywood Music Giant Company T-series to cross the 100M Subscribers mark first. However, this became ugly as it turned into racism later.

To support Felix, a very famous trend, “Subscribe PewDiepie,” went online all over the West. Nonetheless, things got worse due to the addition of extremism in this trend, and that made PewDiePie call off this trend, and T-series edged him out to be the First Channel To Cross 100M Subscriber.

Later in August, Felix joins the 100M party.

25 Billion Views and 104M Subscribers Club: With ups-down in his career, in the year 2020, PewDiePie stands with 25B overall Channel Views and 104M subscribers. Although he lost the battle with a Multi-Million Dollar music company yet, as of 2020, Felix is still a solo individual to own a 100M club.

Controversies – That Didn’t Held Him Back:

With floods of subscribers, a way broader cash stream, Internet Limelight, Media Buzz, and such other glitters of fame – Kjellberg remained inconsistent with his collaborations and JVs. His sometimes racist, sexual, and sarcastic comments led him to part his ways with his partners. Here some of the famous controversies he got linked with;

Famous Collab-Kill with Maker Studios and YouTube: This was one of this very initial collaboration with such reputed companies. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long enough when he found himself in hot waters after a video surfaced featuring two men, “Paid by PewDiePie,” were standing with a banner “Death to all Jews.”

Wall Street Journal unearthed this in 2017, and exactly 9 of his videos from 2016-17 had some Anti-semitic and Nazi Jokes.

Both of his collaboration got a severe blow in the form of contract termination. Even Maker Studios found themselves in harsh criticism due to a linkup with Felix. They commented “Inappropriate” for that video, and did a contract kill with Felix.

Similarly, YouTube Red didn’t like to risk its reputation, so cutting ties with PewDiePie was the only option. Not only this, but Felix was also thrown out of YouTube’s Preferred Advertising Platform list. Furthermore, PewDiePie got limited, and this series didn’t sustain its new season due to the contractors’ worsening relation ties.

Though Kjellberg hit back again on YouTube, saying “YouTube has done injustice” while comparing himself with Logan Paul’s Suicide-forest controversy.

Quite Usual to Nazi Related Commenting: 

It seems like he got a problem with Nazis. Felix remains quite habitual in his whole career to make jokes about Nazi. During a White-Nationalist rally in Charlottesville, he made some USUAL jokes about Nazi. But then, this time, he got into severe criticism, making him a bit apologetic. 

He apologized while saying, “He has nothing to do with these people.” Things didn’t remain stable, and he was quite making the old mistakes in late 2017.

Famous Sexist Remarks: 

A famous Twitch Streamer, Alinity, comes under the Sexist Remarks that were being made by none other than Pewdiepie. Now, Alinity mostly comes in modest, casual, and skimpy outfits, which was somehow noticed by Felix. He taunted the female streamer about his wardrobe that also didn’t digest well by the internet community.

In response to some of his continuous commenting, Alinity also hit back at Felix with a copyright claim on one of his videos.

PewDiePie Getting Married with Marzia Bisognin in 2019:

Felix got married in 2019 with an Italian girl Marzia Bisognin who got in touch with the YouTube star in 2011. After 8 Year of a long-distance relationship, they got married in a minimal gathering. At his marriage ceremony that as held at London’s Kew Gardens, He said

 “We got in touch at that time where I was totally uncertain about life and was feeling very lost. But since that day and every day afterwards, I feel each day is the best day of my life.

He also spoke to the attendees “In the end, I am most of all Happy and grate to be the husband of Marzia finally.”

In response, Marzia Said, “Definitely, I didn’t deserve all the attention. I just happened to know someone who did, and it feels overwhelming.”

Marzia also jumped to YouTube and created a Channel there, but after some months of marriage she in a video, revealed that she is going to say goodbye to YouTube. Nowadays, she has an immense following on Instagram, where she casually posts about her life with Felix, and she also runs a beauty eCommerce store.

PewDiePie Charity Work – Top 5 Charity Drives of PewDiePie

How wealthy is PewDiePie? You can clearly see his income and yearly reports. But then, Felix is also one of the most active charity drivers for many causes. His most famous charity drives are for water sanity, child protection, abuse and poverty, Aids Protection, Australian bushfire and many with the same causes.

It’s in the records that Felix occasionally tends to enjoy his online career milestones with charity campaigns and drives. His most famous works include;

Charity: Water:

When Kjellberg became able to mark 10M subscribers, he used his stardom and achievement to celebrate for a noble cause. He got connected with an online charity drive for water safety and accessibility in the African region and other developing countries.

For the very first time with this non-profit organization, he set up a funding goal of $250K and set 1$ for every 500 views. Apart from this funding goal, he managed to raise around $450k. Similarly, in 2016 he again came up with this charity drive. This time his initial goal was $100k for which he managed to raise around $150K for this cause.

You can check out his work for this non-profit organization.

Red – An Organization for Awareness of AIDs:

This was Felix one of the biggest charity drives which was somehow supported by Apple’s Games, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and his YouTuber friends Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, KickThePJ, and Emma Blackery. They made a 2-day live stream called Cringemas, which became able to raise around a whopping $1.3M for restriction of AIDs in African countries through this RED organization.

For Child Abuse Protection: 

Felix also participated in the poverty alleviation program and child abuse protection program. He launched a GOFUNDME campaign for an Indian organization for Child Right for You (CRY) that works for Indian Hungry Children. In one day, Felix and his fans raised around $200,000 for this cause.

Likewise, on reaching 25M subscribers, he launched an IndieGoGo campaign for an organization Save the Children. This time, he came up with an idea to exchange prizes and gifts in return of fan’s contributions. Starting from 25$, the fans got a custom email address from him, 100$ was for a twitter shout out, 1000$ were supposed to bring a pair of signed headphones, and $50K was for 1 day meet up and hang out with contributors at his place.

For this cause, his goal of $250,000 got extended to around $350,000

Donation to Mr Beast’s Viral TeamTrees Campaign: 

A few years ago, when MR. Beast announced a campaign to protect Mother Nature from the severity of climate change, PewdiePie also came forward to this cause. The initiator launched a #TeamTrees trend that was being well supported by the community. Felix also joined this cause and placed around $69K through his own funds. He got much appreciation for this step by the online community.

Donation Fund for NAMI: 

Everyone knows about a tragic incident of YouTuber EtiKa’s suicide. This happened in 2019, and it shook the online community and mainstream world. Here again, Felix came forward and launched a GOFUNDME campaign for an organization NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). He, with Actor Jack Black, joined hands for a fundraising program and live to stream gameplay of Minecraft. This activity generated around $30,000, while Kjellberg itself gave away $10k from his own pool of cash.

The Bottom Line: 

With all setbacks, controversies, and achievements, Felix, aka PewDiePie due to his timely comedy and humorist memes reviews, still is one of the highest-paid earners of YouTube. PewdiePie Net worth estimates from $$40-50M, and the bank is continuously overflowing with cash.

Some Other Important Details about PewDiePie – FAQs

How the rivalry between T-Series and PewDiePie lasted?

At one stage the rivalry became so intense that it was once turned into extremism and violence. A hashtag “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” went crazily viral all over Europe. The hackers attacked the WSJ post website, many smart devices and other stuff to “Enforce” users to subscribe to Pewdiepie. Christchurch mosque’s scene criminal also raised the slogan in his live-stream video during the public killing. This made PewDiePie address his fans, and there was a call off to this trend. Then in May 2018, T-series took the lead and edged out him in the competition in May, Becoming the 1st ever YouTube channel to cross 100M subscribers. Later on, PewDiePie also mocked T-series in a series of 2 videos.

Is PewDiePie a Billionaire in 2019?

Not Yet, He deals in multi-millions worth of cash and other assets. Yet, it looks like he could be a billionaire incoming 10-15 Years. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg net worth has been estimated around 50M, and he has also revealed that he is currently having much more than 20M. So, evidently, with the same pace, he probably can achieve this target in the coming decade maybe.

How Much Does Pewdiepie Make Per Month?

Making an accurate estimate would be a tough call. Yet with 105M subscribers, 150K average in one hour and 5M average views in one day, it’s a rough estimate he is doing around $2K to $20K daily. That makes him generating around $60K to $1.5M monthly. Socialblade also estimates around $73K to $1.3M monthly earnings of PewDiePie.

How Many Subscribers did Pewdiepie Have in 2012?

He launched his channel in 2010. In 2012, his channel breaking all the barriers was one of the most subscribed channels with 5M subscribers following his channel. Also in October 2012, he ranked as #1 YouTube channel in terms of slatescore by OpenSlate.

How Much Does Pewdiepie make 2019?

Carrying the same continuity of his income, he was dealing in millions still in 2019. According to online SocialBlade, he was doing around $74.4K-$1.2M per month in 2019. This way, he had surely filled his pockets with about $13M in the single year of 2019. This Pewdiepie yearly income has further brought him closer to the $100M mark.

How Much Does Pewdiepie Make per Video?

Felix has over 4100 uploads on his channel. According to channel stats his single video is getting averagely 5M views in a single day. According to some online claims, Kjellberg is in the top 10 YouTubers who generate maximum revenue from their 1-minute video. PewDiepie generates around $3319 from his 1-minute video, which makes him some way behind Logan Alexander Paul with $11,688 for his 1-minute work.

How Many Views Does Pewdiepie Have in Total?

In 2020, PewdiePie net worth and assets saw another goal achieved with 25B overall video views on his channel. With over 105M subscribers in 2020, the YouTube beast is all set to cross the 25B mark very soon. With daily 12-13 million views on his channel, Felix is currently aiming for 26B overall views on his channel. This mark seems possible in 2020 with such current performance and continuity of his uploads and daily new subscribers.

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor Pewdiepie?

Sponsor content or posts mainly get done in multiple ways for such big YouTube stars. It can be a single time post, monthly contract or a yearly contract. For yearly or monthly, there is no exact information available how much money goes into Kjellberg bank account. However, for a single time sponsor to hit up on his channel, he roughly takes around $450,000. Still, it’s not confirmed how he makes the sponsorship contract.  

How did PewdiePie Wife get into his life?

Marzia was an Italian girl before moving out to Brighton with his husband. She was being introduced by her friend to PewDiePie YouTube channel. Then things swiftly moved from online chatting to dating. It all began in 2011 when in 2012 Felix ranked as the most subscribed channel; he visited Italy to meet Marzia. He lived there with Marzia family during Christmas and firstly introduced Marzia on his channel. Later on, Marzia visited Sweden to meet her boyfriend. In 2019, they got married, with limited friends and family invited in the ceremony.

Who Is the Richest YouTuber In 2019?

As Felix is a solo YouTuber who has reached the 100M subscriber target yet, he is not the highly paid and richest YouTuber in the online world. Few video creators are way highly paid than Pewdiepie. According to the PewDiePie yearly income, he is standing on 6th number in the list of wealthiest YouTubers in 2019. According to Forbes listing in 2019, Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) arrived at number 1 spot with $16.5M earnings in previous years. Logan Paul and Evan Fong are also some way ahead of Felix.

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