Shroud Gaming Setup – Discover Shroud Stream Setup and PC Specs

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Celebrity setup tours always remain a temptation for gaming enthusiasts. Just like Pewdiepie setup, we are going to explore the Shroud e-sport arena. Well, who is Shroud, how famous he is, and what he does? I am not going into such an unnecessary cluster of information right now.

However, what he has in his gaming setup? To what degree, he live the gadgetry luxury? This will all be our main course of discussion.

Although the PUBG expert hasn’t formally posted a full-fledged gaming tour, we have come to know what he actually owns. The Shroud gaming setup will definitely give you many ideas of great gadget choices and overall gaming gear information. So, let’s jump onto shroud stream and twitch setup;

Shroud Gaming Setup – Find the High-Profile Stream Setup and Gears

Shroud was using different brands of gaming peripherals when he joined hands with Logitech to launch gaming gears with the name of “Shroud Series.” In this series, Logitech included a gaming mousepad, keyboard, mouse, and headset.

As the shroud’s logo color scheme is black and blue, the shroud gaming setup mostly covers the black and blue combination. In this regard, shroud also mentioned that “he loves the minimalist design sense.” So, which caliber gadgets he has in his gaming gadgets army? Let’s find out;

What PC Shroud Does Use – Shroud Gaming PC Setup

Unlike the Pewdiepie, who has been sponsored by the Custom Genesis Branded PC, Shroud uses a branded Acer Predator Orion 9000 system.

 So what do you think about shroud computer specs?

Definitely, the specs would be an overkill for his game selection like Pubg, APEX Legends, and Call of Duty.

With Intel i7-8700K and 2 RTX 2080 Ti, the GPU and CPU part looks lethal for his gaming needs. And this combination embeds on the beast mother ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX by ASUS. Other than this, the ICE tunnel 2.0 cooling system against the 1000W 1 module of power keeps temperature and Processing noise under control.

However, the RGB setup is the most basic here, and that perfectly goes with shroud’s taste of gaming gadgets.

The overall Shroud PC system chassis isn’t big at all. There are two handles on the top, and the wheels beneath make the portability scene highly smooth.

What Monitor Does Shroud Use? BenQ ZOWIE XL2540

Shroud Uses these 2 BENQ ZOWIE XL2540 24.5” monitor for his streaming and gaming-related tasks. Straightforwardly, the monitor is a high refresh monster having the ability of 240Hz. However, on the flip side, it costs you more than the others 1080P monitor of this same league.

The simplicity in the design gets perfectly synced with Shroud’s taste, and performance is somewhat that really pushes him above the limit. Being said that, you won’t get any flashier or sporty aesthetics except the S-switch, which is a cream of easy usability.

The round controller-like part at the monitor’s base allows you to change the color preset with a click of the button. So, you just save your favorite preset and change these without going deep into the menu settings.

This gets beneficial for multi-talented gamers, content creators, and photographers.

Other than these, the performance shows the 240Hz is the real deal, but you need to connect an HDMI 2.0 with a G-Sync capable GPU to achieve maximum refresh rates. It’s somewhat smaller in size that may be the reason Shroud has been using this two in numbers with his additional vertical monitor.

Nonetheless, the unorthodox performance adds a significant rise in the pricing, which may be a turn-off for users with a limited budget.

What keyboard does shroud use? Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

After the good shake hand with Logitech, Shroud uses the Logitech G Pro Wired Gaming Keyboard for all of his gaming needs.

The Logitech G Pro is simplistic in design but induces great sturdiness in its build quality. That’s why it also matches with shroud design choice. Moreover, the ergonomics, key-travel distance, and aesthetics are some excellent points here.

The 2 types of incline settings provide superb usability, inevitably. The 4” and 8” inclining feet option makes much feasibility against hand and desk sizes. However, you’ll be missing the palm rest area here, as you see in many other Logitech models.

The key design is inspired by ABS with reasonable key travel distance, and definitely, the stuff isn’t built with cheap plastic stuff. But, if you are in the quietest office environment where dropping a needle causes a storm noise, this may not be a good choice as keys are much louder.

And we also saw shroud complaining about this in his video.

Furthermore, the per-key RGB setup and less bleeding of light through side skirts allow it to be a tremendous luminous typing pad even during daylights. Nonetheless, you mostly found wireless connectivity in gadgets; hold your breaths firmly; it’s a wired thing. The keyboard cable is detachable, but it only works on wired mode.

So Which Mouse That Shroud Uses? Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

With Logitech Pro G gaming keyboards, Shroud decided to pair it up with its family gear and use the Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse.

With the most classic looks, design, and RGB setup, this mouse only delivers highly responsive performance. The mouse is a wireless gaming entity and complies perfectly with shroud PUBG and call of Duty settings.

Technically, the Shroud’s mouse sports an ambidextrous design that basically equips a minimalist number of buttons. The 8 essential buttons look perfect for casual/multimedia and FPS gaming but may not be a cool choice for MMO gaming users.

As you can use it in both wired and wireless ways, the click latency ranges between 9 and 10ms, meaning high efficient click responsiveness.

Moreover, if you are a fan of most sporty looks with aggressive RGB setups, the shroud’s mouse isn’t from that planet. Unlike those sporty ergonomic mice that flaunt an attractive RGB setup, this mouse with a simplistic Matte-finish design only supports lightning at the logo part.

So what are the shroud mouse settings? That’ll go irrelevant, but we can let you know the Logitech G pro ranges from 100 – 25600 DPI settings with an interval of 50DPI. Although Shroud has displayed his mouse settings for PUBG and Call of duty, we are not discussing that part here.

Shroud Stream Setup – What Gears are In Shroud Gaming Setup?

What MIC does Shroud Use? The Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

Shroud uses the Shure SM7B dynamic microphone, which is the best microphone for $500.

You probably know Shroud’s voice is a bit deeper than his physic. However, it may not be that deeper naturally as his MIC plays an important part in it. The shroud microphone can be used for podcast, streaming, voice-overs and commentary stuff as the sonic characteristics of this mic are simply awesome.

With fantastic build quality, incredible off-axis noise rejection, superb on-mic filtering, and easy setup, it takes the heart of online streamers and gamers. That’s why it’s not the choice only by famous gamers; many other online professionals have been seen taking advantage of this microphone for good vocals and other stuff.

Anyways, the microphone has two dip switches patched behind its body. This allows the users to shuffle between different frequencies without tuning through the software interface.

Moreover, to amplify the low or flat frequencies to mid-or high frequencies on an excellent recording performance, the bass roll-off filter does the trick. You can definitely use it according to your requirement, but the feature is a superb addition for supreme performance.

What WebCam Does Shroud Uses? Logitech HD Pro 920 Webcam

Shroud uses the Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam as an alternative to the system’s integrated one.

Most laptops or PC brands neglect the webcam part. So streamers, twitchers, and Skypers need an affordable solution to their video chatting, video conferencing, and streaming. Though the premier gamer doesn’t use the fancy gadget in this league, C920 Pro is something that takes all of his responsibility for sure.

The video and image performance is quite impressive, and a 78-degree wide-angle field view is something that brings a broader framer to your screens. For this reason, you can come on screen with other individuals or other big significant stuff like a class board for online classes.

Shroud has been using this webcam for a long time, and we haven’t seen his video recording quality compromised.

Other than this, the setup is way easy as bright image and video results come your way with default settings. And the cord isn’t short, which makes it highly feasible to get connected with far away CPUs.

The only thing that bugs sometimes is its buggy software. It gets stuck sometimes during usage.

What Camera Does Shroud Uses? The Sony A6000 Compact Camera.

Not fancy here, yet Shroud uses the A6000 by Sony, which is legendary for good video and image performance.

On the camera side, it seems like Shroud doesn’t want to make things complex in his setup. The camera options are definitely huge for gamers and streamers. But Shroud chooses the A6000 due to its lots of good and time-tested market reputation.

By birth, the camera is around 7 years old now, launched in 2014. However, still in the initials of the 2020s, does this camera is still a trustable bet? The choice of shroud votes in favor of a6000.

The camera comes with a 24.3MP CMOS sensor with a high-end BIONZ X chip for better photo and video rendering. Though the 4K video isn’t in the specification list, however, the image and video quality seem still competitive with the new-school cameras.

With an 11FPS burst rate, 179-phase detection points, and 25 contrast-detect points, the AF system is still among the best and makes the shroud streaming setup authoritative for his work. The A6000 is a small body camera that doesn’t make a good balance with big camera lenses. Nonetheless, this makes perfect sense as shroud basically uses this for indoor usage.

Other than this, the camera is compact, well built, has built-in EVF, and decent battery life for traveling and sporty events.

What Chair Does Shroud Uses? Herman Miller Aeron and Embody

We have seen Shroud using two of Herman Miller’s premier chairs: Herman Miller Aeron and Embody.

It seems like the gamer is much into gaming chair luxury. Though both chairs are not from a typical racing gaming chair’s family, the comfort, luxury, and style have always been the good points of these chairs.

As the primary shroud gaming chair, Aeron has been seen many times in his videos. In comparison, the Embody has been seen less often. I first saw the Herman Miller Embody in his gaming arena when Shroud posted his new house video and revealed the Logitech Shroud gaming peripherals series.

For Herman Miller chair, it is much on the office chair side. The less gaming profiling makes it much more lovable for office professionals. However, the ergonomics, sitting comfort, and durability are key points here. On the other hand, the Embody is sleek, stylish, and comes with a human spine pixelated design to uplift more natural comfort for your back. Though it’s a bit limited on the ergonomics and adjustability side, the value is still up-to-the-mark.

We see Pewdiepie gaming chair and other celebrity chair choices, shroud keeps things way minimalist but highly valuable here in this department.

Apart from this, what desk does shroud use? With such an A-grade chair brand, we see a custom-made L-shaped gaming desk in shrouds gaming setup.

Best Alternatives to Shroud Stream and Gaming Setup:

Honestly speaking, what gadgets Shroud lures aren’t the best in the market. Many of the good, in fact, excellent competitors are out there in response to the shroud gaming setup. In case you didn’t get fascinated with shroud pickings, I managed to find out the best alternatives to these shroud gaming gadgets.

So, let’s find out what are the best alternatives to shroud gaming setup with our comparison to Shroud gaming chair;

Herman Miller Aeron/Embody Vs SteelCase Gesture:

Herman Miller is definitely a luxury brand, and Steelcase is the one that can counter Herman Miller’s move through its product lineup. The Aeron is a perfect chair in terms of its performance, and Embody somewhat has limited adjustability.

The Steelcase gesture is a perfect alternative for these both Herman Miller boys. With its sleek and charismatic design, aesthetic lovers definitely find Gesture a better option against the Aeron, but Gesture also lacks an adjustable headrest.

Furthermore, Embody gets a tough contest against Gesture with almost the same performance stats in the competition. However, the incredible armrest setup is a big plus for ergonomics lovers.

Otherwise, the Steelcase gesture is still not a cheap one in the market.

Sony A6000 Vs. Canon EOS M50:

Canon and Sony have always been in a dog fight to produce cutting-edge gadgets for the photography world. However, when it comes to what camera does shroud uses, it the legendary a6000. The close competitor for this boy is Canon EOS M50, the most affordable Mirrorless camera in Canon’s lineup.

These two come in a close competition where A6000 has a better FPS burst rate, AF points, and battery life. However, Canon M50 plays a big move with the provision of a 4K UHD movie in this compact body size. Though, there are some limitations to this 4K video mode, but still, it’s here to flaunt its capabilities to 4K lovers who are mainly content creators.

Other than this, M50 provides better EVF and LCD resolution to see much clear pictures on display.

Overall, both cameras target beginners to intermediates with not so much demanding photography and videography needs.

Logitech C920 HD Pro Vs Razer Kiyo:

Logitech is definitely a Webcam beast, and C920 HD is a bit of an old-school thing now. However, shroud uses this webcam on his setup, but there is a gadget that comes extremely close to this thing. Razer Kiyo makes a closed competition with the C920 and luckily has somewhat better image quality.

The C920 or its bigger brother c922 are legendary low-end webcams in the market. However, Razer Kiyo does something good in the picture quality, color accuracy, sharpness of the image details. This is maybe just because of the ring light system that does major goodness to Kiyo’s reputation.

 Similarly, where c920 provides a 78-degree field view, Kiyo boy does it with 81-degree.

However, the audio quality of both webcams isn’t impressive. That being said, C920 is a better performer with a good noise rejection setup. Kiyo also does the good, but it’s much more sensitive against ambient sounds like system fan noise, mouse clicks extra, etc.

Overall, both webcams are under 100$ price, and where Razer Kiyo takes the lead in most of the departments.

Logitech G Pro Mouse Vs Razer Deathader V2:

Shroud uses the Logitech family for his gaming needs. Nonetheless, when it comes to a shroud gaming mouse, it is a simple and standard-looking gadget. The closest competitor here is also from the Razer family that is Deathadder V2.

On the performance side, both the mice deliver almost identical fixtures. However, there are some ups and downs in overall profiling.

While measuring the looks, the Deathadder is a more curviest and RGB-oriented mouse. The right-handed design comes with only wired capability, and it’s only the thing that wireless mouse lovers will dislike.

The technical aspects almost share the same values, where Deathadder V2 gives slightly better flexibility in DPI settings and range. On the other hand, G Pro provides more side buttons that still don’t push the Logitech G (15) overall input commands number above the DeathAdder V2 (18) input count.

Overall, the performance, features, and pricing are suitable for FPS gamers. The last point you note down here, Deathadder is much silent when it comes to clicking noise.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard Vs. Corsair K70:

Shroud gaming series also includes the G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard. But guess what, I found something way better than this thing and definitely with a slight difference in pricing.

This time it’s not Razer but the Corsair, The K70. On the performance side, Corsair K70 is definitely on the better side.

Coming with two linear switches, the keys are much softer, quieter, and responsive against typing. However, it may not suit some users. On the other hand, Logitech Pro has a limited Macro setting, while Corsair k70 offers any key for macro settings. That’s hell flexibility but comes at an expensive price tag.

Moreover, the RGB setup, build quality with aluminum materials, and lightweight are the most notable points of Corsair K70.

Overall, both keyboards are mechanical gaming setups and offer a tremendous amount of value for gamers.

The Bottom Line – Wrapping Up the Story:

You see Shroud gaming setup isn’t comprises luxurious gadgets and gears, except the shroud PC and chair. If you are a die heart follower of Shroud, you can easily choose the gadgets he owns. Otherwise, the alternatives are also pushed here to give you a better investment opportunity for your next gaming setup.

Bust the Myths, Not You Mind – FAQs:

Is shroud colorblind?

Many think shroud is colorblind as he uses the purple color blood in CSGO. Also, he also uses letters instead of colors which make things a little suspicious for sure. However, it is just a rumor not a confirmed thing that shroud is affected by color blindness.

What are Shroud BenQ Settings?

It has been a revelation but we have seen the gamer has been mixing his BenQ monitor settings with Brightness 55, contrast 50, Blue light 7, Black 15, Color Vibrancy 10, Picture Mode: Gamer 2, Sharpness 7, Blue Reduction: OFF.

What Desk Does Shroud Use?

Shroud doesn’t use any branded desk for his gaming setup. Instead he is using a custom L-shaped wooden office desk for his primary gaming setup. 

Calvin Allison