Respawn Gaming Chair Reviews in 2023

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/03/23 •  22 min read

Your search for gaming chairs sometimes starts with Arozzi, AKracing, Secretlab, or other expensive brands. These are mid-high luxury brands and definitely don’t cost less than a leg and an arm for a good gaming chair. Then we see a shining gem among these high-profile brands that is Respawn. This isn’t much of a Luxury brand but races for good valued gaming seating furniture. 

Respawn brings two gaming chairs lineup under its brand name; Respawn Racing Chairs and Fortnite Series. Looking into the whole Respawn gaming chairs genre, I am going to explore the entire inventory to discover the best among these.

About the Brand:

The Good thing about Respawn is, it is backed by a North Carolina-based Manufacturer, OFM. The OFM is in the office and gaming gears business since your pops used to be a spring chicken. Other than this, Respawn isn’t only into gaming furniture. Apart from Respawn chairs, this brand also produces other gaming-related items.

As the parent company practices the same-day shipping formula, you are going to witness the likewise here with this brand. Furthermore, Respawn produces mid-high ergonomic chairs under an affordable budget. Specifically, the Respawn-110 is much more than a quality ergonomic chair under a great manageable budget.

However, let’s take a complete tour of the lineup with my Respawn gaming chair reviews;

Respawn Gaming Chair Review – Find the Best Choice for Your Gaming Setup

Respawn-110 Gaming Chair Review – A Good Mid-Ranger for Starters/Intermediates:


Specifications: Dimensions: 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275Lbs

If you ask me what is the utmost success in the Respawn lineup, the most obvious answer is this 110 variant with almost 22K reviews on Amazon. This RSP-110 mainly targets the beginner and intermediates who want to start their gaming journey with a meager budget in their pockets. But some twists are also here.

The chair comes in a wide range of cool gaming colors, including the girly Pink and white combination for female gamers. More than this, the chair intends an excellent versatility due to its formation and, again, the color combination.

Low-profile chairs mostly don’t get toasted with thick padding. It isn’t the case here, as you’ll see 4+ inches of dense padding packed in standard PU leather. Same upholstery and padding materials you’ll find at fixed armrests.

Yes, the armrests are fixed but pivot when you recline or come in the upright position.

As a response to this, there is a sweet counter by an extendable footrest that isn’t less than a blessing in such a low-budget chair. Moreover, the adjustability seems decent, with a 155-degree backrest recline that can even support 275lbs of weight and adjustable cushions for your neck and back treat.

So, if you don’t want to get busted by cheap, thin padded, and less ergonomic chairs under 200$, the quality of respawn-110 respawn is definitely worth the money. Yes, the adjustable armrests would have been a great addition yet, you get what you pay for.

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RSP-100 – The Most Good Looking Chair in Respawn Inventory


Specifications: Dimensions: 27.75 x 28.75 x 54.25 inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275Lbs, Armrests: 2D

The RSP-110 undoubtedly is a racing gaming chair under a low-budget segment. However, it isn’t the sportiest profile for gaming enthusiasts. Then we get an updated version as RSP-100 that is much sporty, aggressively curvy, and has improved ergonomic value.

Summing up here in one line, the chair is a bit overpriced.

I mean, look at the specs against the price value, nothing fancy here under the budget of 200. With the lowest $290 to utmost $300+, the major difference here is the color.

Otherwise, the improvements here are basic 2D armrests against the fixed ones. The recline ability has gone a bit narrowed, only proving to be flexible to 135-degrees, and the weight limit remains the same at 275lbs.

However, the design is something that can attract youngsters and racing gamers. The padded PU leather segments look more charming than a flat seat and back design. And chromium casters with colored strips enhance its aesthetic looks by many folds.

So, for users who are much into looks and aesthetics, this is definitely a beauty looking for passionate owners without considering a budget line. Some ups and downs are here in terms of adjustability, but overall, you get a decent chair on a mediocre budget.

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Rspawn 200 and 205: Best Gaming Chairs for Slim Individuals

Rspawn 200

Specifications: Dimensions: 27.5 x 28 x 55 inches/26 x 27.5 x 52.5 inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275Lbs, Armrests: 2D/1D

Racing gaming chairs are fancy breeds, but at some point, they all look alike under different brand names. The Respawn 200 series is another contender here but oh boy, what sporty look it has. The curvy and sporty back implanted with Respawn logo just gives it a Spaceship or Galaxy look.

However, both chairs are a slim version of racing chairs, not built for chunkier and heavier persons. Individuals with broader shoulders and waist might find it narrow due to its sleek backrest dimensions.

Nevertheless, both chairs pose some differences with almost the same price (minor price up-downs in color choice).

The first difference here is the adjustable armrests. On the one hand, the RSP-200 carries 2D armrests while RSP-205 only carries 1D armrests. Similarly, RSP-205 fills this lack with an adjustable lumbar cushion as RSP-200 fails to provide this adjustable utility instead of an integrated cushion.

Rspawn 205

Apart from all this, the series is a mid-ranger in all departments. The finishing and built-quality stand out among the goodies of this chair, and the 275lbs weight limit definitely depicts its category.

But then, some users claim it wobbles a bit after some time.

Besides, the use of mesh at the backrest instead of standard PU leather brings this to the attention of good breathability seekers. It is further fueled up by 3 positions lockable 135-degree tilt backrest. I personally feel the recline range is a bit conservative and should go above 150 to be more on the comfort side.

Consequently, the chair isn’t ample for extra massive guys. With a lot of plastic use in its development, the sturdiness is almost perfect for light to somewhat aggressive use. But then, seeing the specification side, you’ll know it’s not “That” unique offering in the market.

RSP-300 – Best Mesh-Back Gaming Chair


Specifications: Dimensions: 27.36 x 27.76 x 54.92, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275Lbs, Armrests: 2D/1D

If you know the Respawn history, it primarily inducts quality leather boys in its fleet. But the manufacturer’s mood and taste seem slightly different this time as the RSP-300 is the first-ever Respawn’s full mesh gaming chair.

The sporty aesthetics and design sense remain the same here. But the best among these all is the “Rare” adjustable seat depth under the budget of 250$. That’s an attractive shot by Respawn.

However, the Respawn’s practicality with the all-mesh chair doesn’t seem to hit the board accurately. Some users say the mesh slip from its place; however, they also admire the Respawn Limited Lifetime warranty to counter this.

Though the build materials and styling remain the same as we see in the RSP-200 series, the finishing seems much luxurious here.

Respawn has given a slinky touch to its adjustability department without making an “Obvious” price surge. With basic height adjustment, 135-degree backrest tilt, and 2D armrest setup, what is more delicious here, is the Seat depth control.

Wrenching the side lever upward will allow a smooth rolling of the seat, which is definitely an invaluable addition for longer individuals with extra-long legs.

However, the design and 275 weight limit still suggest that it’s not for the big masses.

Apart from this, the integrated cushion behind the Mesh impacts both sides. On the positive side, you don’t have to readjust the lumbar pillow after every minute. That’s really annoying, factually.

However, the negative side is, the design is weird for some of the users.

But overall, the RSP-300 is a nice addition to the Respawn gaming chair family to cater to mesh lovers. The chair is comfortable, well-built, and reasonably priced; however, it still doesn’t facilitate the heavyweight guys well.

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Respawn-400 – The Best 400Lbs Club Member


Specifications: Dimensions: 28.5 x 31.75 x 50.25, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 400Lbs, Armrests: 4D

Till now, you have seen Respawn in the line of a slim midrange chair’s producer. However, this RSP-400 expands the Respawn horizon towards a heavyweight gaming chair builder. Technically, the chair is a 400lbs club member but also hit the 500$ belt.

Not only the 400lbs weight limit capacity, the extra-wide seat and backrest also allow the unfortunate fatty e-sports fanatics to find themselves perfectly fit and comfortable with this big buddy. But seeing the other side of the picture, some users claim the piston isn’t very well-made. It loses its pressure after a year or after; thus, the chair faces difficulties during height adjustment. In this case, you have to purchase an additional piston.

Also, under the hood, you’ll be going to witness an excellent 4D armrests setup. Truthfully, the basic 1D or 2D armrest setup wasn’t adding spice into the Respawn formulation of a nice gaming chair. But with this setup and lockable rocking mechanism, the comfort level will climb new heights.

And that being said, I like the cushion design the most. I mean, the chair dimensions have been expanded, so Respawn has well synchronized the lumbar and neck cushion size according to bigger body needs. Both cushions have balanced firmness that isn’t much bumpier or fluffier either.

Overall, the chair is a great show-down of style, ergonomics, and built quality except for some glitches in the hydraulic piston. But these are way rare. Respawn gaming chair family proudly pet this big buddy for extra massive guys.

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Respawn Specter 215 – Best All-Mesh Gaming Chair

Respawn Specter (215)

Specifications: Dimensions: 25.8 x 27.2 x 46.5 inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275lbs, Armrests: 3D

It seems like Respawn is shifting its focus more toward full mesh gaming chairs with plentiful adjustability under a reasonable budget. This gaming chair has the same platform which I am trying to mention here.

One thing that you’ll take to define this thing is, Beauty!

The all-mesh respawn gaming chair is a fusion of great aesthetics, ergonomics, and affordable pricing. The mesh waterfall edge seat provides great comfort for short-heighted persons and can also be a best chair for pregnant ladies.

However, the lumbar support itself is not movable and some users who are much habitual of cushion lumbar support find it a little stiff and stationary, relatively.

The mesh fabric seems too decent and we see people loving the grey color. Apart from this, the chair secures 3D armrests, integrated lumbar support in the shape of separate backrest pivot, and adjustable headrest.

The chair costs you less than 350$ and it looks like Respawn making seat rolling a mandatory feature for all its new products. Yes, a rolling seating feature has been added for the users to ease down their long sitting sessions.

While taking this, bear in mind this is also not a platform for some exceptionally massive guys. The weight limit remains at 275lbs and we see a typical 130-degree and synchronous tilt for better positioning.

Overall, the Respawn specter definitely looks a beauty for your offices and gaming setup. Besides, the decent ergonomics under mid-range budget makes it highly accessible for beginners and intermediates.

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The Fortnite Gaming Chair Series – Best Fortnite Gaming Chairs

Naming the gaming chairs as “Fortnite series” was not a random move. In fact, in the year 2019, Respawn joined hands with EPIC Games to develop a chair series that will specifically be named after the Fortnite series.

So till now, Respawn has launched three chairs under this brand name; let’s jump onto these;

Respawn Raven-X: Best PC Fornite Gaming Chair

Respawn Raven-X

Specifications: Dimensions: 25 x 27.37 x 53.94 inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275lbs, Armrests: 2D

Respawn enjoys a premium brand royalty through this chair. I mean, the chair isn’t much luxurious and more than a classy gaming chair but holds a bit extravagant price tag. Just like RSP-100 and 200, it secures basic adjustability and ergonomics, but the design is something that keeps the Fortnite gamer’s spirit high.

The Raven-X design inspired by the Fortnite Raven theme with a big Fortnite Logo patched at the headrest section. Moreover, the matching caster wheels also show this is a well fascinated Raven-themed gaming chair from head to toe.

However, it doesn’t include the headrest cushion, which may be a bit off for many gamers.

Additionally, the chair comes with 2D armrests and 90-130 degree tilt. These are basic adjustability, joined with excellent soft foam padding. With its limited ergonomics, the firmness of the chair padding won’t disappoint the passionate gamers who spend 8-10 hours on their desks.

Overall, the chair isn’t for bulky users above 300lbs as the class4 gas lift system will only support a 275lbs weight limit. It’s a bit pricey, but intermediate or expert gamers will definitely find it a quality chair for their gaming appetite.

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Respawn Fortnite Raven XI – Best Console Fortnite Gaming Chair

Respawn Fortnite Raven XI

Specifications: Dimensions: 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275lbs, Armrests: Fixed Padded

Another gaming chair in the fortnite series that isn’t much different from its elder brother. The Raven-XI is much at the console gaming side with stuffy padding, fixed padded armrests and extendable footrest. The design remains the same but you can find a bit difference in color styling.

Like, the Raven-X was having the same purple color logo embossment whereas, here with the Raven-XI, you find a glossy black headrest finish with the same color logo.

However, the headrest cushion is still a miss here. 

Where the limited adjustability doesn’t allow Respawn to hunt a golden nugget in the ergonomics department, we see some barter trades here. That being said, the armrest has gone stationary against the 2D armrest in the previous model.

Also, we see a new refinement in the comfort department with the addition of extendable footrest. Similarly, the recline ability also sees an extension to 150-degree that bring this chair much closer to console gaming intent.

Overall, with a reasonable budget under 300$ and decent ergonomics, it mostly targets the youngsters and passionate gamers looking for a fancy setup in their gaming compartments. And extendable footrest secures great versatility other than gaming.

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RESPAWN SKULL TROOPER-V – Best Fortnite Chair with Flipup Arms:


Specifications: Dimensions: 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275lbs, Armrests: Flip-Up

Another variant in the Fortnite series is the Respawn Skull Trooper V. The chair themes the Fortnite Skull trooper with an aggressive blend of black and white color. Though it isn’t the racing game chair, the comfort level, build quality, and finishing are much decent regarding this category.

However, I must say, this is the pricey one comparatively.

Ergonomics and versatility are critically limited, with a flip-up armrest coming in the specs list along with an integrated lumbar and neck cushion. The armrests are softly padded with the skull trooper logo embossed on both sides. Similarly, the headrest is also patched with this same logo.

But what about other ergonomics?

The chair is fundamental in that terms. I mean, the recline is just limited to 110-degree also; there are no adjustable support cushions. The padding is nice, soft, and packed under nice upholstery. The overall cushioning isn’t that much thin so that users won’t find their body digging into the chair’s metal frame.

You can say the chair balances between the stylish gaming and office gaming chair.

Overall, seeing the pricing against its feature, the value isn’t that much considering its competitors. However, for Fortnite fans, the chair is excellently built, no glitches in manufacturing, comfortable with limited ergonomics, and flaunts superb styling indeed.

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Respawn Gaming Chair Recliners – Best for TV Watching and Console Gaming

Respawn Gaming Chair Recliners

Specifications: Dimensions: 35.04 x 30.71 x 44.88 Inches, Warranty: Respawn Limited Lifetime, Weight Limit: 275lbs, Armrests: Fixed with Cup Holder

Whether you are looking for a console gaming or the best chair for watching TV, RSP-900 is the perfect thing you’ll come across in the Respawn gaming chairs lineup. The chair is heavy, less ergonomic yet comfortable, a bit congested for big guys, but aesthetically attractive to fit in any room settings.

As it’s more intended towards console gaming and falls into the recliners category, the mobility and broader adjustments are a bit concern here.

With saying this, you’ll find a fantastic cushiony upper body supported by a heavy static round base. This base doesn’t move, so you have to be a little conscious before giving it its rightful place in your gaming setup. Other than this, the back reclines only 135-degree for better chair stability.

The overall comfort is supreme, with soft foam padding all over the upper body, including the armrests. However, don’t expect it to be heaven for big bulky guys. The dimensions tell us, it’s a great choice for teenagers and slim physic persons.

Support cushioning is average as we don’t see a lumbar cushion here, but a removable neck cushion does its job nicely. Moreover, the weight limit seems standard here, with the power to support 275lbs easily.

Overall, seeing the budget and build quality, the chair is one of the best Respawn gaming chairs. Some sizing and ergonomic limitations are there, but you’ll never find a compromised comfort.

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The Best Alternatives to Respawn Gaming Chairs – Find More Options:

Respawn isn’t a third-degree brand for producing quality chairs. The build quality, finishing, aesthetics, and affordable pricing remain strong points for Respawn’s reputation.

However, the point where Respawn finds its feet struggling to get out of the mud is the Ergonomics part. From RSP100 to All new RSP-Specter, we have seen limited or basic chair adjustability that may not suit many users.

And it’s also a truth, Respawn chairs aren’t perfect. So, there must be some better alternatives to these chairs. You don’t need to explore the whole chair market; I am mentioning some of the best Respawn gaming chairs alternatives to give you an opportunity – stand up from your position after grabbing the best deal against your money.

RSP-110 vs Killabee Massager Chair:

Some would say this competition isn’t patchable. But I say, as long as there is no considerable price and class difference, you live the match. Well, Respawn 110 is a quality chair and a race-winning horse for the manufacturer.

However, it lacks aggressive ergonomics, and this isn’t a matter of life and death for this chair’s survival.

We find Killabee’s massager chair a better opportunist in this regard. In response to fix armrests, you get an adjustable 1D armrest at the exact pricing. Also, the weight limit goes to a 350lbs pool, which will be a breeze for heavyweight gamers.

It also comes with an extendable footrest, but the adjustable length is short, and some users may feel it uncanny for foot support.

Killabee is basically a big chair, wider than Respawn-110, and carries a messenger lumbar cushion to be more on the exotic side. Overall, Killabee leads in many departments without heating up the price portion.

RSP-100 Vs Musso Heavy Duty Chair

Respawn 100 is definitely a beauty in its league. The segmented padding with great color scheme raises its magnificence. However, the issue continues – limited adjustability and mediocre weight limit.

We find Musso a competitive gaming chair under 200$.

Although Musso is a fabric chair that may turn down leather lovers, it’s a great platform for biggies. The highest 390lbs weight limit is the strongest move by Musso in the competition. Besides, the dimensions are also comparatively wider.

Nonetheless, we see 1D adjustable armrests in response to RSP-100 2D armrests. This gives Respawn a better anti-counter.

But then, 155-degree recline provides more range than 135-degree recline in RSP-100. On the whole, both chairs enjoy a neck to neck competition where upholstery, weight range and sizing are significant differences to note.

RSP 200/205 Vs Modway Speedster:

Both RSP-200/205 are well-known players in the market when it comes to sport mesh gaming chairs. But we have another contender here with the same sporty looks, breathable mesh, and higher weight limits.

The Speedster by Modway is sheer beauty and targets heavier gamers. It goes up to the 331lbs weight limit, and instead of style, it uses Nylon as its core building material.

The adjustability department seems decent with excellently designed 2D armrests and a soft lumbar cushion. However, it doesn’t recline as you have to adjust the tension-knob for recline tilt adjustment manually.

Also, the headrest isn’t adjustable.

Overall, there are some positive and negative points here, but we can observe this is maybe the price of a speedster is much lesser than RSP-200/205.


As this is the first-ever full mesh gaming chair by Respawn, we have a broader competition, and NOUHAUS ERGO3D is the better competitor here. The ERGO3D is a complete package with excellent ergonomics and build quality.

In response to the integrated lumbar, the ERGO3D comes with DVL (dynamic variable lumbar) lumbar that aligns according to your posture. Additionally, the 4D armrest, adjustable headrest, 300 lbs weight, and midrange make it a tough competitor for RSP-300 in all departments.

RSP-400 Vs AKracing MAX

In the battle of heavy-weight gaming chairs, these both do 400lbs charmingly. However, the real competition is between the dimensions and ergonomics.

So, with AKracing slightly taking the lead, it has a wider seat 23.25” in response to 22.75”. Also, the overall height seems to be a win for AKracing as it runs to 51.4 inches in response to 50.25 inches.

Furthermore, RSP-400 sees a jump from in armrest adjustability as it gathers a 4D armrest. This is also where it equals the match with AKracing MAX 4D.

Also, the upholstery materials for both are quality PU leather, where AKracing brings more breathability into core elements with the support of Cold-cure Sponge foam.

Overall, the AKracing performs better in many departments without any price surge.

Points Well-Countered By AKracing: Aggressive Ergonomics, Better Breathability, Slightly Extended Wideness.

RSP-900 vs Merax Gaming Recliner:

As we also have a Homall gaming recliner as a competitor to RSP-900; but we find Merax the closest competitor. The competition between these gaming chairs seems balanced as the weight capacity, mobility, ergonomics, and other factors share an equal percentage.

However, if you talk about durability, price, and size, the RSP-900 performs better. Overall, we see healthy competition between these two.

RSP-Specter Vs Smugdesk Full-Mesh Chair:

We are comparing Respawn’s first-ever full-mesh gaming chair with one of the best office chairs under 200$. For this competition, aesthetics, ergonomics, and pricing comes neck to neck.

As both are all-mesh chairs, Specter poses more attractive looks. However, the ergonomics see a real competition. Where armrest, reclining ability, and support cushioning are all approximately the same, Specter edges out the competition with the seat rolling function.

But this definitely comes at the cost of a high price.

In this regard, Specter goes above 300$, and Smugdesk pleases its users under the 200$ mark. And to note further, Smugdesk also gives 300lbs weight capacity.

Overall, both chairs are great all-mesh contenders regarding decent ergonomics, aesthetics, and comfort.

The Bottom Line – Wrapping Up the Story:

For a naked truth, Respawn produces quality chairs without robbing user’s pockets. However, we discussed it earlier; we almost get limited Ergonomics here. But it seems like; Respawn is overcoming it with Specter, RSP-400, RSP-300 coming in with better ergonomics.

So which is the best Respawn Gaming chair in the entire lineup? Finding a complete package only lands me at RSP-400. The wider seating, the broad range of weight limit, stunning looks, and serious ergonomics makes it a complete package. However, it a $500 chair that can make most of the people’s budget scream.

Consequently, you love to find a midrange that can do a purpose handsomely; I would suggest considering RSP-Specter or RSP 205/200 for a maximum value of money.

In the alternatives section, the AKracing Max will be an absolute choice in the upper-range category. Besides, you can consider the Killabee Massager chair in the entry-midrange gaming chair.

Otherwise, you can consider all other Respawn chairs and their alternatives according to your requirements and preferences.

Calvin Allison