What Chair Does Shroud Use?

By Calvin Allison •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  6 min read

When it comes to pros, specifically gaming professionals and streamers, people are furious about what gaming setup they use. Pewdiepie, Evan Fong, and other internet world millionaires always remain an online sensation due to their working and gaming setup.

Similarly, Shroud is a YouTube and twitch hit, and remains in the highlights due to luxury spending on his desk setup. As we are talking about desk setups, Gaming chairs always grab the attention first. So, have you ever thought, what chair does shroud use? Which brand is his priority today?

We are going to answer all these questions today related to the shroud gaming chair.

What Chair does Shroud Use? Some Spotlight on Shroud Gaming Chair

Currently, shroud use a luxury office chair Aeron by Hermon Miller.

As far as the taste of a High-rated streamer about chair setup is concerned, Shroud has often been seen using Maxnomic 9 Pro gaming chair for his videos and streams. But currently, what chair does shroud use? Maxnomic Pro 9 was purely an ergonomic chair for Shroud before deciding to move on with the most famous and luxury brand – Herman Miller.

As Herman Miller has the most lavish and expensive lineup, Aeron became Shroud priority for his YouTube streaming and Twitch gaming setup. The Aeron truly is a class and has been seen along with the streamer in his videos.

But what’s more striking in the Herman Miller Aeron that it became a part of shroud gaming setup? In case you want to know this mystery, I am listing down some acumens of this gaming furniture.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair – A Foremost Choice in Luxury Setup

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Graphite

Herman Miller is basically an office furniture brand that mostly produces office-oriented items, and Aeron is no exception. The chair has a minimalist design with no sharp curves and wings, aggressive gaming chair aesthetics, and a bit non-affordable price tag.

Yes, it’s a bit disappointing for those who were expecting a manageable price tag.

A tag having 1000+ bucks price printed on it will not be easy to digest. The chair comes in 3 sizes, and for some particular add-ons, the chair goes even higher for 200$ and 300$. Due to such a high-class shroud gaming chair setup, it somehow sparked statements on the internet about celebrity’s spending habits.

Well, if you want to go deeper into the chair’s features, let me add some positive and negatives;

What We Find Good
  • No Assembly Required, Comes pre-assembled
  • Magnificent Build Quality
  • Technically and ergonomically sound and perfect
  • PostureFit SL technology with Adjustable lumbar support to keep back strain-free
  • Tilt limiter allows you to settle your posture in 3 different position
  • Maximum 350Lbs weight limit
  • Pellicle Mesh ensures transcendent breathability
What We May Not Find Good
  • Expensive for most of the users
  • Adds-on also come at the cost of extra money
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Herman Miller Aeron Depth Analysis:

Design and Comfort:

Some people may argue why this chair is so much expensive? The short answer Is Herman Miller has a history of expensive toys. But technically, the chair is a comfort beast with not so fancy or flashy aesthetics, add-ons and intricate design.

The minimalist design has been powered up with much technically sound design that keeps the comfort locked for most extended sitting sessions. Factually, the back comfort is the most critical and vital part one desires, so this chair comes with an innovative PostureFit SL technology that mimics a naturally S-shaped spine.

The PostureFit isn’t much flashier but has been executed by studying extensive researches on the human spine. Thus, the manufacturer hasn’t added much glitters yet enables professionals and gamers to equally embrace this chair for their computer desk setup.

Along with this, the seat design is aggressively Lower Lip designed. Such curvy seat design blossoms the knee and leg comfort for elongated sitting sessions. And we have been told by various users; this small looking chair isn’t “That” small to handle ‘most’ taller legs.

Ergonomics and Adjustability:

Aggressive ergonomics mostly don’t link up with office chairs. However, the Aeron chair delivers glorious ergonomic abilities in a most compact package.

Firstly, the backrest has a 3-position tilt ability, and mostly, the office chairs don’t come with multi-lockable tilt positions. It seems like Herman Miller wasn’t keen to keep things conventional, thus provided a modern-fashioned tilt-able backrest.

And also, this move was a “Push” for the manufacturer to justify its price tag, so the chair moved that way ergonomically. But anyway, it’s magnificent to see an office chair has such decent adjustability.

On the other hand, Aeron gives you fully adjustable armrest, lumbar support, and seat adjustment. The headrest section isn’t available in the standard variant, but you have to pay extra money to get this feature in your package.

Build Quality and Durability:

As I have mentioned above, the chair looks tiny but isn’t a small boy to perfectly handle its responsibilities. On the material side, the backrest upholstery materials are robust, yet flexible pellicle Mesh material has enough sustainability against cuts and tear situation.

Additionally, the overall framing shows immense strength due to lightweight, sturdy alloy steel. This makes the chair even bear around 350lbs of weight limit without being underpowered or noisy.

Due to such build quality, the manufacturer shows splendid confidence by giving you 12 Years worry-free warranty. Some users have also claimed that this chair has spent even more time in their office space.

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

My Take – Let’s Have a Talk:

So, what chair does shroud use? I believe, now you pretty know this. Herman Miller is undoubtedly an expensive thing, and everyone will admittedly not spend that much money on a luxury setup.

But then, if in a case, you are looking to replace your old gaming or office chair or looking for a new one, I have already placed some of the market’s best gaming chairs under 300 and best office chairs to make a selection.

Calvin Allison