What Causes Sciatica To Flare Up? Realistic Slants For Preventing Sciatica Pain

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 • 
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Factually, you may have seen a high number of people falling these days to sciatica. It’s not a Next-generation zombie disease, but our modern yet lazy lifestyle has brought this issue into our lives. Where it was rare in the past, now you may see 3 out of 10 young adults hanging in the misery of unbearable sciatica pain.

Why is it so? What causes sciatica to flare up? Is sciatica hereditary?

There is a lot of material available regarding sciatica, like doctor advisories, fitness suggestions, and other stuff. Also if you ask me, how long do sciatica flare ups last? It all depends on the DISCIPLINE you carry once you detect it and recover from it; one or six months, it’s all subjective. Well, I am not in the mood to give you nonsense tips on preventing sciatica pain.

Nonetheless, here you can find some quick learning of developing a discipline to short the sciatica flares and blocking its way of returning to your life.

Before jumping to any other causes for sciatica flare-up, let’s discuss a crucial point first. The debate is an Ultimate reality and based on Emotional vs. Physical Stress causing sciatica, which is more harmful in this scenario

Emotional Vs Physical Stress – What Causes Sciatica to Flare up, More!

Can stress cause sciatica? I repeat, the debate is real. Many people ask they believe in physical stress being one of the causes of sciatica flare ups; Nevertheless, how can emotional stress cause sciatica?

Seems logical!

Physical stress looks like a straightforward cause of sciatica. However, emotional stress is more on the side, affecting the healing process of sciatica. How? Let’s dig in;

Emotional stress like anxiety, hypertension, or depression forces your body to produce chemicals to fight against other toxicities created in your body. These chemicals also influence the healing cycle of your body with a model usually medically named “Fight-or-flight.

For example, in any stress-related emotions in your body, the adrenal glands produce a substance called cortisol – a stress-related chemical. It is directly associated with the healing capability of your body. Any wound or mental stress recovery depends on this chemical. Shooting up in the amount of this chemical will OBVIOUSLY slow down the process of healing. So yes, indirectly, it strikes sciatica progress.

Let me put another example here; I wrote up the reason behind sciatica pain in how to get rid of sciatica tips and inflammation remained the fundamental reason behind sciatica burns and aches.

Another toxin that gets nourished in your body is pro-inflammatory cytokines. You can say it’s the mother behind Inflammation, and there is no need to have more words about how inflammation is the real reason behind sciatica.

Similarly, huge changes in your body happen when your brain has to deal with emotional stress. Evidently, the tackling processes of emotional and physical stress are all different from each other as we can’t discuss here to keep ourselves highly stick to our topic.

What Makes Sciatica to Flare-Up? Fix These Dilemmas:

Don’t Be a Bed Junkie:

Don’t you think a rusty car engine wouldn’t accelerate smoothly? You’ll hear a lot on the internet space that weight gain, obesity, prolonged sitting can literally hit you hard. These all issues originate from being inactive and dull on a healthy lifestyle.

Unwanted fat increase or weight gain puts stress on your spine, raising high chances of getting trapped for sciatica. In other ways, your spine discs also contract while remaining inactive. And you know the herniated disc is the leading cause of sciatica, so your main goal should be to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Poor Posture Paves the Ways for Sciatica:

I recently wrote about the best ways to sit on a couch with sciatica and how your comfy, cozy-looking sofas and couches drag you for the sciatica problem. A lot of advice is on the right sitting posture of your back. However, the crux is that you have to make your feet grounded with your knees and back, making an angle of 90-degree with seat and backrest, respectively.

Remember, your spine’s natural shape is an S shape, and you have to maintain it. Sitting with fallen shoulders, remaining sunk or immersed in unsupportive couches, and sofas affect your spine posture, leading to a disturbance in vertebrae placement. This also creates reasons for sciatica to get featured on your medical report.

Heavy Weight Lifting Can ache your Back:

A wrong-angled deadlift in the gym can become a “Deadlift.” People mostly get fascinated with heavy weight lifting in the gym without knowing their muscle strength or right angles. Also, a sudden increase in the weight lift puts risks to your back.

Go gradually. In both these cases, if you are one of them, try to get trained by professional trainers in the gym. Don’t put a harmful strain on your spine.

Poor Nutrition Also Welcome Death For Your Back:

Bear me if I go too technical. By poor nutrition means, I am largely talking about dehydration which can be 80% cause for sciatica flares-up. You know your spine consists of vertebrae and discs, all packed and cushioned in cartilage. Now this cartilage material is significantly made up of water and fluids, which is known as Nucleus Pulposus.

This material runs through your spine when you do physical activities, like walking, stretching, exercises.

Getting it? It’s a damn lubricant for your spine.

Your spine has to replace this fluid when your body is in rest mode, like sleeping. As this nucleus Pulposus is majorly composed of water, dehydration or lack of water in your spine cause herniated discs or chances of friction. This means there will be a lot of compression and contraction that’ll surely put pressure on your sciatica nerve and will lead to lower back or hamstring pain.

It is mainly targeting the consumption of water. However, poor eating habits are also the directly linked causes of sciatica flare ups.

Meanwhile, if you consume lots of fried items, junk, or spicy food, your body will need a lot of body water/muscle juice to decompose these in your body. Resulting in? High consumption of body water level that’ll eventually lead to dehydration if you are not consuming enough water alongside.

That’s why doctors advise sciatica patients to consume fruits and vegetables as much as they can to prevent sciatica pain. So alongside natural water, fruit and vegetables help the body to remain hydrated with their extracts.

But how to detect if you are dehydrated and can potentially be a victim of sciatica?

There are many indicators, but less urination or dark color of urine is the main indicator. Besides, you can also feel dizziness and unusual thirst.

Lastly, The Wrong Wardrobe Choice Can be a Surefire:

High heels and skin-fitted jeans seem so fancy. However, sometimes fancy stuff becomes venomous and can trigger sciatica easily. Poor sole shoes and extra-high heels also disturb your spine posture. For high heels, it shifts all your weight on the front part of your feet. This brings you in a shape where your pelvis and hips roll forward, mimicking an unnatural posture.

Similarly, for shoes, a good ankle and feet support is a must to anticipate.

Moreover, the tight clothing restricts free movements of your body parts and also crosses less air circulation, which can also cause sciatica to flare up.

How to Cure Sciatica Flare Up – No Long Discussion:

One word comes up again and again in the discussion, and that is “Discipline.” You should bring positive discipline in your life, and that would be a headshot for sciatica. Else, medications and therapies only do temporary relief if a non-healthy lifestyle remains the same. So what can cure sciatica?

Apart from these points, there are plenty of points for an active lifestyle which you can adopt for better health.

The Bottom Line – What’s the Conclusion?

Sciatica is not a difficult issue that should only be handled with heavy medications, therapies, or surgeries. So, in the end, what causes sciatica to flare up? How long do sciatica flare ups last? I have listed some logical and most potential points for this problem. And in the end, only a healthy lifestyle is the conclusion to save yourself from this painful scenario.

Calvin Allison

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